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9/29/08 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox are two of the most funniest and best looking 21 year old guys in the world. They write, film, act and edit their own skits and "music videos" for Youtube and in the first few hours of being released get 10's of thousands of views. The most watched Smosh video was the "Pokemon Theme", which after only 4 months on Youtube accumulated 6.8 million views. Now days they have over 540,000 subscribers which keeps rising. Unfortunately two other groups (nigahiga & fred) are beating them which means their place of 'most subscribed' have been taken away from them! Please subscribe!


Check them out on their website which is www.smosh.com.

Smosh: www.myspace.com/smosh
Anthony: www.myspace.com/smoshidiot
Ian: www.myspace.com/chuckecheese


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  • Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox Interview.

    When Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox started making little hilarious videos out of their home in California, they didn’t know they were destined to become YouTube’s biggest thing. But by getting a glimpse of their stellar sense of humor and wit, and singing along to the Box Man’s rap a few times, you’ll get the point: these vids are itching for mass laughter. And so it began, children across North America sat in front of their computers for hours being entertained by the two college students. They dubbed their productions “SMOSH”, made some T-shirts, a bad ass website, and are well on their way to world domination. Check out their videos on YouTube today! We called the boys up and asked them everything we’ve ever wondered!

    Audio Blood: So how did you two meet?
    Ian: Well I moved here in sixth grade and we just kind of became friends from there I guess.

    AB: So you guys have been good buddies all along?
    Anthony: ahh yeah, so we met in sixth grade and we had this project, and we got forced to work together, and I was like man I hate that guy. Haha No I didn’t really hate him but he was the new guy and no one knew him. So we had to do this, I think art project, or a cross between art and science. We had to draw a landfill and Ian and I thought it was the most hilarious thing to draw flies everywhere with gas masks. That’s kind of where we found that we had the same kind of humor.

    AB: So were these little video projects intentionally for you tube, or the internet viewing community?
    Anthony: No, we actually made the videos before we heard about You Tube just to show some friends. We made the power ranger theme song, and then the mortal combat video, and then we found You Tube, but someone actually stole our mortal combat video and uploaded it to You Tube. So then we decided to check it out ourselves. So about a week later we posted the Pokemon theme video, and that was the first video that was made to actually be released on YT.
    Ian: And then that one got featured, and got really popular for some reason. (laughs)

    AB: Do you guys have a favorite SMOSH video?
    Anthony: We really like the Box man videos.
    Ian: “Axe Murderer” is one of my favorites.

    AB: Yah that one is really funny we just saw it today. So we heard that MTV offered you guys a contract to produce two videos a month is that true?
    Ian: No, that information is kind of mixed up. We have a contract with livevideo.com to make two videos a month.
    Anthony: We were only contacted by MTV, but they never offered us any contract or anything, and we kind of told them that they were kind of out of our league for where we were at the time.
    Ian: yah they were asking a lot, and we didn’t think that we were really ready for that.

    AB: cool, so with this new kind of celebrity status that you have with these videos on YT, do you ever have any crazy fans try and mail you and just creep you out?
    Anthony: Well, we get a lot of crazy fan mail, umm, and a few times we’ve been recognized in person and it’s been really awkward because they’re like “are you the SMOSH guys” and we’re like “yeah….” And then they just kind of smile at us.
    Ian: and then they stare at us for a while and we’re like “uhhhhh…hi?” (laughing)
    AB: Yah that would be awkward
    Ian: And we had a couple people some how get our cell phone numbers, and that was kind of annoying.
    Anthony: Yah they kept calling and calling.

    AB: So do you guys have any favorite bands or music that you like? We wanted to see what kind of bands SMOSH suggests for Audio Blood readers.
    Anthony: Well we’re into like hardcore, metalcore type stuff. We really like Fall Of Troy.
    Ian: Bring me the Horizon, August Burns Red…

    AB: yah for sure. Are you guys surprised by how well it’s caught on?
    Anthony: Oh yah, we thought that just some friends would laugh at some of our theme song videos.
    Ian: Yah, we never expected near as much attention.

    AB: So for your Boxman video, y

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  • Michael
    luv Michael

    Smosh is the best i 1st saw boxman for prez a year ago after that i was instintly sookd

  • Mush.
    luv Mush.

    SMOSH.. So worthy of at least 4th love xD

  • Tranter

    NigaHiga x

  • Vagiant

    Ommg i love smaosh:D :D Is it sad tht i have boxman on itunes??...and my ipod and *murmers* my phone :L I dnt care thou smosh is ace :D x

  • Sophie
    luv Sophie

    SMOSH ROOCKS :P Like me :D I saw it first when I was youger... hilarimouse :) xxx

  • Kkkitty'Ox

    That Skinn Roxx...:D

  • Smosh-Fanatics

    Cool Band Smosh Rule (: If Your A Fan Of Smosh Join My Smosh Band Please (: http://www.bebo.com/Smoshilicious Thanks Xo

  • Charlotte.
    luv Charlotte.

    I LOVE SMOSH!!! I think everybody that comes onto this band should join ...for anthony and ians sake!!!