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Lady 'Hotaru' Lithium

Why Darling, Haven't You Heard That Im Indestructable?

8/5/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 19, Luv 415
  • from The Mind Of Tim Burton
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The World Would Be So Much Nicer If People Gave Out Free Hugs!
Me, Myself, and I
AKA Lady Lithium
AKA Hotaru

Suck My Dick! Im Famous Bitch!

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I Wish You All A Long And Happy Life
The Other Half Of Me


that lil whore, who happy slapped me

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He's My Lovely Big Cute Teddy Bear *falls asleep on him* FTW! Hes The Boy To My Fall Out. Hes My Electric Dream.
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Im Gunna Bring Out Some Bread In The Shape Of A Question Mark And Just Make "What Sandwiches" For EveryOne! ^-^

-Noel Fielding
Im Obsessed With: Evil Killer Cuppy-cakes, Dinosaurs, Vampires (BTW I FUCKING HATE TWILIGHT SO DONT ASK ME ABOUT IT!) Ninjas, Pirates, Japan, DeathNote, Pokemon, Robots

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    hello rhiannon :D

    4/15/12 via Mobile
  • Andrew-
    luv Andrew-

    have some love :) merry xmas bubz :D <3

    12/24/10 via Mobile
  • Joe

    hey whats up

    11/8/10 via Mobile
  • Mathew A 11/3/10
  • Mathew A
    luv Mathew A

    wat was that?

  • Reno

    OMG... this girl is showing everything on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on RayleneAkeryftads@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Reno

    I scored $382 in my spare time doing simple tasks! I went to - http://bit.ly/bH7lhT You owe me one!

  • Abi Nae Phals.
    Abi Nae Phals.

    my dad could take us up if you want but i need to get a ticket LOL

  • Lancaster Photography
    Lancaster Photography

    We are currently seeking female models off all styles and ages for photo shootings If you’re interested visit my website http://klancaster.mine.nu or add me on msn cas.newstar@live.com webcam necessary Thank you! 5798254224

  • Abi Nae Phals.
    luv Abi Nae Phals.

    would you like to come and see Amy Can Flyy on the 3rd December at the Catty; tickets are six pounds + aone pound fee :) ? xxx

  • Huggles

    just wannar say, i loves your page:) <3

  • Abi Nae Phals.
    luv Abi Nae Phals.

    Tagline The World Would Be So Much Nicer If People Gave Out Free Hugs! *Abi gets her free hugs sign out and shares it with Rhiannion :) aaaah take luv anol, cuz I love ewe <3!

  • Chemical'Death
    luv Chemical'Death


  • Ancient Saltire
    luv Ancient Saltire

    havent talked to you in ages .-. soooo...what you been doing? had a party here, found some of my old CDs, been looking for it for ages, it was in the celler under a mangle. monument to the masses - Ima Robot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk0Sj...

  • Joe

    a car wheres my gun

    8/5/10 via Mobile
  • Joe


    7/30/10 via Mobile
  • Connor Marshall
    luv Connor Marshall

    hey check out a freind of mine's cover of a song, I am so impressed. http://d.facdn.net/art/colson/music/...

  • Connor Marshall
    luv Connor Marshall

    *runs into a wall for no apparent reason* there.

  • Connor Marshall
    luv Connor Marshall

    Yes, I plan on leaving too when I can!

  • Abi Nae Phals.
    Abi Nae Phals.

    cool(: how're youu?


