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everyones migrating to facebook lol whats up with that?

6/9/10 | me too! | Reply

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Crap cant give myself love lol

im emooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
wait..............nah im not lol just felt like saying it hehehe
boredom taking over noooooooooooooooooooooo

im weird?yea i know lol

feel free to add me tho:D
hm....nothing too hardcore i guess lolz
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  • Korella Buckland

    They are giving away mac book air's http://alturl.com/2kj9g

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Jay


  • Knights Kido
    Knights Kido

    bro what's going on from there???????

  • luv Lany

    io dur m lyk liv hia now.... man u sud hola nxt tym u kum k....:) k hias 1 4 ya.... peace..

  • 8/23/10
  • luv Lany

    hey dea...sa long tym man... weas dam huts @???? k hias 1 4 ya.....

  • 7/30/10
  • Shrestra Sharma
    luv Shrestra Sharma

    haha..i dnt fink i eva will :P :L :L :L well...wby?how was midterms??:/ u neva told meee!!:P

  • Nabby
    luv Nabby

    aww wat u not man enuf to take it.c i always had a fillin u were a hussy.:P :P ...:P ...as for wat u said ta mee...i can prove it to u dat im not...but why waste my time nd effot......

  • Nabby
    luv Nabby

    ya u wish Fuck Face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......just kiddin..:P :P

  • luv Lany

    bohooooo boi dat muj only...:L :L :L :L fanx:)

  • Shrestra Sharma
    luv Shrestra Sharma

    i knowwww...:( dang ith..homework!!:P :L :L how was mid terms??:/ my marks wre okay..wudda been 1st if it wasnt for math!goddamitth!!>:( anyways...okie..im bored naw.... wby?

  • Esther R
    luv Esther R


  • Nabby
    luv Nabby

    ummmmmmmm me jealous of u???????????? not at all.....!!!!!!!!! [moon] y shud i beee?????????? :/

  • luv Lany

    yo 1 lub 4 ya....:)

  • Esther R
    luv Esther R

    hiya!!catch mada

    6/13/10 via Mobile
  • Shrestra Sharma
    luv Shrestra Sharma

    cuz...its fun!! :L :L :DD aww,dnt worry..we havent completely left u bak in bebo...:P In reply to: "everyones migrating to facebook lol whats up with that?" by Jay

  • Nabby
    luv Nabby

    orhhh.....gosh i nevr said you doooo....:) stop obsessing ovr urself....LOLzz:P :P [moon]

  • Nabby
    luv Nabby

    I found da song..... not bad......ummmmm....

  • luv Lany

    hi dea...long tym no smel...:L :L :L jus dropin by 2 shea sum lub... caj....