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Imm a walkiing a disasterr.... xx

9/28/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from ws7 liakk.
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About Me

αℓℓ ι ωαит fσя ¢няιѕтмαѕ ιѕ уσυ
Me, Myself, and I

<< on the furthest end awayy
  J o r d a n n ;вавεчч. ғоятεεп.

—   уσυ ѕмιℓє тнαт вєαυтιfυℓѕмιℓє αи∂ αℓℓ тнє gιяℓѕ ιи тнє fяσит яσω ѕ¢яєαм уσυя иαмє ;ѕσ ∂ιм тнαт ѕρσтℓιgнт, тєℓ мє тнιиgѕ ℓιкє ι ¢αи'т тαкє му єуєѕ σff σf уσυ ;ι'м иσ σиє ѕρє¢ιαℓ, נυѕт αиσтнєя ωι∂є-єує∂ gιяℓ ;ωнσ'ѕ ∂єѕρєяαтєℓу ιи ℓσνє ωιтн уσυ
gινє мє α ρнσтσgяαρн тσ нαиg σи му ωαℓℓ ѕυρєяѕтαя

αη∂∂ уσυя αℓℓ ι тнιηк αвσυt
.uʍop ǝpısdn p1ɹoʍ ʎɯ uɹnʇ noʎ


&& i cant carry on like this, i still love you
   so tell me what you think, otherwise i cant move on.''

The Other Half Of Me


everythiin i need to sayy in other half box x

Myy Frienddss x

My Friends are My World. They are the people that make me who i am. Always have sucha a laugh with you guys, Got The most Amazing Memories. Thank-You For Everything, Always Be here for you! Mean So Much To Me, Love You All ♥
Lαυяα σldвυяу'
Beтнany ғιѕнer'

    bєstmatєs;; x
муу ѕσηgѕ...

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  • well..

    before you all make your minds up about me..
    read this blog and get to know the girl

    fake ? "loads of make-up" ?
    So i have lack of self confidence in myself. i can’t stand my skin its blotchy &+ uneven ! is it really a reason to be Fake to cover it up ?It makes me happy and feel more confident =)
    big deal ! i'd love to know how it effects any one of you ?

    stuck up ?
    because i think one day ill have a better life than this, and will try to make it happen no matter what i have t do? im a very very paranoid person !got no shame in saying it either. If i come across as stuck up ? its because im uncomfortable not because i think im better than anyone else !

    bitchy ?
    Maybe if i don’t like you then yeah i might say something, but know your fact about what it is im ment to have said before you spread and twist it !

    not pretty ?
    fair enough..an opinion that some people have about me ! but do i really need to hear it ? the ironic thing is..i dont think im pretty so there is absolutely NO relevance in this comment whatsoever ! i look how i feel happy ! im not asking to be accepted as pretty ! im not asking to be accepted at all ! im asking to be left alone !
    friendly ?
    because i talk to anyone ? someone smiles at me..i smile back someone talks to me..i talk back ! try giving me a smile and see what you get back !

    bubbly ?
    because im always hyper, always smiling and having a laugh with the mates ! Best way to be, don’t take life too serious, god chill and laugh, you might even find you enjoy the freedom of a smile !

    self conscious ?
    because i have less confidence in myself because of the way people act towards me ? i shy away from everything and everyone ! its got to the point that i can't even make new friends &+ do things iv always wanted to because im frightened of being criticised ! Meeting new people isn’t the best if people speak to me i'll clam up yeahh, i'd like to thank all youu bitches for that one !

    paranoid ?
    because i think everyone is talking about me in a negative way ? if i hear anyone whisper or laugh in my presence i assume its about me ! i can't trust anyone and i've gone from being a very outgoing person to someone so shy, that i can't even speak to people i don't know without getting paranoid that they won't like me !

    just because youu know who i am doesn't mean youu know me !
    maybe you spent a while with me,
    why bother judging me honestly,
    you don’t see the full person within a day !

