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Universal Book Awards

Sorry this sites dead.. for now. If you want this place to grow, please comment how if you have ideas.

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About Me

We live for the chance to escape to somewhere no one can touch us. x
Me, Myself, and I
'Universal Book Awards' is a site dedicated to authors and their stories. It was originally called 'Bebo Book Awards' on the 19th February 2008, but as of 30th July 2009, it's christened 'Universal Book Awards'
This means that outsider links will be allowed on here, See new blog.

It takes a while planning for stories, but in the end it's worth it when you manage to escape to a world where no one can hurt you and you become some one else even for a short space of time. However the links on bebo with dedicated writers are few, and I'm hoping to broaden that horizon so more people can read stories.

If your book is listed as an Award Winner, you can post that on your book or profile. You can also advertise your books here.

Go directly to the Awards list - click here.

For the Book Of The Month blog - click here.


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  • Bebo

    I'm not sure how many people know, but Bebo will be closing down, [what I've heard] pretty soon. If you love escaping to places just like I do, please make an account with Tome City.


    It's a site dedicated to authors.
    I'm not sure when bebo's closing, so watch out.
    Bebo neglected the author site which received quite a lot of interest, which is bad news for all of us.

    comment if you want more info or anything.

    1 Comment 163 weeks

  • Short Story Competition. September/October 09 {02}


    Now because this is quite a small group still , I'm you guys slightly longer to write an entry. You have until Saturday, 17th October, to let me know if you still want to enter, and until to enter a short story.

    Please make sure that your story was sent to Fire_dragon26@btinternet.com


    As I said, there will be a short story competition running from the 1st September to the 17th October 2009. The rules are simple, you write what you want going along the lines of the outlines. You email it in the body of an email to me on one of my many emails. After the deadline date, there will be 2 weeks where I read the entries and decide who gets what award, and it’s all over.

    Some of the newer members may not know there was a short story competition last year, which lasted a month. I’m hoping with the extra time people will want to enter it.

    The story must follow along one of three options, however if it alternates between them then it’s still going to be entered. Follow roughly and I won’t cancel it out either.

    Below are Q&As on the Aug/Sept 09 Short Story Competition, with details on how to enter, what to enter, opening and closing dates, and so on.

    What are these themes I’m meant to be keeping to?

    They are rough outlines, and when you post it to me say what one you chose.
    1)Change. Can be moving school, family members dying, suddenly turning from outcast to popular. The lists can be endless.
    2)Music . This can somehow link in with Change. It can revolve around bullying and stereotyping, home life with sisters/brothers stealing CD’s or clashes of bands and genres, motorists against pedestrians blaring music of different styles, even an unknown sensation becoming known in the world and proving others wrong of their talent.
    3)Freedom. This should be an interesting one. You can have the character unable to escape from home life, until he/she runs off in search of an adventure. You an link it with loneliness too, how the main character can escape but is lonely because they can’t share it. Links in with Change too.

    Heck, you can even combine all three!

    What kind of short story should I write?
    This time peoples, You can write absolutely any short story - as long as you bear in mind the age group that will be reading it. Basically, you can submit any short story that is suitable for age 13+ (the Bebo sign-up age limit). And which follows along a theme mentioned as above.

    How long should it be?
    I've worked out the word-count now. Anything between 600 and 6,000 words is acceptable. Shorter and it's not much of a story, longer and it's, well, long. Very long.

    Can I enter something I've already written, or do I have to enter something new?
    While I'd love to see some new stories, I don't particularly mind. I used to have a rule that if you entered a story it couldn't be visible elsewhere on Bebo, but a very kind user pointed out how stupid that is. :D So yes, you can enter a pre-written story, and it can be visible on Bebo. But please don't just link me to the book/chapter/blog - you MUST actually send the story. And don't copy a story you've read on Bebo - it's obvious and will get you banned from the UBA group.

    How do I submit my short story?
    Please email the following information to Fire_dragon26@btinternet.com
    Along with this,

    Name: - {(your name here)}
    Bebo/TomeCity name here: - {(as mentioned)}
    Word Count: - {(Not very important, but it’s easier you doing it then me checking it’s the right length)}
    Theme of the story: - {(pick the main theme out of the three. There must be at least one theme running through the story, but as I’ve said, you can combine all three if you�

    3 Comments 203 weeks

  • [[ Updates 3 ]]

    It's been a while since the last blog, and quite a lot has actually changed.

    I just wanted to get thing clear to the members before any misunderstandings were made, As even though not many people are going on the 'UBA' on bebo any more, it's still bigger then it was last month.

    This, I know, is partly down to the 'Book Of The Month – August' which was posted up, I deliberately chose a site that was recent {created in 'May 2009'} to see what would happen and the results are clear.
    The newer site had more updates, and because of this, more fans and regular hits. Which is why there are so many hits for 'Beautiful Destruction' in the poll.
    But the poll is not yet over, it ends on the last day of August, and 'Thicker Than Water' is in the poll trailing way behind in second place. It's 73% to 'Beautiful Destruction' and 14% to 'Thicker Than Water' so, if you have a heart, haven't already voted and have an account you know you want to vote for someone. :)

    Now, for serious news. I've made a list of ALL links from the old 'BBA' site advertising stories and feedback. Gradually I will be getting around to reading these stories, however, I can't and Won't review stories that have had chapters taken down.
    After all, how can I suggest and give feedback to a story that is no longer there? Let alone let someone else do the same?

