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4/17/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 322
  • from The land of flowers ;D
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: February 2008
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About Me

The door opens. Hell is revealed.
Me, Myself, and I
heyhai :]

fuckthatshitletsgogreggs (Y)

I'm in an awful place.

The Other Half Of Me
Laurie M
Green day, The Killers, Fall out boy, Paramore, My chemical romance,
sex pistols, Muse, foo fighters, Gorillaz, 100 monkeys, dido, The twilight CD,
Cradle of filfth, motorhead, AC/DC, bring me the horizon, madina lake,
bullet for my vallentine, Metallica, evanescence, Hollywood undead, ICP, jeffree star, lost prophets, Onision, fightstar, brokencyde, escape the fate, enter shikari, bowling for soup, nevershoutnever, cute is what we aim for, forever the sicket kids, papa roach, Katy Perry, 3OH!3, Lady gaga, The doors.
Frowny Nose

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close 20 Unique Me Questions

1. If you could pick any memory to go back to for one hour, what would it be?
I'd be speaking to dodd again..

2. Which TV show/film would you like to star in and why?
The grinch 'cause i want to rape him :)

3. Have you ever had a dream you didn't want to wake up from?

4. Is there someone that you don't see/speak to now but wish you did?

5. Do you have a secret/random ambition?
I want tenkids and to live in a shoe... :)

6. Is there someone in your life or in the media who you admire?
Hell yeah!

7. Have you ever lied to protect someone?
Many times

8. What important life lesson would you want to teach your children?
"Don't attack the fucking mail man!"

9. Have you ever been so in love that you've felt scared/excited/lost and happy at the same time...do they know about it?

10. Secret real/celebrity crush? (If they're real it won't be secret for long..)

11. Is there something that you can never tell a soul? REALLY never tell..?
I'm actually a hermaphrodite :D

12. Where will you be in 10 years time?
In my shoe with my ten kids :)

13. Name one thing that you would change about yourself..
My weight

14. If you're walking down the street and your trousers fall down, what's your first thought?!
That happened once... I was like.."FUCK" and then i pulled them up and ran away :)

15. Stick your neck out or keep the peace?
stick you neck out definately

16. Faith or hope?

17. Sniff or hankerchief?

18. What's your worst weakness and best strength?
me no no

19. Add one question to this and then answer it...
Are you trying to think of more words for yes? Yes :)

20. Can you recall the first time you just knew everything was gonna be alright...?

21. You have the choice of saving yourself, your family or an entire country of strangers..who would you choose?
You can't ask me that i'm a hippy!

22. What would be the perfect title of your autobiography?

23. Name just one thing you can't live without..

24. Finally, what's your Porn Star name?? (It's your first pets name+Mothers maiden name)
Oli Edgar ;D

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  • Me

    I'm Kia,,
    that's K-Y-A NOT K-e-e-y-a,, annd i was out before the cars eyy.
    I love nature,, parties,, drinking,, friends,, lazy days,, smiles,, piercings,, tattoos.
    i rush into things way too quick and get attached easily.
    My rooms the worst in the world :]
    Nobody will change me, i like the clothes i wear i don't give a shit if you don't.

    Jasper Hale,, Ash Redfern,, gahh i love em :]

    Best friends,,,,

    FUCK ALLLL :]]]]]

    0 Comments 179 weeks

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  • luv Jeff

    hey hows u

  • Grace

    Hello again. ;P How are you?

  • Grace

    Yo. ;F

  • Danny

    Hey !!!!

  • Kayleigh Louise Feasey 5/10/10
  • MaddiMisfit

    orwells i get anotherone lol :P

  • MaddiMisfit

    yea YUMYUM LOL :p :( i could not get it opand lol

  • MaddiMisfit

    r nm i carnt get my nutella opend lol random soz nm hbu

  • MaddiMisfit 4/27/10
  • MaddiMisfit
    luv MaddiMisfit

    thx beautifull pics btw

  • MaddiMisfit
    luv MaddiMisfit

    hayy im maddi heres luv

  • Jeff

    nothing just really yourself

  • luv Jeff


  • luv Laurie M

    KIA.......... Off with your head :D

  • Nathan Leone
    Nathan Leone

    AH! LOL.

  • Nathan Leone
    Nathan Leone

    and i need to know that why? :P

  • luv Laurie M

    Nope. Things like that are NEVER my fault :D Twinchimneysweepwhowantstofeedtheq  ueenandthepopetomrspeatandthenpoph  erwithanelectriccattleprod :D

  • luv Laurie M

    Hello, Twin! Long time, no speak... once again this is your fault :P How is thou? Oh I heard your Easter Eggs got scoffed... Ha-ha (that Ha-ha sounded like the kid of the simpsons :D ) Ta-ta

  • TristanParker

    because , he is ugly ;) x

  • Buckskin
    luv Buckskin

    im good you