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honestly only love you harley

4/13/12 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

right now, i couldnt ask for more. Harley <3
Me, Myself, and I
hey im jessica,
only coming on here to laugh at old photos because im just that cool.

couldnt ask for anything more right now, as my baby is just enough for me <3

I love you Harley Youngberry xxxx
Evanescence, breaking benijamin, linkin park, kesha, tayor swift, rihanna
Scared Of
storms, and the dark and possibly ghosts D:

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x...! still want you !...x

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  • just something i wrote

    love is most likely the strongest feelin
    my love is strong but it can also be pure
    i loved you but i couldn prove it
    i just knew i did
    i wished u could of read my mind
    but im not wif u
    wishin i could hav u in my arms
    ur lips touchin mine
    feelin ur soft hands on my bare skin
    i wish i could hear your voice once again
    all i want to do is whisper i love u into ur ear
    but instead im in a corner where its dark
    wif a bloody knife next to me
    i got blood all down my arms
    and all though my hair
    because im in so much pain wat u put me though
    im pullin my hair screamin I LOVE YOU
    but u cant hear
    everytime im tryin to talk to u
    its like u cant see me or hear wat im tryin to say
    please dnt ignore me
    im not invisible
    om pretty sure im alive
    or is it just me.....dead
    just talkin to that one person who is important to me
    but they cant see
    because im just vapour
    i only wish i could touch u but everytime i do
    i just go right though
    and fall to the ground
    there i lay wif tears rollin down my face
    thinkin wat hav i done watchin you walk off with ur friends
    and there i lay
    i love you

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  • yea

    He’s Got That Hand I Wanna Hold and The Lips I Wanna Kiss , The Arms I Wanna Be Held In Forever and The Heart I Want To Be Loved By "Shє is waiting for that one boч to show hєr that thєч'rє not all thє samє "Shє Said "You'rє Crazч" & Hє Said "Onlч For You Babч" "Every Girl Has That *One Boy* She Loves, He Will Make Her Happy Or Sad But No Matter How Much He Hurts Her.. She Will Never Walk Away

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  • emo

    ╔═╦══╦═╗Put This On Your
    ║╩╣║║║║║Bebo If You Support
    ╚═╩╩╩╩═╝Emo's Protection

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  • Harlee
    luv Harlee

    I loves you more xx

  • Bobby
    luv Bobby

    heyy nm wbu??

  • Blondy
    luv Blondy

    sup long time no tlk

  • Bobby
    luv Bobby

    heyy darlz... nm wbu?? hows ur holidays beenn??

  • Crystal Dawn Amy Lou.
    luv Crystal Dawn Amy Lou.

    Hey (: Are You friends with tabitha pershouse ? Love

  • Crystal Dawn Amy Lou.
    Crystal Dawn Amy Lou.

    Hey Babe I saw you today But didnt say Hi so im sayin it now :D Are you nd Brad still Dating ? How are you ? soz no Love Left ily <3 xox

  • Crystal Dawn Amy Lou.
    luv Crystal Dawn Amy Lou.

    Have Love ;) xo

  • Ryan F
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    life is not shit its perfect

  • Ryan F
    luv Ryan F

    life aint shit there is always something to live for like me

  • Xx-Torn-Xx
    luv Xx-Torn-Xx

    hay miss ya extremly so b.f.f.l even if im not urs no more lol i nt gonna get over dat at camp lol

  • Mondy

    yesh it is lol y cant u tell by the photo

  • Ryan F
    luv Ryan F

    ok i hope to see you soon hope life is treating u fairly

  • XO.Cassie.Ox

    hey mi gurl how are yooh how is that thing u know lol mail it to me kk LOVE YOU TONNES COCOPOPPS xxx

  • XO.Cassie.Ox
    luv XO.Cassie.Ox

    lol which dog the big one or the small one hahah yeh i am bored and i spent wednesday with hayley it was fun lol soo what have you been up to... tap bak cocopopps xx luv yooh

  • XO.Cassie.Ox

    hey i am one of ya closest friends wooo hah Harlee is in front of me grrr i am better hahah not him luv yooh cocopopps x

  • BreeBree
    luv BreeBree

    haha ... wellz i hope u 2 have a good time with what time u spend 2gether lol *mwah* ... have fun XD