    As I've said, the hits are steadily growing back, and I have a way to make them grow even more.
    It's time, for another short story competition.

    Rules are the same as last time, except it's slightly longer then before. Being just under seven weeks long, the cut off/deadline/last day of entries will be 17th October. It'll be running from the 1st September, so if you're interested contact me either now or then so I know.
    One more thing, if you sent multiple entries, only ONE will be read over.

    Along with the entries, there will also be a special limited time where during those 6-7 weeks where the competition's taking place, a feedback V.I.P treatment will be available.
    This will include spelling mistakes that you should correct, but suggestions on what will happen in your story will not be happening. It is, after all your story.

    The spelling mistakes are purely to let people reading your entry after the cut off date, to not be confused and so forth.
    That brings me onto the final thing, Stories written in text talk will be sent back and asked to be re-written in proper English.

    If you're interested, reply in either this blog or the one on 'UBA' bebo (where it's being copied to) and say. Rules and further information will be posted nearer the time, but for now I want to see how many people will be interested enough to enter.

    Moderator 'Phoenix'

    0 Comments 204 weeks

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  • Lily
    luv Lily

    I still gotta submit my entry, I'm not 100% sure how to do it :P

  • Ice Phoenix
    Ice Phoenix

    Please, please Please! can members read the competition blog and comment? There won't be much point 'UBA' running if no one's interested :( The competition end date gets nearer every day, and if no one contributes it'll be a while till the next one, i may even forget about the site and leave it dead if no one goes on here anymore.. I just thought it'd be a good way of getting your creative juices flowing again... Why aren't people interested? Is it because they don't like sticking to themes? They don't want a competition running? please, i need to know...

  • Tic Tac

    New book started. Some small snippets are up now :D http://www.bebo.com/TantalisingTrees Links to my other books can be found on that page as well :D Please join xx

  • Eva Z
    Eva Z

    Tank you so much. I didn't think this book had ay promise as I barley do much with this story and I would it if you would review it properly and tell me what you think of this book. I'm currently in the middle of writing the next chapter for this book as well. But I've alway wanted one of my books to be nominated but I never thought it be this one. My name Eva and I am already a fan of the UBA. And this is the link for my story below if you forget it and thank you very much and I am lookign forward to be hearing more from you. Two Boys And Camp www.bebo.com/Savemefrommygrave

  • 8/23/09
  • Whit

    Can I advertise my short story here? I'll go for it anyway :) Clicky for a thrilling and strangely disturbing romance that turns the table on the words 'childhood crush'. Go forth and read :D It's being published in a magazine shortly, so I guess that means you won't be disappointed :P Thanks! ♥

  • I'll Hold My Breath
    I'll Hold My Breath

    please read (: its rather odd, lol.well good idk. tbh buut yus please thankyyou <3

  • Thicker Than Water
    luv Thicker Than Water

    Thank you! The First Book Award For 'Thicker Than Water'. And I Hope It Won't Be The Last Nomination! Come And Read 'Thicker Than Water' To See If It Appeals To You. .x.

  • Beautiful Destruction
    luv Beautiful Destruction

    Just wondered, how did you find me :) And thank you for the comment, much appreciated :)

  • Karen Champ

    I looooove the new look :)

  • Saint

    May I be the first to take advantage of the 'Universal' part of the name, and advertise a Non-Bebo story? http://tomecity.com/smf/index.php?ac... Tatter, the story of a modern teenage wizard. Not one who has to find sacred artifacts to prevent the rise of a new dark master, but a true, everyday teen, who is more concerned for his schoolwork, his videogames,and his friends and family. (Note, that's a preview site; you don't have to sign up to read the whole thing, but there are way more benefits if you do)

  • Ice Phoenix
    Ice Phoenix

    Thanks :D it's slowly getting there. :L

  • Mrs Brightside

    Nice to see this is being carried on!

  • Flight of the Phoenix
    luv Flight of the Phoenix

    If you like romance, vampires, and a little bit of horror, read Flight of the Phoenix, a vampire novel based in WWII!! :] xo

  • Alex's Shadow
    Alex's Shadow

    If you have the time :)

  • Zach Black
    luv Zach Black

    Hi, check out my blog, let me know what you think.

  • 6/24/09
  • You are all a bunch of Communists
    luv You are all a bunch of Communists

    hey i was just wondering if you could check out my book, it isn't finished but i need a honest review of it so far. this is my first book, so i don't have very much experience. i would appercitate it! thanks, caryn

  • Anna
    luv Anna

    Heya for anyone interested in writing and giving and receiving critiques, discussing all things literary, entering competitions and more, a new site has just started up here: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Drowned_in_... It's for teens up to 25-year-olds. I'm Anna, I'm 19 and in my second year of a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature and I'm a moderater on the site. I hang around the short story section mainly (as I'm currently midway through a short fiction writing course at university) and I personally spend a lot of time critiquing. Anyway, join up if you're a poet, novelist, short-storyist, lyricist, script...ist? We're trying to gather some active members. We take things seriously, and our goal is to improve writers by encouraging thorough critiques, but we do have fun too :P See you there, hopefully :]