    1 Comment 211 weeks

  • tell miii a bit more .....

    I____ you.

    You have a nice______.

    You make me _______.

    You should _______.

    Someday I will ______.

    You + me =________.

    If I saw you now I'd __________.

    I would build a _______ just for you.

    If I could sing you any song it would be _________.

    We could __________ under the stars.


    (P.S. ______________.)

    4 Comments 214 weeks

  • Bethh ,,,

    well thiss gurll iff fxkiin amaziinn .. ii ayy knownn herr thatt long butt in thaa shortt space ov tym tht ii have known er maa lifee hass biin amaziin .. shee act. is myy besttfriendyy .. wee havee thee mostt funniestt tyms together andd nevaa <b/> leavee jordann andd bethh alone itt iss highlyy dangerous:L
    wee havee the mostt amaziing memoriiess...
    ** Ourr good friendd withh ourr bagg before he lit a fag
    ** Ourr amaziing walkk where we got lost :L
    ** Whenn we were turned into flowaa princesses..
    ** Rownd bethss andd whatt herr bruvaa sed
    ** Whenn bethh decided she cudd pik upp anythingg ..
    ** She onlyy wanted a leaf and she got a bracnch .
    ** Rolling downn hiills.. andd killinngg eachh othaa
    **Dumpedd :L (( onllyy bethh will undaastandd ))
    ** Spliitss :L
    ** Dogg Calledd samm..
    ** Ourr wett dogg :P
    **Doctorr peppa...
    **battered marsbars;
    **climbing trough me window cause cudnt find keys;
    **spaka hands;
    **me nan and the twinkleing light;
    **uu tryin not too laugh cause felt bad;
    **spade face;
    **the word rather;
    **stupid ass;

    ii fiinkk ii mytt ovv missed a feww owtt lol.. butt o well
    thiis girll iss absoloutlyy amaziingg..
    Lovee youu ..
    Bestmateee x:D :D

    1 Comment 215 weeks

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Beckii ii lovee youu .. ii noo everythiin aboutt you .. ivee sin uu at ur worst and at ur best ur like a best friend to me u just happened to b kinda relatedd to mee lol. ii could rytt bwtt all tha ups n downs weve had togevaa but ii couldd be ea for a while . so im gnu gew n du meself. lol. onlii uu will gett this x youu act. are me othaa half without u well i cant even imagine it it wud probz b a bitt betaa but idd b boredd lol. soo imm gewiin now love you xx

close The You Survey

1.Full name
Jordann Eliizabethh Jacks

2.Nick name
Jordann.. Dopeyy..


4.Birth place

5.Zodiac sign

6.Male or female




10.Home town
Biig badd burntwood ..

11.MSN name
Jordann Babeyy...

12.Hair color
Darkk brownn

13.Hair length

14.Eye color



onlyy sunglassess :)



20.Lefty or righty?

21.First best friend

22.First award

23.First sport

24.First pet

25.First holiday

26.First concert
westlifee :P.

27.First love
uu all noo huu ..

28.Fave movie
Green streett orr Twighlight

29.Fave TV show

30.Fave Color

31.Fave Rapper
T.Dot Flirtz

32.Fave band

33.Fave song
II wantedd you II miiss yhuu

34.Best friend/s
Kellyy ... Emiilyy... Beckii ...Bethh ...Sophiie ...Lottii...Schmidtt...Frankiee

35.Fave sweet
lollypop :)

36.Fave sport

37.Fave restaurant

38.Fave Brand

39.Fave Store

40.Fave School subject

41.Fave Animal

42.Fave book
dnntt readd bukss

43.Fave magazine
ok :)

44.Currently.. Feeling


46.Do you have a crush?
yhhh :)


hot choclatee


whatt ...




54.Future...Want kids?

55.Want to get married?

lil teachaa


nicee one..

59.In a boy/girl.. hair color
blondee or brownn

60.Hair length

61.Eye color
whtt evaa

taller thann mee

63.Cute or sexy

64.Lips or eyes

65.Hugs or kisses

66.Short or tall
whtt evaa

67.Easygoing or serious
bothh .

