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2/8/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Barcelona 08 UNO
Me, Myself, and I
My names Steph and i should well take up LazerQuesting as a profession ;)

My legs have two different postcodes.

I really enjoyed Barcelona even if the only place i got a tanline was where my hairband was on my wrist :) i am shit at uno but its the best game ever and i love everyone who went on the trip :)

i like sex.
i like chocolate fingers
(the above two are not linked in any way)

i like drinkkkk
i like fooood

i'm 5'7" and im blonde and i have bluey green eyes.

saaafe yeah.

check out my lil homeboy by himself in my family ;) we have casual sex.
the lot ;)
Children of men, blades of glory, st. trinians, school of rock. i dont own many dvds :L
Hockey, netball, rounders, cricket, trampolining
was amazing.
me and cupsnips convo, mr collins' package, jumping out the rubber dingy in the waterpark, maccy d's, mango, UNO, bitches of barnwell school, thunderstorm and me falling over, parky's half eyebrow, kareoke, on your chicken chaser, fuck that, pik 'n' mix, warbies dance, bayliss breaking the bed, IM A BIG FAT UGLY SKANK?thongs saying open 24 hours, my dick lolly, CHIN UP, vicky, billy's fight, joker of the tour, players player, short skirts and tiny thongs, chocolate milk, energy drinks, back seats, pikeying makeup, we love you sale, 100m sprint, mc scotty p no.1 raver, donkey and donkette, speeeeedooooos, oui oh no i mean ci, getting thrown in the pool, cristalum is a church, meatball dick, g'day bruce, billy cookson, dj otzi hey baby, pendulum, no you cant have some i dont even like you!!, spanish pervs, tree huggers, paky central, high 5 scuuuuba dive, high five helicopter ride, donkey & donkette, french porn, shitty pack lunches and thats about it!!

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  • noo actually
    noo actually

    Your cake looked rather more like this than ella's

    Ellie 0 Replies

    Happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you deearr steppphhh

    E 0 Replies
  • =]

    fit << in a weird heart.
    and some spots and lines.

    E 0 Replies

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  • Warbie

    OMG... this girl is showing everything on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on KeelyRomainxfhew@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Warbie

    I pulled in $555 in 2 days being on the web! It came from - http://bit.ly/dggoOq You will love me for this!

  • Ben

    Heyy how you? 19:20:00

  • Sallymarie
    luv Sallymarie

    ELECT STEPH 80800

  • Sallymarie

    Just gt myy net soo been on it (: xxo

  • Sallymarie
    luv Sallymarie

    Yupp's (: yeah. up to muchh ? ox

  • Sallymarie

    Stephhh my little chumpet. you okay ? ox

  • Princess Tiffany .
    Princess Tiffany .

    Yesss Stephh :) SafffeeSaffee,, I Got That Video Ov Yuu On My Fone Now He Sent Too Me Yesterday But I 4Got Too Show Yuu At School Sooo,,, Remind Mee Too Show Yuu At School On Mndayy!! ,,, Yuu Lucky Im Grounded Bruv Overwise DEveryone Would Ov Seen 'Yuu Gave Head Too A Hover!'Ive Got It On Video!' Hahaha Ohh Ye A Hover Everyone Whos Readin This Comment LOL!! Merked ILoveYuuSteph Yuuu Mashead :D Oxoxo

  • Lolly
    luv Lolly

    Umm well im free mon afternoons and sundays mainly (: Coz i work saturdays, actually shit. Im not even free sundays atm coz i have rehearsals for a musical im in :/ Feb half term look the most promising atm, whadya think? Arrange a day and get a few bathites together? Yeeeah the new years been alright thanks (: and yours? love yoooou xxx♥

  • Lolly
    luv Lolly

    Hey sugar (: I know it sucks meet up soon for sure, i want to reminis in bath. Ive been alright thanks you? lotsa loove xxxxx♥

  • Tori
    luv Tori

    well stephanie you were in like yesterday but it was a top 20 and i wanted a top 16 but i shall sort it out just to find a space for miss pugh. xxxx

  • GW
    luv GW

    wats ur MSN buuudy :) xxx

  • Danielle
    luv Danielle

    'whos hair is more gingier?' *looks at me* 'NOOOO WAY MINE ISNT, STEPHS IS!' ;) ;) x

  • Chelsi Bartlett.
    Chelsi Bartlett.

    STEPHHHHHHH :) You ok ? xxx