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  • vis latr


    0 Comments 193 weeks

  • i miss you

    i cant find the words,
    is it meant to hurt this much?
    you made me feel wanted,
    it was like i finally belonged

    I've cried over you so many times,
    too many times,
    but it hurts all the more if i stop,
    because it would mean getting over you

    i miss him

    i miss everything about you,
    your hair, your eyes
    the way you smelt, the way you smiled
    the way your lips felt against mine,

    those lips soft, warm, like velvet,
    they made everything fall away,
    made me tremble, and i fell into your power,
    it was like we were the only people really alive.

    i miss him

    crying alone in my room,
    your my favorite source of pain,
    overwhelmed by thoughts of you,
    you're like a fire in my brain,

    you knew I'd do anything for you,
    i thought you felt the same,
    i know that you never meant to hurt me so,
    but you did all the same,

    i miss him

    i wish i could tell you all these things,
    running through my brain,
    i act out the scene in my mind,
    i know every line,

    i wish that you would love me again,
    you want us to be friends,
    how can i do that wen i feel like this for you,
    and knowing you don't feel the same,

    i miss him

    you look into my eyes and smiled as i looked into yours,
    the look in your eye tells me its not all rite,
    you try to explain why this must end,
    and tell me how sorry you are,

    i try to hold it together,
    as you rip my heart to shreds,
    i tried to catch the pieces,
    but its damaged beyond repair

    i miss him

    you did it so gently, so shyly , so kind, so soft
    and yet it felt like a million daggers,
    plunging into my chest,
    like you kicked me in the chest,

    my eyes began to well,
    did you see? did you care?
    my voice began to shake,
    did you hear? did you care?

    i miss him

    did i do something wrong?
    didn't you ever love me at all?
    will i ever know?
    when will this hurting stop?

    im trying to understand,
    but all my thoughts are scrambled,
    when i close my eyes and all i see, yours,
    i gues what im trying to say is...


    0 Comments 227 weeks

  • fall out boy family

    My "Arms dealer": LMC
    My "Shoulder to cry on": ben
    My "Leading man": Mathew
    My "Last years wishes": thts a secret lol
    My "Best friend ex friend to the end": ktd
    My "Two quarters and a heart down": Kayleigh
    My "New face of failure": jonny
    My "Electric dreams": patrick stump
    My "One night stand": ---
    My "Number one with a bullet": ben and chanice
    My "Therapists pumping through my speakers": fall out boy
    My "Poster boys for my scean": fall out boy
    My "Car car crashd heart": myself
    My "Cemists Who've found the formula": mathew
    My "Kid you used to love but then they grew old": Danial
    My "Girl all the boys wanna dance with": Rhona
    My "Boy who's had to many chances": lots
    My "Favourite liar": dnt ask
    My "Last good thing about this part of town": my friends
    My "Boy Tonight": dnt ask
    My "Light on in chicago": parents
    My "Loaded friends": my friends obvly
    My "Hopelessly hopefull": me
    My "Music or the misery": fall out boy
    My "Curse on these lips": dont ask
    My "Big shot tallent": dad
    My "18 going on extincd": dad
    My "Straight face": mum
    My "Best kept secret": Roslyn is my secret lover lol
    My "Biggest mistake": me
    My "Headaches and badluck": pam
    My "Lives i'd love to lead": fall out boy
    My "Only thing i havn't done yet": everything

    now do ur own.....

    My "Arms dealer":
    My "Shoulder to cry on":
    My "Leading man":
    My "Last years wishes":
    My "Best friend ex friend to the end":
    My "Two quarters and a heart down":
    My "New face of failure":
    My "Electric dreams":
    My "One night stand":
    My "Number one with a bullet":
    My "Therapists pumping through my speakers":
    My "Poster boys for my scean":
    My "Car car crashd heart":
    My "Cemists Who've found the formula":
    My "Kid you used to loved but then they grew old":
    My "Girl all the boys wanna dance with":
    My "Boy who's had to many chances":
    My "Favourite liar":
    My "Last good thing about this part of town":
    My "Boy Tonight":
    My "Light on in chicago":
    My "Loaded friends":
    My "Hopelessly hopefull":
    My "Music or the misery":
    My "Curse on these lips":
    My "Big shot tallent":
    My "18 going on extincd":
    My "Straight face":
    My "Best kept secret":
    My "Biggest mistake":
    My "Headaches and badluck":
    My "Lives i'd love to lead":
    My "Only thing i havn't done yet":

    0 Comments 237 weeks

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