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Robbaarrt Loves His Lorrnaahh

Baby I Love You So Much ;) And It's My Birthday :P haha

11/21/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

♥ >> Haha Its Like Me and My Girlfriend, She's The 1 who's doing The Licking ツ
Me, Myself, and I
Im Rob...
Im A Bit Of A Gay... Huummmm
I Like Front Bumms.... :D
I Eat Snails, Its The Way They Tickle Down My Throwt!
I Have A Yellow Car. Its Matches My Toe Nails ;)
Frogs Turn Me On!


Edited By Lorna & Terri :D
We Love U Rob & Ur Toe Nails

Lorna M Gallacher
What can i say? Since i met you, 7 amazing months ago, my life has changed so much! I look back at our first ever pictures together and it makes me laugh how much we've changed. God I was ungly then :P ahaha! ..Don't you dare say i still am...Bitch =]. You make me so happy baby, all my friends and family can see that, yeah we might argue, but who doesn't? At least im starting to realise that after we do argue, we always have each other. Thats nice to know lol. Its hard to think what i'd be like if i hadnt met you, i'd still be hoping to meet that one girl, to love and cherish.

Baby I LoveYou
like anything .. specially if i can dance to it! Santagold-TingTings-JT-Kooks-Kanye West-DarrenStyles-MissyElliot-Timbaland-Stereophonics--TheCreeps-AmyMacdonald-Coldplay-2Pac-Wombats-Basshunter-Taio Cruz-Mario-TheCranberries, Klaxons, KingsOfLeon-James Blunt-Chris Brown...anything dance n' R&B.. RAVE RAVE RAVE :P
Comedy, Anything Which Makes me laugh, Romantic, I like a soppy one every Now and Then
Horror, I Love a nice Scary Film, Means Lots of Huggs And Kisses From My Lover :P
My Girlfriend ♥
7 Months.. Such a long time. Amazing memories baby. I Never thought id have a long term girlfriend. But i have! How did i get you? We are so good together, everyone who sees us when we are in our element, they say we have something thats rare. You believe that? .. I do. Yeah we fight, but when we do i feel terrible and i know you do too. I'm never gonna lose you, i know it. Your everything to me, you've become my whole life. I Know that when people always ask how you are, its a constant reminder that i'm one of those lucky people out there who has found someone who they love. Some people never find that. We have so many songs together, so many! I Love it. I Love showing you off to people at work, they all think your pretty and i just shake me head, and say .."She's Gorgeous, she's mine" :)
Scared Of
To be honest, i'll admit that the only thing that scares me, is loosing my baby girl. Hard thing for an 18yr old lad to admit but I Love Her too much.
Happiest When
When snuggling up to my girlfriend at night when im really tired, us both facing the same way , with one by my side and the other wrapped round her gropping her boobies, i Love that :P Sorry Babe lol
Darren Styles
Darren Styles Means Alot To Me, I Feel He Held The Key To Me And My Girlfriend's Relationship From not Falling Apart During A Week Seperation. She Would ALways Put It On Before She Went To Sleep, Always Thinking of me. I'm So Glad I Bought Your Album When I Did. ThankYou Darren

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  • Darren Styles =]

    Darren, where do i begin?
    i absolutely love your music!
    Its oustanding and true♫

    When i listen to your work,
    i go into my room turn off the lights so all my surroundings are unknown
    switch on my ipod and your voice sends me to a realm of soiltude.

    I feel i owe you Everything Darren.
    Me And My girlfriend Split up for a little period
    And your music kept the hope in our blood when we was apart.

    I'd bought your debut album before we split, i loved it.
    Listened to it everynight as i do now.
    But when we split, i just couldnt, it was like your lyrics had no sentimental value no more, like those lyrics couldnt make me remind me of her

    When she'd go out, she told me she'd see your album and always think of me, a few times she started crying in tescos, bless her.
    She decided to buy the album and take it home with her one night.

    Save Me
    I sang that to her one night in the back of the car we was in, travelling to yarmouth,
    i put on this silly face and expressions with my hands
    It was such a magical moment, like you say " I have been waiting, all of my life
    For you to come along, and make everything alright
    My body's shaking, right through my bones
    So take me by the hand, please don't leave me here alone " These lyrics are so true to how i feel. Its AMAZING!

    Feel Love
    This has great meaning to me aswell. In my girlfriends bedroom was the first time i played this, we both fell in love with it!
    The lyrics are so true, and yet so simple. They dont try to confuse the feelings of love, like others do. I stared right into her eyes the whole way throught the song, and i couldnt help feel "Frozen In Time" ♫
    This Song always reminds me of her smile when she first listened to it. =]

    This song made my girlfriend feel the need of protection when she didn't have it no more, she recalls being in the back of a car, leaning over to sqeeze my hand in fear of the speed she was travelling at, and i wasnt there. Makes me really sad, when she tells me, she felt she lost everything. " I took a chance on you, need to feel protection ".

    Your My Angel
    This song is magnificent. This song i always listened too during the break. It made me feel so sad and lonely, i knew i couldnt be without her. Its strange that every single song of yours darren, remeinds me of her. And i feel like you have been the glue that held us together during the week seperation. Its a strange thought, but its nice to know i've had someone there, even tho i havent met you.

    Now, why have i underlined this one? This has been done becuase this song was the backbone of our relationship getting back together. This song makes me choke up sometimes, it really is amazing
    At night, during the break, my girlfriend would always play this song. Even when she went out, this song was playing.

    Darren, i truely BELIEVE that your songs have help the key to our relationship. I Honestly do. It has been them song which hasnt let our feelings go over time, we split up for a week, but that week could of been a fortnight, or a month.

    I Have the upmost respect for you and your music, you hear the expression " soundtrack to our lifes" .. Well i've found mine.
    Songs have the power to do magical things, and this proves it

    I Hope your solo album goes well Darren, i'm always gona buy your albums, i feel i owe you that, I'll always be listening out to you.
    Keep well, have a great life.
    Thankyou For giving mine a second chance

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  • Michael James

    heey...?! hows u..? hope u okai x

  • Baker.

    You Love It SLAG :P Haha Man Go Out Soon Or Something Time To Rebuild The Link That Has Been Lost

  • Chantelle
    luv Chantelle

    admit.... i forgive yu (: but im sorry to for being a total tit to yu, but maybe yu learnt sumen from it ? i dnt do sorry in person lol!! its till yur tkn to wot do yu expect lol xD Admit..... im gnna kill yu n theiff yur car :P i want it !!! pwease give the car to me :L like yur gnna do that !! xXx l8rs darlin (: have sum of Till's love :P

  • Withers


    2/11/09 via Mobile
  • Rose

    Turnip! :)

  • Conniiee'
    luv Conniiee'

    robbbbbbb:D how are you? x

  • Laura-Amy

    rσвєєrt hσmєwσσd; mч вrσthα :) xx

  • Chloe Charismatic
    luv Chloe Charismatic

    Hey Rob!!! omg i know! :P hey dont blame me :( you dont comment me either!! lol yes everything is awesome and you i have my yr 10 camp tomorrow and then my formal a couple of days later :) cant wait... gonna look gawjus :P LOL so what you been up to hun?? xXChloeXx ily xx