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Jenna Holmes

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  • Female, 24, Luv 337
  • from Bilbao! I'll always be a YMH girl at heart tho ;)
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 5,965
  • Member since: April 2006
  • Last active: 6/27/12
  • www.bebo.com/__Jenners__
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About Me

now available in Spain!
Me, Myself, and I
Estoy en España... let the fiesta begin!
<--- When the Irish took over Spain, that's me in the middle in case you can't tell with the beard haha!
The Other Half Of Me
Doreen McDowell

Doreen McDowell

She wouldn&#39;t come with me :(

Play a teensy bit of guitar...I like anything really, from Nina Simone to Josh Ritter to Damien Rice to Alanis Morissette to Evanesence, THe Killers, Queen, The Cranberries, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Delirious?, Snow Patrol, Matt Redman, Kathryn Scott, The Kooks.U get the idea...
10 things I hate about you, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko, the first Matrix film, Pirates films, the occasional brilliant comedy, etc...
Gym ball woop woop!walkin up the 10 gazillion steps up that ginormous bridge when the lift stops after 11, walkin to college really fast, walking up r million stairs, running away from Emma n watch sport instead- rugby n GAA...
Quote(s) of the week:
Its so freaking hot outside...32 degrees hot...O yeaaaaaa!
¿Que quieres? (in angry old Spanish woman voice)
Currently reading...
...'Peeping tom's guide to anonymous peeping/stalking' by Emma Straddler, 'Proper flashing techniques; the classy girl's way to attract attention' by Nelly Korth (it's a pseudonym), 'How to seduce the more mature man' by Shaun 83, 'Chris's guide to inappropriate bumping/grinding (chairs)' by Chris 83, 'Meanwhile back at the ranch...' by the Kirwanator, 'Grand, shite, savage, don't you worry bout it arse' by Kevin Mead, 'How to protect your jugs' and the sequel 'Advanced cereal eating' by Paddy 'Sweet Chilli Sauce' McCarthy.'The art of seduction by day' by Nikki O and her other bestseller 'Freaking awesome cupcakes and cookies', 'The art of concealment' by (Sha)Ciara, 'Step-by-step accordian' by Sarah Doyle and the sequel 'My Hidden Shame', 'Are you afraid of the dark?' by Louie, 'The dangers of TRA's (Tea Related Incidents) and how not to avoid them' by Me!
85 Gort na Coiribe- why I love ur mom&#39;s house:
Our Grey's Anatomy Marathons, Nikki's cookies and buns, lumpy custard, Kelly's beats, our dance parties, our pjs (slash nighties according to Diarmaid), Disney songs, The Straddler, (Sha)Ciara (ShaCiara), Nikki 'Hey Baby!', Kelly 'My Baby!' and honourary house members like the Kirwanator, Katie, Amy, Boyfie and Paul, spooning, our greetings at the window, our parties, our bailey's hot chocolates, tandems, Eh?...
Excited about
Soaking up the sun on a beach in Marbella for a week, Visitage in Bilbao, Semana Santa, Easter eggs, going home to Ireland for a week, trying out my new Sangria recipe!

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  • Our house (AKA the infamous Your Mom's House)

    As according 2 urbandictionary.com:

    Nikki: to pull a nicky means that one dances on the dance floor for a bit and then spontaneosuly jumping on the floor to perform an excellent wave

    Emma: Another terms used for monobrow or unibrow. Not an unattractive person just with one huge eyebrow running from one side of their forehead across to the other.

    Laura: meaning 'from the laurel flower' a beautiful name, in fact one of the best names ever.

    Kelly: 1.something thats gay; people, geometry, Broke Back Mountain, Elton John, gay aunts, uncles, etc.
    2.A large turd that clogges the toilet.
    3. the coolest person you will ever meet;
    4. light brownheaded woman of Irish/Celtic decent. Fiesty, independent, incredibly hot and insatiable. Dancing is her outlet, singing is unfortunately not her forte (so true! i can't sing, and i even have my own made up dance!);

    Ciara: The next big thing of R&B, or Crunk & B. Just the whole "Crunk & B" concept is genius-she mixed rnb and crunk so well and the tunes are so catchy. Plus she has amazing dancing skills, a charismatic personality, a tomnes body and good looks and is hard working and determined. Ciara is NOT a hermaphodite. that's just a rumor that jealous haters spread even though they have no evidence to back it up.

    Jenna: 1. To Love someone a lot
    2. A shy girl but once you get to know her she's outgoing
    3. jenna is a swedish name 4 "hot" no man can ever resist a TRUE jenna thre r sum ppl that should not be jennas but there parents made a mistake
    4. an amazing person who's really smart and totally crazy at the same time.
    5. happens to be the coolest kid in oregon
    6. A little girl that you can carry in your pocket or in your purse because she is awesome.

