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Some people must think I am either naive stupid both or just down right gullible!

6/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from My House, mainly my room =]
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Well My name is Nathan, but prefer to be called Nando or Nathe, but everyone still calls me Nathan anyway, so you can call me anything you like hehe =D

Well Summer as started, and I have started to get a little bit of a tan, I actually have a white Watch mark, I got rather excited when I found it hehe! =]
This summer I am looking forward to:
[X] More of a tan
[X] First Pre-Formal
[X] LONDON! =]
[X] More Money!
[] Driving Test?? *hopes*
[X] Elliot Minor! =D
[X] Summer Romance! haha =P
[] Losing some weight
[X] Reading ALOT more books!
[X] Hanging out with my mates ALOT more!
[X] Wearing sunglasses and shorts and flip-flops =]
[X] Having a good old bant about! =]
[] Buying Green Converse
[X] Finding out how to actually use Facebook
[] Take up something new!
[] Tweet less, even though I'll end up tweeting more
[] Get my AS Results
[X] Organise a big day trip out with the peeps

If I don't do ANY of this, it'll be a wasted summer

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  • Not Enough Money =[

    I don't know about anyone else I spoke to this about but I don't have any money to go to London OR Dublin or anywhere really

    So instead I am suggesting a big group of us go out for a meal before exam results come out / summer ends


    1. Unos
    2. Eds
    3. Springsteens
    4. Pizza Hut
    5. That Buffet Chinese Place
    6. . . . .any more?

    I was thinknig Friday 14th August?

    Please comment or text me about this please

    1 Comment 210 weeks

  • London For The Day?

    Hey Guys =]

    Well for me this summer is going to be LONG and boring! =[

    So I was thinking we ALL need to go out for the day, but not belfast or anywhere close, I was thinking London.
    I know some of us are going to London with school, but tbh not getting alot of time for ourselves by the looks of things.
    So I'm suggesting we all find a suitable date and get the first flight out in the morning and get that last flight home that night.
    Just for a bit of shopping and dinner etc, maybe the wheel I dunno you decide!

    Just a thought!

    Been looking at flights it is £20 for a return ticket but then we have to pay for train/bus into london city, which could be another £20. So looking at no more than £50. I know its a bit dear but as I said it is just a thought.

    Possible date Wednesday 5th August?

    Please comment back =D

    3 Comments 215 weeks

  • Ella Elle La

    C'est comme une gaieté
    Comme un sourire
    Quelque chose dans la voix
    Qui paraît nous dire "viens"
    Qui nous fait sentir étrangement bien
    C'est comme toute l'histoire
    Du peuple noir
    Qui se balance
    Entre l'amour et l'désespoir
    Quelque chose qui danse en toi
    Si tu l'as, tu l'as
    Ella, elle l'a
    Ce je n'sais quoi
    Que d'autres n'ont pas
    Qui nous met dans un drôle d'état
    Ella, elle l'a Ella, elle l'a Ou ou ou ou ou ou ou
    Elle a, ou ou ou ou ou ou ou, cette drôle de voix
    Elle a, ou ou ou ou ou ou ou, cette drôle de joie
    Ce don du ciel qui la rend belle
    Ella, elle l'a Ella, elle l'a
    Elle a, ou ou ou ou ou ou ou
    Ella, elle l'a Elle a, ou ou ou ou ou ou ou
    Elle a ce tout petit supplément d'âme
    Cet indéfinissable charme
    Cette petite flamme
    Tape sur des tonneaux
    Sur des pianos
    Sur tout ce que dieu peut te mettre entre les mains
    Montre ton rire ou ton chagrin
    Mais que tu n'aies rien, que tu sois roi
    Que tu cherches encore les pouvoirs qui dorment en toi
    Tu vois ça ne s'achète pas
    Quand tu l'as tu l'as
    Ella, elle l'a
    Ce je n'sais quoi
    Que d'autres n'ont pas
    Qui nous met dans un drôle d'état
    Ella, elle l'a Ella, elle l'a

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  • BOunce

    Nando dont no if u've heard bout BOUNCE U18 but if not check uz out! Comin to the Ulster Hall real soon... Holla! Sum Luv

  • Sweet Yet Loud Imma Cutieandproud
    Sweet Yet Loud Imma Cutieandproud

    heya hows u ?? bin up to much then?? bmbx0x0x

  • Jenna G
    Jenna G

    hey my phnnes not workin i cnt get texts or receive them.. i got a formal dress so il try n get ya a wee bit 2 giv ya the colour asap ..xxx

  • .
    luv .

    Thanks for today btw:L i rofled coz i didnt think you'd acc do it :D im a lazy bum :] xox

  • Emma .X.

    heyyyy nathan :D hows it goin?? kylie says very well done on yer exams n r ya missin her yet :) wat did ya get yer A 2B n C in??? bmb x

  • Best Lasts Forever
    Best Lasts Forever

    aaaaw man, ive missed youss! im good thankss, what have you been doing? wb xxxxxx

  • Best Lasts Forever
    Best Lasts Forever

    nathan, hiya, not spoke in a while huh? how are you? xxxxxxxx

  • Rachel Atkinson
    Rachel Atkinson

    yeh lucky u lol im working all this weekend :( which sucks lol.... well yeh mines going ok thanks jst needa get my theory now n thats me well then pass :L xxx

  • Hannah Clarke
    Hannah Clarke

    yesssumms! why who als going down? xxxxxx

  • Rachel Atkinson
    Rachel Atkinson

    yeh im good thanks.... just been workin basc every day :( sucks have zero social life tbh :L ooh good good :D ... hows the driving going ? all outa love :( tomorrow xoxo

  • Rachel Atkinson
    Rachel Atkinson

    heyyy dude :D hows u ? been up to much xxxxx

  • Hannah Clarke
    luv Hannah Clarke

    Possibly could be down in annalong today :DD see you sometime! xo

  • Schleng.
    luv Schleng.

    hey nando!! how you doin??;) u been up ta much?? u havnt completed ur list of things to do over summer yet!! cmon!! uve only like... 3weeks left!!:O :O lovage:) xox

  • Jenna G
    Jenna G

    reli need 2 tlk 2 u.. im workin til half 1 2mro so if ur not busy txt me n il give u a wee ring aftr.. yes i will def b ther dude!! :D :D xxx

  • Adam Leahy
    luv Adam Leahy

    :L spain is good man!! last day 2moz!! still was crap compared 2 last year with u guys;) :L :L holly read da comments u sent me a while ago and thought u were some girl that fancied me!!:L :L ;) hey sounds good man!! keep me updated on dat 1!! :D LOVAGE!!!!!

  • Hannah Clarke
    luv Hannah Clarke

    Pointing towards the last comment :L from you know who :) xo

  • Hannah Clarke
    luv Hannah Clarke