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Shannon A

jesus oh jesus oh what a wonderful man

8/13/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 25
  • from E16 brapp brapp dnt watch that
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 9/9/12
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
My name-Shannon aka shanz
My age-Dnt need to know
My b-day-May bwap bwap
My skool-SJC aka Sir john cass
My ends-E16 bwap
My countries-Trinidad bwap and Nigeria bwap
My religion-Christian for life
Me-Well I'm out going, up to anything,just dnt hype to my face and were kl,funny i can say,I lve my Family and mi friends and one more i can i get rude when i want to be,thats me really.
Im into anything really well execepect rock and all that crap.
I like horro, comedy, romance well anything not fuss
I like to play football (even though i'm crap)basketball, tennis many more but haveing got time
Scared Of
I HATE dogs not that found on cats and stuff like rats eww they nasty and if you ever touch an animal wash ur hands before touching me ok
Happiest When
Umm sleeping, party, jamming, talking, sleeping over or even play wii
SJC friends
Selsa-selysia is bare jokes you can talk to her whenever and she always got ur back but one warning Well dont step into her bad side or else lol
who next
Tarz-tara is jokes man is bare safe and she got ur back you can always talk to her but it hard to get her on the phone always yapping lol but u gt to lve her
Jadey-jade cracks u up of laughter is so kind and out therE she cheers you up and shes a party girl and lots of fun stay bless
debs-deborah is a top girl dont mess with her and she funny and no matter wot this girl has ur back miss you jelly belly lol
lizze-elizzabeth is the top naja girl she is so funny and she funny and she has a wicked voice lve ya
Many more ppl to talk about like samz (my may girl) nora, rhiannion, hillary, darian
 , loran, DINA and the rest of my peng ppl
Primary skool friends
Camz-camika is a wicked friend she bare out going and you can talk to her with everything we been together for long 'since yr 1 till now you could never forget her
Zhante-zhante she i good mate even though i havent seen her for long i havent forgotting you she a very nice mate missing you
Christa-christabel came i n year six (i think)and she a good mate hope everything gud keep tight
Stac-stacey is funny but very shy knew her since nursey and we go same skool she take wicked pic and she always there for u
Char-charmaine we were tight and we havent sen each other for tine but she a lovely person and you never foget her
Fran-francesca the twin of stacey she bare nice into doctor who crap but u gt to lve her
lou-louise even thogh we didnt talk alot in primary look at us now she lovely and she can selfish but she bare sweet
sav-sav is nice sweet girl and she always there even no, see u soon sav bye
I havent forgotting anyone else but to long to write lol but i miss everyone frm p

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  • Hillary C
    luv Hillary C

    Hey Shanzii Gdnite n gdluck Gonna mis u so much make sure u bring me bac a bday present and a present call me wen u com bac gonna com ova now n giv u my no. dont eva deleate it eva again wen u figure out da joke tell me (Q:Why did da golfer wear 2 pairs of pants) (Ans: because he didnt want 2 get a HOLE -IN-ONE) GD NITE NEW YORK XXXXXXXXX

  • Xcherry B
    luv Xcherry B

    Hi Shannon...x I am gonna miss yhoo sooo much!! So here's sum lubb >>> Luff yhoo...x Rhi Rhi xxx

  • Charmaine
    luv Charmaine

    Shannon ! ! ! Child when you gna cum visit me ?

  • Selysia
    luv Selysia

    xSHANZIIx ♥I promise not to hurt you♥ ♥I promise to never make you cry♥ ♥I promise to always trust you♥ ♥I promise not to lie♥ ♥I promise you forever♥ ♥I promise you tonight♥ ♥I promise you my respect♥ ♥I promise to do things right♥ ♥I promise to always be there♥ ♥I promise until the end♥ ♥I promise to always love you♥ ♥I promise you my love♥ ♥I promise you my life♥ ♥I promise this forever♥ ♥your the PEANUT to my BUTTER ,♥ ♥your the JELLY to my SANDWHICH,♥ ♥your the STAR to my BURST,♥ ♥your the M to my M,♥ ♥your the POP to my TART,♥ ♥your the MILKY to my WAY,♥ ♥your the FRUIT to my LOOP,♥ ♥your the MILK to my DUDS,♥ ♥your the LUCKY to my CHARMS,♥ ♥your the ICE to my CREAM,♥ but mostly... ♥your one of the BEST to my FRIEND♥ SEND THIS TO 13 OF YOUR closes FRIENDS (INCLUDING ME) IF YOU GET IT BACK 1-U HAVE BAD FRIENDSHIPS 2-U STILL SUCK 3-U R A GOOD FRIEND 4-U HAVE REALLY GOOD FRIENDSHIPS 5-UR 1 OF THE BEST PEOPLE IN DA WORLD x

  • Trinity

    shanzy~ lol~ I barely talk to you~ been watchin you grow up and lookin like you run tingz in the playground~ ahaha :D nuff love foh the add~ ~Swishful_x

  • XxLil Mz Jokaxx
    luv XxLil Mz Jokaxx

    hii ma gwajus ave da luv bbz u need it lolz only playing xxx

  • Deborah
    luv Deborah

    hi jb i have not talked to u in time so have a love

  • Gurpej S
    luv Gurpej S

    jus givin sum luv bk>>>>

  • Xx Kayos Xx
    luv Xx Kayos Xx

    kl ers sum luv

  • Gurpej S
    luv Gurpej S

    erz sum luv

  • XxLil Mz Jokaxx
    luv XxLil Mz Jokaxx

    hey bbz u kl hld tyt wifey 4 lifey luv ya x mwahxxxxxxxxx