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7/8/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Twilight & nutella!! lol emma
Me, Myself, and I
Louise Charlotte Rose Allen...x

And please don't tell me that I'm dreaming
When all I ever wanted was to dream another sunset with you
If I roll over when it's over
I'll take this Cali sunrise with me
And wake up with the fondest memories

Moulin Rouge...Like? No...Love
Jonas Brothers... New Obsession, I Think So

Russell Howard - 18/12/09 - Can't Wait!!!!!
You Me At Six - 13/09/09 - Amazing

The Other Half Of Me


There're lots of fish in the sea,but she's my nemo

Lotte+Emma= a brunette and a blonde with an inseperable bond

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    Have you seen her, or have any information that could lead us to her, please contact the police. We have GOT to find her, and will never give up hope.

    This 4 year old girl, Madeleine McCann went missing on the 23rd May 2007 05:27pm If you have seen her or know of her, please do not hesitate to ring the police/crimestoppers.

    We are desperate to find her. Madeleine McCann missing in Portugal. Have you seen her?

    Please contact Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111, +44 1883 731 336

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  • Bex'
    luv Bex'

    Heeey :) how are youu? remember from the fashionn show.. 'i'm a rainbow!!' :DD :L love'youu<3

  • Gleek
    luv Gleek

    I love your face.

  • luv Rebeccatt. Ken

    this is my mother, (-;. meet the family. :DD omg' you get to see russell howard live :( grrr x x x x x

  • Alison.
    luv Alison.

    i missed you today.. xxxxxxxx

  • Gleek
    luv Gleek

    I neeeeeed to speak to you!;) Its nothin that big i just neeed to tell you! Lol ily'Babe bma' xxxx

  • Georgiee.

    Heey. Hows You? What Have You Been Up To? How Are Your Holidays? Hope They've Been Good. :) Well, Hope You're Doing Good And Speak Soon LoveYihh x x x x x x x x x x x x No Love Sorry, You Can Have Tomorrow, Unless I Earn Some (a)

  • Alison.
    luv Alison.

    louise louise louise:D that's ok no worries, and i'm good thanks yeah! holidays are alright but i've been at work too much:( can't wait to see you back at school though! it's going to make my MONTH, fo sho dude':P glad you're doing fine and take care (L) iloveyou xxxxxxxxx

  • Sophiee.

    Heeey Louissee :D Hows Your Holidaays Going? Wubu2? Wb Sooon Iloveyouu' x

  • Wizeman-Lyk

    heya! howz U?1 wubu2?! emz x x x

  • Alison.
    luv Alison.

    sup. agnes here. yeah, that's what i've been named by some:D hows you beautiful? i will see you tomorrow, ' xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Indiee
    luv Indiee

    heyyah :DD hows the new house me n emma missed you last night :( hope ur luvin the new crib :D loveyhuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxx

  • Gleek 9/11/09
  • luv Ellie

    sounds good! well, i hope it was good, cos its like two days later :L oh well good day?? xxxxxxxxxxxx OF COURSE YOU CAN BE MY BELLA You're the first to ask :D i'm flattered istillloveyou,asweestablished,mor  ethanyouloveme:L i'mjustgladwesorted  thatout,bells xxxxxxxxxx

  • Bex'
    luv Bex'

    Heeeeey :D Haven'tt taalked to yhii onn bebo in ageess :o Howaar yhaa? xxx. Don''t reaalyy see yhuu thaat mucch at school tbh :/ xxx. iloveeyhuu xxxx.

