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ººÀrch Àñgèl Ñö Rèdèèmèrºº

Someone drop me a mail, i need a good roleplay, its been a while since i had a good one >.>

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crystal of souls: ººÀrch Àñgèl Ñö Rèdèèmèrºº
Me, Myself, and I
time one stood still, once it held for love
love no longer holds time power holds love, love holds hearts, hearts hold lives, power holds all but what sustains power, life? love? hearts? no the owners of the hearts hold there own power, there own lives, control there own love, dont let another push you around because you love them, let your life be your own and dont let another try and control you for you control everything you believe in, if you dont believe in love, then love you shall not

© Don't copy trust me, you dont want to deal with the aftermath©
My Entrance song: No Doubt: Spiderwebs
My theme song: Tokio hotel: monsoon
My fighting theme song: bullet for my valentine: S
My chill out music: system of a down: B.Y.O.B
My rock out music:System of a down:chop suey
Lady Unmei
A young female, aged 16, that serched her whole life for others with powers such as her own, after no luck a man found her, he took her under his wing and promised to help her find others...and he did

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  • how would yuu fuck me

    1. Would you fuck me ?

    2. What positions would you fuck me in ?

    3. Would you go down on me ?

    4. Would u fuck me hard ?

    5. Would u fuck me the first night u met me ?

    6. Would u fuck me in the shower ?

    7. Would u hancuff me or tie me up to the bed and then fuck me ?

    8. What about me makes u want to fuck me ?

    9. Would u talk dirty to me while we fucked ?

    10. Where would u fuck me ?

    11.Would u fuck me in front of people ?

    12. Would u fuck me again ?

    13. Would u fuck me in the rain ?

    14. Would u mind if i fucked like a porn star ?

    15. Would u fuck me once and leave me the next day ?

    16. Would u tell everyone in ya crew we fucked ?

    17. Would u mind if i told sum 1 we fucked ?


    19. Are u gonna re-post this to see if and how I want to fuck u ?

    2 Comments 66 weeks

  • The Proposal

    This is a simple home surrounded by heavily terraformed land, just simple plains that carry on for miles, at the center stands a log canbin that is shadowed by a huge oak tree. This is where a life begins and where Angel resides

    136 Comments 131 weeks

  • The Redeemer and the Shinobi

    The setting is a basic field set among the contry's dark valley. Attack order: Lamel Angel. Rules: No god-modding Whilst in the air with no connection to the ground there is limited movement. No interuptions, you may watch but no interuptions If you lose, you LOSE no complaints

    12 Comments 133 weeks

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Which fma Homunculus are you?


you care little about anyone other then yourself you get angry and want revenge very easily and love to hurt people even if they haven't done anything to you(mabe that's why no one likes you!)

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close Which Devil May Cry character are you?

Which Devil May Cry character are you?


You are the legendary Demon slayer, and you are VERY popular with the ladies, you have a habit for being sarcastic. You also love p**sing people off for the lolz.�
Especially your twin brother.

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close Naruto spin the bottle (for guys)

Naruto spin the bottle (for guys)


The bottle spins as if guided by fate�and lands dead centre on...HINATA

*Hinata blushes, looks around and smiles at you. You give an honest smile and she gulps, she stands up. and you do to, you approach each other and have a small kiss on the lips, Hinata blushes a deep shade of red, as do you, then Hinata kisses you again. With Passion*

Hinata is a Shy Girl, with a few issues due to A troubled childhood, She is Honest, Loyal and A strong Konoichi when pushed

