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Some Picture Comments Would Be Nice Please People!!... x

5/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 116
  • from Shrewsbury (Grange) ⓈⒺ①⑤
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 11/20/09
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Short Little Fuck Up An More Random Than A Monkey On Herb... x

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Who's Mastered The Bang, The Slang
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If A Make It Till Tomorow I'll Be Suprised!! !! !!

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Lil Ems

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Losing My Loved Ones... x
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With Friends, Eating, Listning To Music, Being Meself And Just Having A Babble... x
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"!!..Never Had A Daddy Thats Right Im A Bastard, Mummy Was Ma Daddy Cause Ma Daddy Was A Bastard... Dont Feel Bad Cuz I Dunt Need A Dad, Its Like This I Cant Miss What I Never Had..!!" Mother You Raised Me Better Than Any Man Could... I Love You... x

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    Wild Chi Techniques Cover Locks, Ground Fighting, Multiple Attacks And Weaponry...

    Waiting For The Right Time To Heel, Disable, Lock Or Hold Your Oponent. Waiting For Your Oponent To Make The Move/First Move At An Attack Is Your Thing. Getting Hold Of Your Oponent Will Put Them In Great Danger Even Though You Have Not The Power But Agility, Flexability And Angle. Power Is Nothing If Using The Right Techniques.

    Instinct Shows Most People Want To Floor/Drop There Oponent, No Need To Think About This As It Should Be One Of The First Things You Should Do. Having Your Oponent On The Floor Can Be A Great Thing Wether It Means You Running/Getting Away Or Standing Your Grownd. There Are Many Things You Can Do If Your Oponent Is On The Floor For Example Kicking Them Whist Standing Beside Them, Stamping On Eather The Face, Upper Sturnum Or Lower Sturnum Whislt Standing Over Them. If You Are Allso On The Floor But Ontop Of Your Oponent There Are Many Techniques Such As Hammer Fist, Choke Hold, Fast Striks Or Multiple Attacks For Example Your On Top Of Your Oponent You Will Hammer With Bouth Your Fists And Fourarms As Hard As Posible.

    Multiple Attacks Involve Basic Punching And Kicking But At The Right Places. You Lash Out With A Fast Flow Of Punches Knocking Your Oponent Of Gard Or Balance. Hitting Hard With Fast Kicks But Only At The Right Time, Your Kicks Are And Will Be Deadly So Use Them Rightley. Punches Involve Using The Hole Arm As For Kicks Only Using The Lower Leg Or Knee.

    Your Mentality Is Picking Up The Nearest Object And Using It To Your Advantage. This Will Not Bother You At The Slightest, Weakness Is Not Picking Up The Object As You Think You Will Hurt This Oponent. A Knif Will Not Kill Your Oponent.. You Will But Wanting To Kill A Human Is Not Right As It Is Not Wild Chi. You Should Never Hezitate To Pick Up The First Object In Sight.. Use It But Use It Rightley.

    Wild Chi Is A Defence/Defensive Martial Art!

    This Martial Arts Styles Is Stress, Street Combat. An Oponent's Stress Will Kill Them As Far As Competition Gose. Others Stress Internal Energy Or Chi, While Still Others Are Traditional Arts (Wild Chi Is Not) That Stress To Serfection Of Technique, Self Discipline Is None And Etiquette.

    In Fact...
    Don't Be Surprised If People "All The Suddenly" React Different To You, Start Treating You With More Respect And Instantly Know By The Way You Move And The Look In Your Eye...

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  • Vanda Albus

    You have to check this out http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Lee Lad
    luv Lee Lad

    alryt lad:D Yeh sound mate i wil see wat im doin, mail me ya numba and i wil let ya no lyk X

    8/13/09 via Mobile
  • Lil Ems
    luv Lil Ems

    omg!! wn n y??? well the last time i heard from u was wen i rang u tht wed n u sed u were busy n wud get holda me, n u never :( whhhaaat? i avnt had ne txts or calls from u .. i txt u last week to, wen i bumpt me car need sum1 sane to talk 2!! u cumin bk netime sewn!? i hope tins r ok xxx ...cnt belive i dint no :(

  • Lil Ems
    luv Lil Ems

    well... i bin trying t get hold of u!! u sed yad call n u never...:( txt me so we cn meet up n catch up miss u :( xxx

  • Naomi Y
    Naomi Y

    hiya paji i asked u b4 n i need ur frend to make me a skin 4 me pleeese ! ! ! ! :D I Love You...x I Love You...x I Love You...x I Love You...x I Love You...x [moon] [moon] [moon]

  • Naomi Y
    Naomi Y


  • Lil Ems
    luv Lil Ems

    hey :) how r u? wat u doing next wednesday?? xxx

  • NB' Baby
    luv NB' Baby

    Have a Wiikked New Year Babe!! All The Best 2 You &+ Your Famiily.x LoveYouCallam Miiss Youu!! <33',x