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Alex H

Coming Up 2 Scotland

12/13/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 18
  • from LIVERPOOL
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,043
  • Last active: 3/10/11
  • www.bebo.com/AlexH6768
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Me, Myself, and I
Names alex
born 18th of june
lives in southport
Black Out Crew , Basshunter, Ultrabeat , Darren Styles, Dj Tiesto, Dj Fleego, Gary Mcf., Eminem, 50 cent, And The Rest.
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I just bet 122 on Blackburn to beat Fulham
Friday Mar 07 2008
Sb_chips_stacked 17:31 Alex H lost 122 chips by betting on Blackburn to beat Fulham at 8 - 15.
Thursday Mar 06 2008
Sb_chips_stacked 21:45 Alex H lost 222 chips by betting on a 3 match accumulator at 4 - 1.
Sb_chips_stacked_plus 21:45 Alex H won 143 chips by betting on Rangers to beat Hibernian at 2 - 7.
Sb_chips_stacked 21:45 Alex H lost 111 chips by betting on Sporting Lisbon to beat Vit Guimaraes at 11 - 8.
Sb_chips_stacked 21:45 Alex H lost 456 chips by betting on Man Utd to beat Portsmouth at 1 - 3.

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  • Kaylaa.

    Dae a no u ?

    12/9/09 via Mobile
  • Brycee

    Ryt Alex no spoke tae u in ages uptoo ... U comin 2 Scotland again ???

  • Brycee

    Ryt alex no spoke 2 u in ages uptoo u comin up too scotland soon ???

  • Julianne W
    Julianne W

    No krk ere lol , wat ya do 4 holloween lmao x

    11/4/09 via Mobile
  • Matthew.

    Lol. When you coming up to Scotland?

  • Paul Is A Babe
    Paul Is A Babe


  • Paul Is A Babe
    Paul Is A Babe

    LOVE yOuU babbyy and ah a wee gul frm derry ahh aww love u see u soon am up ot off bed soo dnt worry lol xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo LoVvEEE.yoUUU ALEX<<<<<<<&l  t;<<<< XOXOOXOXOOX

  • Julianne W
    luv Julianne W

    Lol nice of ya ta drop by lol x

    11/3/09 via Mobile
  • Louise Murphy
    Louise Murphy

    ackk heyy nbb ladd ack rosiin myy wee babe i pur love er loll wat u at da nytt ladd anywaii xx

  • Paul Is A Babe
    Paul Is A Babe

    hiyaa babby ya ull text u 2 moz bby aww snd dnt wri ill cum bkk frm ireland lol aw love u loads babby u da bestttt aww see u 2 mara u cumin ta ma huz lol mor pic 4 bebo @ msn lol god love >Y>O>U>U> lol xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Paul Is A Babe
    Paul Is A Babe

    ya bbyy cum round u noo me dad and trish and babby dont mind lol a love u mor wat u on?? lol love u babbyy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Matthew.

    Add my new msn - MatthewHolmes-@hotmail.com Other one got hacked. ;l

  • Matthew.
    luv Matthew.

    Fucking hell you need to remove my old account as 'Other Half' then add my new account (this one). Add me on msn: matthew_holmes94@hotmail.com

  • Matthew.
    luv Matthew.

    Oh yeah, and add my msn. matthew_holmes94@hotmail.com

  • Matthew.
    luv Matthew.

    Hey Alex. Not spoke to you in ages. Forgot password to my old account. Delete it as other half then add me as other half. :D How's England? Return love if possible.

  • MLx.

    ohhh ryt snd lol :L howa yuu? wubu2? writee backk Michelle x

  • MLx.

    heyy thnx for tha add but hu are yuu? writee backk Michelle x

  • Charlie.

    Heeeeeeeeeeey. youu okaa? Taapback. xx x