  • Wizeman-Lyk

    heyy! howz u?! wubu2?! emz xxx

  • Ellie

    you will indeed ooh yeah, when do you move in? oh, in a couple of weeks...i seee probably not such a great idea the living room camping i don't have any love :'( but: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx iloveyoumorebecauseitishumanlypos  siblebecauseido:P ifitisn'thumanlypo  ssible, imustnotbehuman.iamavampireWATCHME  SPARKLE,BITCH xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ellie

    heehee...i like to check it every so often. my maydayparadenator, that is, to use it's proper name yeah its a good'un. my favourite one has to be miserable at best, though. ooh.....a new house, eh? that's cool :L well, as long as there's a garden. OR we could camp in your sitting room. your mum might not be that happy bout that one, though :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx loveyoumore :P

  • luv Ellie

    oh, wait LOVE there you are box ticked

  • Ellie

    OHOHOH is that some mayday parade ellie spies?? yayyayyay i like them...just a little :L how are you, dear? i haven't seen you a terrific amount in a while...we really need another tent sleepover.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lalala I had a dream last night we drove out to see las vegas, we lost ourselves in the bright lights i wish you could have seen us


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what can i say about my Blonde Best Friend?
some of her nicknames :-emz, emzypops, jimmy gymnastics, duck,Wendy, ohhhh bitch face, thing, adopted sister, my stalker, "she broke into our house again mum", and off course Wendy and nemo!!
i've only known you for just over 2 years and first we weren't that keen on each other... but then i told you about the "who's jackie??" moment with Rachel & i don't blame you for thinking i was stupid&weird! How in the world does "sooo where do you come from?" sound like "summin summin summin summin jackie?" but i guess that rachels fault!! the first time you came to mi house my mum & alex were trying to teach u "eh-up mee duck" & you kept saying every minute!!!
-S1 Paris trip was one of the best trips i STILL have the video of you dancing to Barbie girl on the bus, & you still remind me of my Paris Pose!! lol (tht pics still horrible)
our dancing on mi bed to Avril Lavigne & leaving marks on the walls frm our jeans,you falling down the stairs, me getting locked in your bathroom and having to break me out with a credit card, watchin mama mai and lockin you out the house, stealin Alex's phone "ALEX...Allan waaaannnnttttsssss yoooouuuuuuu" in the bathroom, the love heart with "i love you Allan" on it (thts was sooooo weird), getting scared of belle and runnin up the stairs, runnin down the stair you pushed me backward so i was chocking on the boiled sweet while rach's dad was there thinkin i was a idiot!!!, my rock song singing Gran "high school never ends" watchin Phineas and ferb " a platypus! *puts on hat* Perry the platypus!!!!! *gasp*" just some of the random LoL moments we've had!!!!
especially when mi dad died, i was having 1 of the worst days of mi life and you still made me piss myself laughin coz you got ur head stuck in the hammock, and you always listen and (try to) understand what im going through!

we love disney films! lol for example: Toy story 1&2, finding nemo!!!!, lilo &stich,kung fu panda,monster inc!!!!! OMG We have to go see Toy Story 3 In 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we're totally obsessed with Twilight!!!!!!! (you should see her wall) team edward, team Taylor, " Q-would you eva ask your boyfriend to wear glitter to look like Edward Cullen? E- HELL YEAH I WOULD!!! wouldn't everybody???", "FUCK YOU ALICE! FUCK YOU!", "you love me, you love me, you love me, ALICE HE'S DOIN IT AGAIN!!!" screaming down the phone when the trailer came out!!!!!! "E- i would actually rape him"
JONAS BROTHERS- E-nicks diabetic he could have maggots eating him!! L- nooooo not nick,, its to horrible to imagine...need a new image...... MR TRAVIS NAKED!!!! "peter pan and wendy turned out fine, so wont you fly with me"

i Love you lots and your my better best friend even if you lick my face at sleepovers. i couldn't ask for a better slutty, big boobed, almost lesbain, E.T fringer rape friend who always buys me sherbet to get me sooo hyper at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i LoVe YoU and you can never leave me or i'll happily chisel you to death!!!!

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Naomi Clark

The steriotypical beverly hills girl being spoiled, wealthy, and hot is displayed through you. You can be manipulative at times, you have a great sense in fashion, and you are the type of person who likes to play games amongst people. You rule the social scene with your popularity. Although family and friends can bring difficulties, you are able to keep strong and fight to make it better.

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