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Your MumS Pimp

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFE ;) hollie bebs' :D xxxxxx & robbie bebs - but its not her birthday :)

11/14/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

I HAVE A CHODE - est.2008
Me, Myself, and I
Helloooo! my name's Jordan aka Mr Chubby, Jordy Bebs', Chode etc ;)
I'm 16 but

x----///\\----- x
x---///-\\\----Put This x
x--|||---|||---On Your x
x--|||---|||---page If x
x--|||---|||---You Know x
x---\\\-///----Someone x
x----\\///-----Who Died x
x-----///\-----Of x
x----///\\\----CANCER to x
x---///--\\\-- Show your Support xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Other Half Of Me
Timmy Reeves

Timmy Reeves

square head lol i want him ;)

Hymms are my life. SEXY GEORGE MICHAEL! :D linkin park , all classical :) joe cocker ;) hes sexy oh oh oh and also john barrowman, will young and george micheal :D i dont know why exactly oh and Cliff Richard! xxxx
Saw TEETH! thats my fave, i love the bit where you see the guy naked. It reminds me of Me & George.<3
:D :D :D :D
lots of cool films .;) <3 is there a film with George Michael in?
love zombie films seen basicly every zombie film
Bumming George <3 rugby , FOOT BALL SUCKS -
Scared Of
SATIN. bees wasps, hornits and weird peepz!
eho ever is reading this GINGERS.
Happiest When
praying singing careless whisper <3 :) looking at pictures of George Michael and pretending to bum george Michael :) reading heat magazine and when im doing something i like - like spending time with my besties :D
what i do in my spare time
i like to go to churchwatch music videos with tom jones in them :) do lots of stuff like computer and go on the 360 i'm not sad :) .., much :L

oooo and i go to the gym (mega legs lol :D )
my dream:
to become the ideal person in the eye of god and also to become the new Jordan Michael, oh and rub vaseline around his private parts.. hmm tasty ;)

lol LICK ME.

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    You can ask me one question and one question only, & I promise to answer it truthfully, no matter how dirty, weird or stupid it is.

    Put this on your blog and see what people ask you.

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  • anything about anything!

    i like saying googoomachoo my brothers are rele mean! my bestest buddies evr r...GOOGOOMACHOO!,connor,robbie,ad
     am n ovaz! ur da gr8est.

    how long hav u been in jamaica?

    we been honeymoonin lyke 15 years mon!

    we chilled right to the core !!!!!

    lovin life 2 da max! lol hardy harr har! mon!!

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  • HollieJp
    luv HollieJp

    YOU'RE 17 NOW BEBS! happy birthay...for the 3rd time ;) LOL xx

  • HollieJp

    Jordan, your new page is fit! - model hey? ..wheyy. (; Xx

  • Flick S 2/21/09
  • Dizzie
    luv Dizzie

    jordan u know u cant get with a nun..... there not allowed ;)

  • Robbiee'
    luv Robbiee'

    HAHAHAHAHA nuns aye jordy? ;) hehe :L

  • Robbiee'
    luv Robbiee'

    hmm george micheal ;) good choice! :L

  • Robbiee'
    luv Robbiee'

    can you see me? ...cause' im hiding in the reeds! :L *(hand motion)* lol :P ps. - argh, geography orals soon! :( xxx

  • James Grose
    luv James Grose

    omg a blackl man

  • Dizzie

    frank and bill??? wtf

  • Dizzie

    do you suffor with the problem "to much Gangsta?" i wont right the rest :L

  • Dizzie

    ha... your a funny guy... oh wait it wasnt funny

  • Dizzie

    what??? lol im confused?

  • Dizzie

    when will i be getting my "lead thingy" back??

  • HollieJp
    luv HollieJp

    I won't!! FAT ... yum ;) you love it bebs! :L x x x x

  • HollieJp
    luv HollieJp

    Bebs'! Haven't left you a comment for a while...so here ya goo Hubs :) Thanks for the pressie! :D I think I know what it is... ;) lol (: Merry Christmasssssssssss :D ! x x x x x

  • Robbiee'

    ohh jus' found out we have to leave at 5.30 in the morning!! :( im gonna be like a walking zombie! haha :P maybe if i try and stay awake i will be able to sleep on the plane (if that makes sense :P ) just thought you should know ;) haha! see how lucky i am :( no extra beauty sleep for me then - and im the one that needs it! hahaha :L anyway.. really going now so.. bye bye byee :D xxx

  • Robbiee'

    going now so.. bye bye bye bye bye bye bye :D have a good week at school :) and may everything be erm.. merry! :L xxx

  • Robbiee'
    luv Robbiee'

    heres a special message in advance: merry christmas jordy bebs! :) hope you have a fun filled day haha :P and dont forget to text me with your snazzy new phone :L (and dont worry im not taking my phone with me on holiday so it wont cost you or whatever :P ) oh and make sure you watch 'robbie the reindeer' :L omg that amasing.. should be on telly - its on every other year! :D dont miss me too much ;) and enjoy the turkey! :L xxx