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Alcali Bristol

The albums out now , selling small amounts here and there but not made any money yet as no one will buy them. kinda hard giving them away to

12/30/08 | me too! | Reply

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N/A Indie Label
Bristol, Avon UK
2pac, if it wasent 4 him hiphop wouldent b where it is now, Akala, plan b is a big influence because he raps and sings and does it so well and is unique, the streets mike skinner is deep, kano cuz he is makin it bare respect 4 dat, devlin sick and up and coming, Another influence is all my fans and my friends and family so that justb about sums it all up.
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About Me

Album out now
Me, Myself, and I
Well lets keep this simple and just tell you the facts.. Im 17 years young 18 on the 15th of June. I live in Bristol. Ive been wrighting lyrics for about 3 years now. Music is my life I come home from work pissed off so i put on some music and then I can relax. My music reflects how im feeling at the time that I wrote it, some times im happy when im wrighting, some times im sad, some times I cant even see the paper because my eyes are so full of tears. Im on a radio show on Saturday nights from 8 till 10 with DJ Demic and Raw master d, if u want to lissen then go to (www.passionradiobristol.com) "they mostly play old school hiphop not reli my sceen but its usualy a wicked show so check it out, if u want a shout out on the show then txt in the studio on the night. My album is out now holla at me 4 one and if you have bought one already then respect.....

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Alcali on a mad one on friday night

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  • Am I, would I, should I

    Am I, would I, should I

    Am i a piss take?
    Am i a good rapper or bad?
    Am i the biggest mug you've ever met?
    Am i funny?
    Am i sexi,fit,good looking?
    What do u think I am, sum me up?

    Would I ever stand you up?
    Would I say something thats not true?
    Would I turn up for one of my rap performances and bottle getting on stage?
    Would I fight for no reason?
    Would I die for my m8s or the person I love?

    Should I stay in Bristol instead of moving to london?
    Should i become a plumber or am i too good 4 that?
    Should i kiss you good night?

    any other am , would , should
    thanks Chris, Alcali

    1 Comment 281 weeks

  • X------Me and you-------X

    1) would u be in control?
    2)would u whisper freaky shit in my ear?
    3)would u talk dirty to me?
    4)would u go down on me?
    5)would u kiss me with a little or alot of tongue?
    6)would u give me a hickie?
    7)how many rounds would we go?
    8) what would we do after?
    9)would u take off all ur clothes for me?
    10)would u lick and bite me all over?
    11)would we do 4 play or get right to it?
    12)would u take ur time if i told u to?
    13)would we fall asleep when we r done?
    14)would u go fast or slow?
    15)where would we do it at?
    16)would u be loud or quiet?
    17)do u think u can make me cum?
    18) r u gonna re-post this so i can answer them for u?
    19)would we fuck today?

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  • fill me in ??

    1.Whats Your Name?
    2.Are We Close Friends?
    3.What Do You Think Of Me?
    4.Do You Have A Crush On Me?
    5.Would You Kiss Me?
    6.Would You Have Sex With Me?
    7.Describe Me In 3 Words?
    8.If We Were Alone Together For 30 Mins What Would We Do?
    9.What Was Your First Impression Of Me?
    10.Do You Stil Think That?
    11.What Reminds You Of Me?
    12.If You Could Give Me Anything What Would It Be?
    13.How Well DoYou Know Me?
    14.What Do You Like Best About Me?
    15.Ever Wanted Too Tell Me Someting You Couldnt?
    16.Could You Ever Love Me?
    17.Give Me A Nickname And Explain Why?
    18.Are You Gonna Put This On Your Blog And See What I Say About You?
    19.Anything Else You Want To Say Before You Go

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  • Kyle Colfer
    Kyle Colfer

    not much jus same old shit nah im not workin at the hotel got sacked 4 not turnin up

  • Kyle Colfer
    Kyle Colfer

    safe safe u got sum sick tunes

  • Barbie

    Yeah man. I havnt seen you in years. LITERALLY. Send me a message with your number. x

  • Barbie

    Im good babs! How do you get your album? x

  • Barbie

    Hey baba! How have you been sweetheart? x

  • Nicole.


  • Andrew Davies
    Andrew Davies

    alrite man aint spoke in aaages! how u been doin? music goin good?

  • Emma Gould
    Emma Gould

    wow chris ur songs r pretty good!!! well done bud!! wen ur famous me n miss bird r ur dancers ok!!! :D lol x

  • Katie Bird.
    Katie Bird.

    youve got like REALLY good lol. :)

  • Roseyy Babeyy
    Roseyy Babeyy

    ohh ahve u get chrissy keith ayyyy! u past your test yet though? im perfect thanks xxxx

  • Roseyy Babeyy
    Roseyy Babeyy

    chirs cant believe how good uve got! songs are amazing u should be proud:D donmt forget ur good pal rosie dawe when ur famous lmaooooooooooooo! how are you anyway dude? xxxxx

  • Libby Pearce
    Libby Pearce

    hahaaa. jordan needs another copy of your cd. i stole his :D x

  • T.J

    safe chris its tj liams brother lol wubu2 u got some sick beats m8 safe

  • ASh

    safe man remember me i used to skate down hengrove with u and andre and andrew and that lot when can i get ur album from w,b ash

  • ASh

    safe man remember me used to skate down hengrove with u with andrew and andre where can i get ur album from ???

  • P

    its kl fam yh im kl still add me on msn init addys on my bebo safee 1

  • P

    siik tunes fam u kl ? jet back blessy

  • Andrew Davies
    Andrew Davies

    dont oww you shit is TTTIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTTTT fuckin sick man keep up the good work!! giv me a shout wen ur albums out i want it!

  • Libby Pearce
    Libby Pearce

    what so im not advertising you on my bebo :] im so nice :P :L x


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