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Wants to do something :(

4/9/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 161
  • from north wales
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 4,918
  • Member since: February 2008
  • Last active: 9/10/09
  • www.bebo.com/Brookwell_08
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About Me

afc Harrogate 2008-2009!
Me, Myself, and I
<Name> Z.Brookwell

<eyes> yup iv got 2

<age> 17

<home> Bangor

<born> 02/09/1991

<hair> Brown

<Proud 2 b> awsome

<place> Bangor North Wales/ harrogate,yorkshire

<pierced> Nuthin

<status> Single

<job> army all the way

<hates> wakin up at 6

<lovin> :L nobody

<music> loads of diff types

<sports> Footy

<fav colour> red

<MSN> zakk_afc_@hotmail.co.uk mr.brookwell@live.co.uk< for kl ppl

12 (wallace VC) platoon
Cambrai Coy

The Other Half Of Me


&lt; DORK

the lot
war filmz, day in iraq n saving private ryan n all dose. but comediez like ace ventura n anchorman :L
loads of them!!!
Scared Of
Happiest When
ON LEAVE FROM THE ARMY. haha! doin sum fun shit like shootin rounds down range :P
getting weekends off and gettin a lyin which never happens cz im up at 6 everyday :(

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  • J.s Brookwell

    ma names zakk but used to being called just brookwell now.

    at the mo im livin more in harrogate than wales
    there both pretty shit places like.
    go to the army foundation college.
    which is ace but can be hard at times.
    im based there until august 2009. long time
    got sum good mates
    bangor and harrogate
    id recomend u join the army as its better than the job u have now :L
    im gain in the REME but finkin of changin cuz....its the reme.
    (royal electrical and mechanical engineers)
    but to be honest id rather kill ragheads!

    im bord as hell so im writing this n now im jus tired so see yaz l8aZ!

    0 Comments 264 weeks

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  • Pamela Lorraine
    luv Pamela Lorraine

    heya u okay wuu2/wubu2 w/b

  • Hottie Lottie Xox
    luv Hottie Lottie Xox

    haha what is it a competition lol no i saw her first no i did lol he rang me last night as well lol xxx

  • Hottie Lottie Xox
    luv Hottie Lottie Xox

    heyy i saw u today lol dnt no weva u saw me but scott did and he said hi and waved and then he text me lol xx

  • Gimp
    luv Gimp

    miss u guys 2 :( Yeh it's pretty lame I missin anyfin good? Duude I soo had a taco bell yesterday :P was soo nice x

    4/15/09 via Mobile
  • Pamela Lorraine
    luv Pamela Lorraine

    zakk laa im in bangor laters so yh thought i will pass the time to say hi i wont moider ur head to much coz i nw u are like sick of me talkin :) so hws u i will give u love and i will propabaly expect back like lol :) so w.b

  • Conor Brown
    luv Conor Brown

    Yo BRO wat happnin?? :P i still havent eatin since tht pizza haha survival 2moro ????plausible :D

  • Zoe Hoth
    Zoe Hoth

    god thanx ur soo kind xx

  • Sian Parry
    luv Sian Parry

    Lovee and all that shit :)

  • Zoe Hoth
    luv Zoe Hoth

    manchester for the weekend .. what was you doing there x yeeeesh deffinetly just gimmie a text or a ring and we shall come down to say helllooo and have a few drinks :) x w.b liiid x

  • Sian Parry
    luv Sian Parry

    I am very very cool... supose i am too :) have it bacckk!

  • Zoe Hoth
    luv Zoe Hoth

    u carnt even remember .. it was either really shit or u got really drunk and carnt remember lol ... what did u do this weekend then yoooou booooob xxx

  • Zoe Hoth
    Zoe Hoth

    alryyyyt geeeez x inooo yeeesh meurig did inform me that he stayed at yours x what did you do on the weekend then xxx

  • Pamela Lorraine
    luv Pamela Lorraine

    heya u orite wuu2/ wubu2 hws da army goin heres lv 4 ya xx

  • Zoe Hoth
    Zoe Hoth

    hiii bluuud hows life ? x

  • Gimp
    luv Gimp

    2 fkkin rite ;) evry1 goin out friday night man as we is gettin our AS results :L u care 2 join? x

  • Sian Parry
    luv Sian Parry

    Muhahahaa! Me n paige were like aaaah Zakk haha :L

  • Darcie Rose
    Darcie Rose

    hey baby just wondering if your talking to me or not ? xxx


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