    0 Comments 296 weeks

  • Random Acts of Kindness

    Laugh at someone's joke even if it is awful
    Buy a group of people a packet of crisps to share
    Give someone an apple
    Put a euro coin where someone will find it
    Smile at a stranger
    Give someone a shoulder massage (make sure they want it 1st or you might get done for harassment)
    Run ahead of a street cleaner and pick up some rubbish for them
    Leave 50cent on top of a payphone
    Stand at a doorway for 10 mins, hold it open for whoever walks through
    Forgive someone
    Say something NICE about someone behind their back
    Buy 2 give 1 away
    Allow someone to go in front of you in a queue
    Strike up a conversation with someone sitting on their own
    Phone Stevie Wonder and tell him you just called to say you love him too
    Give your seat up for someone
    Text someone goodnight
    Take someone's dog for a walk
    Hold a lift for someone even if they are miles away
    Scrub a gnome
    Plant a tree www.futureforests.com
    Next time you go to the dentists/doctors, bring some decent magazines and leave them there
    Give a lollypop to a lollypop lady
    Get an organ donor card
    Buy a copy ofthe Big Issue
    Share your umbrella with someone during a downpour
    Help an old person to do their shopping
    Stay late at a party and clean up
    Give your unused toys to the kids next door
    Ask an old man if he knows any good stories and listen to him
    Buy energy efficient light bulbs
    Secretly wash your neighbour's car
    Buy popcorn for a stranger at the cinema
    Send a nice text message to some random number
    Make a compilation CD for someone
    Write a cheery 'HELLO' on a banknote then spend it
    Say 'bless you' when someone sneezes
    Pat a dog
    Wish an astronaut good luck:An astronaut, NASA headquarters, 300 E street SW, Washington DC, USA
    Tell a Norwegian to stop whaling.Word will soon get around.
    HA HA this 1 is my favourite:P ay for the person behind you at a toll bridge, their reaction as the toll bridge worker tries to explain 2 them why they dont have 2 pay is hilarious!!!

    1 Comment 371 weeks

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Belle is as lovely as her name implies but her natural unaffected beauty is far more than skin deep. An intelligent and avid reader Belle yearns for faraway places and exciting adventures. She is a loyal, loving daughter and when the beast finally wins her trust she gives him all her kindness and patience and then realizes she has also given him her heart. With her inner strength and outward beauty, Belle is a young woman who can and does make things happen.
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  • luv Elaine

    you shud change your pg since your nt single anymre:P x

    2/15/10 via Mobile
  • . Delorentos .
    . Delorentos .

    Hi there.. Our new album You Can Make Sound is out now, and you can get it on iTunes from here: http://tinyurl.com/yzeo474 or from Road Records here: http://tinyurl.com/y99az7u (If you're on facebook: http://tinyurl.com/ykfz5pw) Thanks for listening! delos

  • Elaine

    hack in2 my page agen nd die :P :P

  • Elaine

    if i grow up to be half as cool, pretty, attractive, intelligent, wise, humble, caring and generous as you I'll be lucky. I'd do anything for you and will try not to be annoying from now on, in fact I'll do anything u say and u can take this comment as proof, a binding contract of that! I love, worlds most amazing sister...no person...ever! xoxo

  • luv Elaine

    ur the best sis in the world!

  • Ian Gill
    luv Ian Gill

    ya thats the job!!! sure i suppose i'll go and say hello anyway! what time you headin out at??

  • Ian Gill
    luv Ian Gill

    a stop i wasn't going to but i might now. where you goin?? and when??

  • Jane Brennan
    Jane Brennan

    Uno uno!!

    6/20/09 via Mobile
  • Ian Gill
    luv Ian Gill

    hey, grand and yourself?? i don't think so, i might be going to oxygen? i haven't a clue, jj from athy wanted to know if i'd go to romania for two weeks to do a camp but i don't know what to do!?

  • luv Elaine

    Hey sis!! Just doin some last minute packing 4 2moro wen i come out 2 see u!! Cant wait!! :D Love u xx

  • Yvonne Mc L
    Yvonne Mc L

    so my last nite at home scary stuff! my flight is at 11am tomo to washington change over in Heathrow bit of a balls! u stayin in Spain for the summer or whats ur plan? cant wait to see ya next yr! do ya know wer u wil be livin? ur more than welcome to stay with us if u like? we are goin to be livin in a house sumwer, we lukin into dún...! craks my friend?xxx;)

  • Sophia Reynolds
    luv Sophia Reynolds

    Heya Jenna !!!! Im so sorry i havnt rung u yet!!! im waitin 2 hear wordback from work can they give me the time off!!! they were meant 2 let me no 2day but never did. Is the 4th still ok 2 comeover pet??? I stilldont no bout ellen cause i havnt got her number but i told martha that it didnt suit 2 hav a third person coming so hopefully its sorted. let me no if everything is ok and as soon as i get word form work i will let u no when we are bookin. hope all is well lotsof love and hugs xxxxxxx

  • luv Elaine

    Lurvvvvv ----> 14 next week, On Saturday im goin 2 Newbridge with my primary school frndz and then 2 the cinema 2 see Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past with them and the Ballyfin peepz:P Wat u up 2?? xx

  • Elaine

    u sed of may 1st!! we'll talk bout it wen i go out 2 u k?

  • Elaine

    3rd to the 7th of may?? but itz like the 10th now!!

  • Elaine

    I used them all up be4 u came online!! Sorry sis:( Cooooool!! Even tho i have no idea where aragon is nd it reminds me of that movie about dragons :) Emm i dunno ill see nearer the time im goin 2 kerry wit d laois ciyc on the 29th of may that shud b fun xx

  • Elaine

    olah sis :) gtn the summer hols in 3 weeks then were goin 2 see you soon after!! :D howz life in spain?? xx

  • Sophia Reynolds
    luv Sophia Reynolds

    Heya Lady!!! tink da 4th it is goin 2 be :) dat suit u???? Ellen is cumin i tink now not 100% sure tho ur goin 2 hav 2 check wit her r she has prob rang u ???? SOOOO EXCITED XXXXXXXXX

  • Charlotte Phelan.Com
    Charlotte Phelan.Com

    i know, thats teamwork for ya right there!! when will u be gracing the mean isles of centra again x x x

  • Sophia Reynolds
    luv Sophia Reynolds

    Heya let me no how long we can saty 4 ??? wen it suits u :) gotta book time off work so let me no soon miss u xoxox