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NEW EXORDIUM TRACK UP! "To fight is to survive" Done on real instruments for a change! Check it out! Read blog for more.

7/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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N/A Self Published
Dundalk Ireland
Technical Metal such as Sleep Terror, Nile, Beneath the massacre etc.. Any Jazz, Blues or Classical really.
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About Me

Technical Fusion Metal, Death Metal with Jazz, Blues & Classical.
Me, Myself, and I
Fuck your ears.

This band is, at the moment, a one man band by Sean Gilleece.
The aim of this project is to compose music mixing fast heavy metal, with Jazz, Blues and Classical, hence the term "Fusion Metal"

Any guitarist interested in joining gimme a shout.

This project as of yet has no vocals, I'm still deciding weather to include vocals or not. Drums are all done by drum-machine, and will probably stay that way as I'm not too convinced that I will be able to find a drummer any time soon that can pull of this stuff, but hey surprise me.

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  • New track up! "To fight is to survive"

    This track is all done on bass by myself and then I use a drum machine for the drums.

    Basically decided to go ahead and start recording material instead of trying to recruit people for a band.

    Still open to offers for members though.

    More soon!

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  • New track up

    Just threw up "individualist".

    I need to re-record it. I'm also recording "Silence is to Denial" this evening, then a few more tracks so keep in check.

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  • New Song up

    Well seeing I just set this up I thought I would throw up one of the songs already done.

    Its a shit recording.

    Bass is too high so its bit muddy.

    anyway its called "Silence is to Denial" Check it out and give me your thoughts.

    on it.

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  • Whitewater

    Cheers for the add Sean..:) Tracks sound very good..!

  • Toxic Cheese DJ
    luv Toxic Cheese DJ

    Same as meself lol will check that tune out the next time Im on a pc with speakers or at least a headphones jack aghhhhhhhhhh :O fuck the cheddar toxic cheese is making a come back :P

  • I Am Mangolion
    I Am Mangolion

    Kick ass new track man

  • Chrissy

    To fight is to survive KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean Reilly
    Sean Reilly

    this shit sounds good. il hav ta giv it a listen!!

  • Chrissy


  • Jags Denby
    Jags Denby

    Man, i'm really digging what you got going here :D i like it lots

  • Gilleece
    luv Gilleece

    Alright this is finally back on track with real recordings from now on, fuck yeah!

  • Gilleece

    16 weeks later... ...still awesome LOL I AM AWESOME

  • Gilleece
    luv Gilleece

    Hey Exordium is awesome OH WAIT IT'S ME THAT IS EXORDIUM Hey hey what do you know? I'm awesome!

  • Thomas Tully
    luv Thomas Tully

    Dear Diary, On a sudden impulse I just had, I have come to the decision to give you love, not for the band but for me, I have been far more productive in this band. Can I at least sing for you, I do a great karaoke version of Angels by Robbie Williams

  • Kelevra

    I like to spoon... Whaddaya mean, that's "not the point"?!

  • Thomas Tully
    Thomas Tully

    If you're interested I can play the spoons

  • Gilleece
    luv Gilleece

    Any interested guitarists? New recordings are being done next month hopefully, a demo is in the works.

  • Feargal Moore
    luv Feargal Moore

    i like tomatoes