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Flying is simple. You just throw yourself at the ground and miss.
Me, Myself, and I

year 10...:O
great friends...xox
drowning in french hwk..>:(
can never seem to find my phone :s
i swear it moves!! :o
thats my life ..:)
wanna talk?? add me =]-

sam your everything to me now
you make me so happy :)
love you

beth my girly girl
BMA!! Luu x x !!
sam!!!! yay
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French coursework
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honest! i have no clue who she is!

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  • Michael C
    luv Michael C

    Oh My God. You are such a huge fucking slag you know that? your a dirty fucking whore and deserve to rot in hell for what you did to sam. i came on bebo for a laugh, saw you on his profile and had to say what i think. i really hope you see this, you need to know just how appaling you are as a human being, in fact youre less than a human being, your just a worm. GTFO! -.- xx

  • Beth
    luv Beth

    Thts kk :) I no we have to do it again ! :) LYL xx bma !

  • Sam W
    luv Sam W

    hey xxx first time i have been on bebo in ages.... like 5 months.... lmao u have now been added, and here is some luv cos i love u... xxxxxxx

  • Anonymous
    luv Anonymous

    D'aww sounds cute. Can't say it's the kind of stuff I read but hey we all have different tastes. How long till it's finished? 10 chapters? Heh I was doing chemistry in work exp today. Spent an hour measuring out soil into 0.25 g into these little capsules. If you're 0.02g off it's invalid!! And you do it with one of the spatulas from our science labs :l Yeah I'm helping out around in Nottingham University, around the labs and stuff. Turns out one of the professors (who has this amazing belgian accent) is one of the people running this thing: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/... They have DNA of chimps, monkeys... and snails. But he was a stuffed kiwi in his office which made it even more awesome. You enjoying it in Notts football club? What you doing there? I have to take a bus but not a train... I'd probably end up in Algeria. Somehow. Believe me, I'd find some way of doing it. And if you ever get bored: www.i-am-bored.com

  • Anonymous
    luv Anonymous

    Yeah Kieran gets angry about a lot of stuff. Real angry, real quickly. He does my head in too at times but overall he isn't that bad. Now I just have to learn to play cards and I will join in :) Well congrats on winning! :D Our tutor set came second to last or something because we had two girls doing all the races... and I was rehearsing for the play so I couldn't do any events before you ask ;) Which i'm performing next week so I won't be on bebo till Friday :o Woah, 20 chapters? I get to around 3 then give up or just end it there. But then I haven't tried to write a book yet.... too busy with other stuff. What's your book about by the way? Yeah those modules were hard. Especially chemistry. I didn't revise polymers for some reason so when they come up in half the questions I realised I've probably failed this exam. But you can take them again later so don't worry :)

  • Anonymous
    luv Anonymous

    Yeah I've never learnt to play cards. Perhaps I should play a game in the library some time, learn by example :p we'll team up and beat kieran or something (what do you have against him anyway? xD) Wow that must have been boring. But sports day is is full of dust and pollen so i sneeze a LOT at sport's day, so i figured it would be best to skip. Hate hayfever :l Did you run in the first hour or second? I was only there second hour because I had trammel rehearsals till two thirty. And how did you do? Oh and how's that book you're writing coming along? If you're still writing it :P

  • Anonymous
    luv Anonymous

    Nah it wouldn't be the same getting a tie now. I'll just have to live with it. That or buy an EVEN FANCIER TIE! Yeah the school is pretty dirty and old. Apparently they're building a new one but they said it'd be ready in around two years. I don't think they've even started building yet... Well I COULD have made a mouse, but they tend to clog up blenders. Then the animal rights activists start fire-bombing my house and it all goes downhill from there. Yeah I've started going back in the library, reading all that. I'd play cards but I have no idea how to play...? :P Oh yeah what happened period 4 today? All I remember is me joe and adam pretending to revise on a school bench then spending the rest of the day in an IT lab... I hate sports day. Too much grass and dust. Which when I take over the world will be outlawed :]

  • Anonymous
    luv Anonymous

    Well what happened was I'd split the two hours we had into 15 minutes per question, but I got mixed up and spent 30 minutes on one question and missed out the other :P Good job it was a mock eh Well it's only a piece of cloth really, granted seeing everyone walking round with ties is kind of depressing (especially as we've got another year of school) but I'll just get a platinum coated diamond encrusted tie and wear that instead. Muwahaha. Yeah I did the same with mousses. I think I made 8-10 of them last year. The best thing I did though were these little spider cakes. I won first prize! Then put the certificate in a plastic bag which was thrown away by cleaners -_- I'm down a lot because I have a lot going on. Family stuff, test stress, gold tie etc. But don't worry about it, I'm getting help for it :) :D

  • Anonymous
    luv Anonymous

    I think I got pretty low in english... around a C or something because i missed out half the questions :p Did you get a gold tie in anything then? If you didn't, don't worry i didn't either... my stick insects died years ago :l But my canary is still here and will rear up and hiss like a cat if it sees my finger... then he bites it. Hurts a lot for an animal with no teeth. And I had to quit cooking :o Was fun while it lasted but i have a lot of work to catch up on so I miss cooking to do coursework... oh joy -.- But yeah cooking was fun when I wasn't getting shouted at or burning something (i.e. 98% of the time xD)

  • Beth
    luv Beth

    Hannah ! Xx I No ! OK :) ILY ! BMA Xx

  • Anonymous
    luv Anonymous

    ha ha ha, I hardly ever check bebo since I got facebook so I didn't see your comment till just now :p Yeah mocks went kinda well, probably gonna fail at maths but that's life :l won't be getting a gold tie in that subject anytime soon xD Yeah a gold tie would be nice but in the end a tie's a tie, nothing more. I don't want to fight anyone over a piece of cloth :p Mr Gray is God in disguise. His voice is like the mana of the gods, streaming down the ear in wonderous bliss. When North Korea is about to nuke the world, Mr Gray will arise and play candlelight. The second he touches that guitar, every leader on Earth will instantly stop fighting, make up and form one, everlasting kingdom, with Mr Gray as the ruler, bringing an everlasting era of peace and joy to mankind. He's just THAT good xD

  • Beth
    luv Beth

    XD I no it waz amazin :P Looveu2 ! BMA Xx

  • Beth
    luv Beth

    Hannah !! ILYSFM Xx Bma !!

  • Sian Louise
    luv Sian Louise

    Hey...in this pic i am in Lanzarote about 2 years ago so now u know love'uu x x

  • Alicee
    luv Alicee

    it is a shame i wasn't there, i missed you :( Love'ya lotshh x

  • Beth

    I forgot and didnt no if i was still coming cause we aint talked about it :( Did yuu av a good night

  • Alicee
    luv Alicee

    hannah im so sorry about last night :( hope you havent fell out with me :( Love'uu x

  • Alicee

    It looks nice ;) i would deffo ;) you look well sexayy ;) Love'uu x

  • Alicee

    hiyaaa ;) you sexay thing. saturdayyy ;) gunna be fun ;D Love'uu x