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Something About Me

Full name: Raziel 'angel' Draknehart
Nickname: Angel
Birthday: 25th january
Hometown: a small town called ilkley
Current Location: ilkley
Eye Color:: one black, one white(RL aswell, special contacts)
Hair Color: black
Height: dunno 8D
Heritage: eh?
Zodiac Sign?: Aquarius
Current goals:: do i have to name them all?
Do you get motion sickness?: nope 8D
Can you play an instrument?: yush....the triangle XD
Righty/Lefty?: righty
Do you like to sing?: yup...not very well though
Do you like to dance?: see above 8D
Have any piercings?: one...my ear
Any tattoos?: getting one soonish
The weirdest dream you have ever had?: dreming i was haveing a dream in a a dream
Are you afraid of the dark?: nope
Ever been in a fight?: many times
Ever commited a crime?: too many XD
Ever broken a traffic rule?: yup.....lets not talk about it
Biggest regret?: regreting something
Biggest turn-off?: clothes...there always in the way
Something random: random....whaaaayit....hee hee green smily spiders
If there was a fire where you lived, what two things would you grab?: a fire blacket and a bucket of water XD
If you have to eat just one thing for the rest of the year, what would you choose?: cupcakes
Wildest friend: there all pretty crazy....
Horniest friend: that would proberbly be....my penis
Best friend: my brain XD
Do you know cooking?: yush
Favorite day of the week?: wednesday
Favorite girl name: zelda
Favorite boy name: jayth
Do you read newspapers?: yup
At what age do you want to marry?: when i believe im not going to get any
Most annoying habit of yours?: calling at 3am
Motto to live by: sleep when your dead....but i wanna sleep NOW :(:d8d

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Which Organization XIII Member are YOU?


Wow, you're emo with a capital E. You're a sullen person, you don't really care about anything thats going on. You would rather lock yourself up in your room, cake on your eyeliner, and listen to screamo.

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  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    She gave him a look and entered the stairwell.

    Mar 2 via Mobile
  • StormyChann
    luv StormyChann


    Mar 1 via Mobile
  • StormyChann
    luv StormyChann

    (: lovage returnage brotha. (: do you have Skype?

    Feb 28 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    She rolled her eyes and followed. Entering the now pure silent halls. The environment she needed for a quick fix if necessary.

    Feb 24 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    ' Everyone in the building was around like their soul is gone. And those are the humans that have been touched. Those with gifts, those that have angels blood simply disappeared, never to be seen again.' Her mind and her face were calm though the images were clear so was the question, why was she unaffected.

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    ' You've probably figured out who I am,' she said calmly. ' There are only twelve of us after all.' She sighed thinking about Myles. She was the strongest after all, what good would her abilities be in this new war, where her strongest weapon was her will.

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    ' Its not that I don't want to. I can't not as fast as you want me to anyway. We were made to be as mortals until a time of crisis." she spoke only in his head now keeping still and quiet as nature intended her to be.

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    She sighed running under him not being in a place she could become an angel as quickly as she wanted, well as he demanded anyways. She ran the normal route with ease taking what shortcuts she could.

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    She spoke within his mind her eyes like pitch, ' It'll not be as easy as that, to enter that building you must act as the mortals would. Do not act so hurriedly unless you wish to be lost again." She waited knowing now which of the twelve she revealed herself as. Sileny the silent one who only spoke when she had to and who had the wisdom of God as her weapon and gift.

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    "I'm one of the twelve guardian angels of heaven one of the balance keepers. I was waiting for the oldest and more powerful of our kind. But she did not show. I fear the worse if she is in this mysterious enemy's hand for her gift is life and death itself."

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    "You're an arch angel," she lands beside him a little more gracefully. "So that must mean I am the last," she says to herself.

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    "Many sisters, and friends," she have him a serious look her eyes now a vivid purple. "People that should be there are not there, its like they've disappeared off the face of the earth."

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    "Its the people that are not there that worries me."

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    "Quiet," she looked at the wall they were walking by then jumped catching the top of the 10' wall and eased over it before looking back at him. "I don't like going when I don't have to."

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    "It is not a place for the common man," she said before walking. "Because you don't get lost within the building."

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    "I can show you, though not many are allowed up there," she looked at him with a small smile. "May I ask what your business their is?"

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    She stopped her pacing and looked at him her eyes the color of violets. She waited for him to ask his favor, even if she were worried she didn't let it show. This person may need her help.

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    A young woman with hair the color of raven feather and eyes that change color was pacing in the park, she was supposed to meet one of her eleven sisters but none of them showed. She was worried now, there were rumors of the others disappearing. Could she be the last Angelic Guardian, the last of the defenders of the balance? "I hope not," she said to herself quietly.

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    You start, I'm still kinda asleep.

    Feb 23 via Mobile
  • Nure DarkAngel
    Nure DarkAngel

    Sure I'm awake with nothing to do really.

    Feb 23 via Mobile