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Debbie Naea

lov th black bitch thts me

5/14/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from masterton
  • I am Married
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The only time that im sad, is when someone close to me has died an left my heart broken an hurt, I don't think you will ever get over the fact that they have left this world. My Dad my uncle's have gone. We never got to say goodbye. I know that one day we will see each other again until that day come's I will never ever forget who they are or what they did for me. So when it is my time they better have the hangi ready for me.......................?
I'm cool down to earth, loving, cool mum, loving wife, honest, wot more can you ask for..............?
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    Uncle Brian you are very muched loved bye us all we are going to miss you heaps we will never forget you you will always be in our hearts.

    The tears we cried the pain in our hearts
    will never bring you back to us because
    we tried, so on that note my dear loved uncle
    we must say good bye to you for now until we meet
    again. Anyway my uncle we have the memories that we will keep in our hearts.
    you are the coolist uncle thank you for been there for us all.

    love you forever.

    1 Comment 249 weeks

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Youngest son of Earth Goddess Papatuanuku, he never had a chance to climb the Godly Ladder — he was never even born.
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  • Mee
    luv Mee

    BIRTHDAY LOVE :D xx (bottom of your top friends even you sad guy haha)

  • Stephana Taiweritiw
    luv Stephana Taiweritiw

    heaauntie luv u always luv u ] xxx

  • Stephana Taiweritiw
    Stephana Taiweritiw

    hey ya hw u hw was work hero hahaha hehehe luv ya always xxx

  • Stephana Taiweritiw
    luv Stephana Taiweritiw

    hea auntie hw u luv ya always auntie xxx

  • Lustella Randell
    Lustella Randell

    Hey ma cuz ..HAPPY NEW YAEAR 2 UZ..MCH LUVZ

  • Mee
    luv Mee

    Upz tuh aunty ?? shud geht fukt uhb suhm time ayy ayy haha ima 18 soon yay dahtz us lol love yuh x0

  • Gazza
    luv Gazza

    hi cuz call me.

  • Kath Thompson
    luv Kath Thompson

    sup bitch wel thought i'd leave you with a merry xmas ana happy new year i no it's bin aaaaaaaaaagggggggggeeeeeeeesssssss  s but betta l8 than never wel if u don't get 2 read this by sun da 13th then ive bin 2 aux an now iv gone 2 oz but if u do then i get in 2 aux @ 10.45pm on sun an fly 2 g/c 7.00am mon nt sur wen i b back just gotta 1way 4 now

  • Ashleigh
    luv Ashleigh

    Hope things are getting better for you, ill come round and see you soon

  • Ashleigh
    luv Ashleigh

    From me too you

  • Mee 9/18/09
  • luv Callaghan

    beebs iz startn 2 wear off xcept da sex bits ive keep ravin on...stil... cant beat tagged wid da pervy pics an hot fillies an fella's my knutz r heavy an da limo kneads 2 stretched da watery gates of fleshy suk-cu-lant-likd dis wkend wen wrk iz rested....chur chur...!

  • luv Callaghan

    thyroid dianostic crap...ya doc kno's jak... twas da hip an bac probs yuh physio founded...! im tell'n ya zexy,ya supple zxy bod ain't wot it used 2 b...all supple an flexy ya bod iz agin..gettn old an abused...de xtreme zex is 2.....much 4 u 2 cope...so i betta tie-ho on de xtreme an venture otha means of depravity 2 keep ya screamin of mutiple orgi-asmic bliss im been lookin n2 sum dinky toys of sorts...2 keep me entertain an u n...sexual wonder O...h....! wotchu fink zxy...double jointed...!

  • luv Callaghan

    starvn u of zex wud've open more of da hidden zex beast....not even ow...! bluddy dissd... bein hornae...mmmyeah....knot enuff hornae's im afraid...yuh need 2 break da glass of zluts of all wonton deprav...ity, baddest, fllthiest, harden core-est dirt of da dirtiest... dats only da raised eyebrow start...got da drift... stil driftn ...

  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes


    8/26/09 via Mobile
  • luv Callaghan

    im worried zxy..about yor state of health..ya look lyke shit..zex wil hav 2 b on hold im afraid...yeah...woteva..ya jus luv ridin an sukn on dat fat c.............ock...!

  • luv Callaghan

    u kno there a re-ces-sion on eh..? meaning...pple losing their jobs...companies liquidated, world financial commodies sukn da kumara...an da sex....in yor condition...thyroid disorder...wel ..wot can i say...hmmm. ya kno spring chick babe lyke ya used 2 b...but a aging rusty spring due 4 a lube of man sap to smooth dem wrinkle crows...or waz it...ah...orally ntake 2 kill all da pain u suffern now! u kno...fully hard out zex mite disable u 4 lyfe! iz it worth da risk i tel u? lyke i said...there's a re-ces-sion on an it may b nxt year til its all gud....yuh thyroid dizorder....wel...dats a very grave....concern.

  • luv Callaghan

    fukn wot eva!!! i do more hrs workn dan any softcock who bitch about doin only 8 man 2 tired afta a harrrrd wk of blood,sweat an gears!! sides..wot wid dem sad sag lips at yor job...? kissn yor ass all fukn wk, no pay rise, more mpty words.. da phat lazy slagggs i got no tyme 4 cunts whose all phat lips an no muscle...ya need 2 get da fuk out an get a beta job elsewhere...coz itz affectin yor home lyfe an attitude!! read da signs ya doigy mort....migraines..sore arms...sore hand..leg..feet..cunt...nah ..cunt iz jus hor-nae eh sluuut!! lack of zzzzzzz an wot else do u try 2 deny...?