68.Romantic or spontaneous

69.Fat, slim or normal?

70.Sensitive or loud

71.Hook up or relationship

72.Sweet or caring?

73.Trouble maker or hesitant
trouble maker :P.

74.Is there someone you want but can't have?
yupp ..

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    luv S'Xytime.

    love baack

  • S'Xytime.
    luv S'Xytime.

    have a lovee yee

  • S'Xytime.

    i just read a comment of wanker that he sent me agess ago' god its got mee depressed :( xx

  • Schmidtt.

    Jordannsss Gayyy x :P X

  • S'Xytime.
    luv S'Xytime.

    hazz a love hazz a love xx

  • Mrs.Wainwright
    luv Mrs.Wainwright

    helloo babess; how rr you? im getting your present tomorraa; rr uu exicited? andd your card also. zee love ii owe you x iloveyou x

  • KD

    hi hu dis? u alrite? hb x

    10/22/09 via Mobile
  • Sophiiee
    luv Sophiiee

    HappччBirthdaч babbч :) Loveчouu.x

  • Mrs.Wainwright

    hello babe; im not alowed too sleap buh mom said she will pick me up from 12 till half past; x

    10/19/09 via Mobile
  • Mrs.Wainwright
    luv Mrs.Wainwright

    have another love as i love you & your my best frend.x

    10/18/09 via Mobile
  • Mrs.Wainwright
    luv Mrs.Wainwright


    10/18/09 via Mobile
  • S'Xytime.

    your a twat sometimes :L copyin me shit agen :L && i cant carry on like this, i still love you so tell me what you think, otherwise i cant move on.'' :@ thats me :L xx not you :L who du uu have to move on from pmsl xx loveeeuuu

  • Mrs.Wainwright

    jordan; if ur at ur moms saturday do uu wna catch up for a few hours? Wb, ilu x

    10/11/09 via Mobile
  • Mrs.Wainwright

    staying in why? And my uncles cumin on the 24th en were goin for a meal buh i can cum urs afta if thats ok? I dont; well not much. Fukin knackerd as usaul buh get my results frm hosp on tues; fukin shittin myself tbf. I kno ill give uu some tomz bab. Tappbak biachh. Bma x

    10/8/09 via Mobile
  • Mrs.Wainwright

    godd we do indeed. I dow chat crap. And if she does im gna fukin cry i swear. I dow fuckin like her. We had some right lafs dint we. Why ent uu out bab? Write back. Ilu. Bma x

    10/8/09 via Mobile
  • Mrs.Wainwright

    yeahh finally afterr 3 dayss; you missed it todayy shann pushhed laura twise and ii think she was gna hit her and now ii think cassies asked her too come with us at lunch and that buh if she has fuck that cause ii dow like herr. he iss heree indead andd narr ii was really bored not hapy sadd :( ii do not talk bare shit all the timee; withh our big leaves to cover our faces buh then reece shouts me and i turn around wernt good really was it; dillss beiingg moodddy; andd keeps asking questions every five seconds; did you enjoy todays little arguemnt? writeback; x

  • Mrs.Wainwright

    reply nw biachh x

    10/6/09 via Mobile
  • Mrs.Wainwright
    luv Mrs.Wainwright

    hello main'un; ii ent fucking spoke to you for ages; beth is getting her gordan sumot for her birthhday; and im also goin to write a secret in the card cause well your ace tbf ent you; dills at avilla tonight so beths going to be one bored girl int she; sorry about me chatting bout all the bare shit i ent even sure what im on about tbqh; i love you flower princess; id only knew you for like 2 weeks and we was havin some right raves (: im listen to aa rite tune; jump left over to your right; jump forward jump back; and bounce bounce bouncd again; whata fucking tune; anyway i fucking love you girl; write some random shit back my petal; x

    10/5/09 via Mobile