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Metallica Beat Lady Gaga by far! , it was a really awesome gig :))

5/14/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
E035 I'm Charlotte E314
and i have travelled around the world in 80 days :))

E041 Metallica 12/05/10E03E - James Hetfield smiled at me :D , Lars Ulrich Stuck his tounge out at me and Robert Trujillo threw his pick at me (:
Eyoo E00E

Peace Out Home Slice.. E011
Bashunter , Alien Ant Farm , All Time Low , Avenged Sevenfold , Beach Boys , Biffy Clyro , Blink 182 , Bring Me The Horizon , Bullet For My Valentine , Calvin Harris , Canterbury , Deadmau5 , Enter Shikari , Evanescence , Fall Out Boy , Foals , Good Charlotte , Green Day , Hadouken , Hey Monday , Jackson 5 , Kasier Chiefs , Lady Gaga , Linkin Park , Lost Prophets , Metallica , Micheal Jackson , Mindless Self Indulgence , Muse , My Chemical Romance , Nightwish , Panic! At The Disco , Papa Roach , Paramore , Red Hot Chilli Peppers , System Of A Down , Tenacious D , Weezer , You Me At Six , 30 Seconds To Mars and 3! Oh 3
Gigs 2009/2010/2011
Enter Shikari 11 Dec 2009
Lady Gaga 22 Feb 2010
Metallica 12 May 2010

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  • bored.com

    "Is anyone ignoring you right now?
    Don't Know

    Would it be hard seeing someone else kiss the last person you kissed?
    Don't care

    Do you hate the last girl you had a conversation with?

    Do you hate the last guy you had a conversation with?

    Last song you listened to?
    Big Dizzee Rascal

    Do you like to cuddle?

    What if you had a baby with the last person you texted?
    insist !

    Have you ever kissed someone older than you?
    Aye sure

    What's more attractive: when someone kisses you out of nowhere, or when you know its coming?

    Do you find smoking unattractive?

    Do you currently have feelings for anybody?

    Do you think you've changed over the past few years?

    Who is the last person to send you a message on facebook?

    What hoodie did you wear last?
    my holister one

    Do you know anyone who drinks a lot?
    mee D=

    When was the last time you talked to your grandmother?
    Lmao last weekend <3

    Last time you were on the phone? With who?
    Saterday Night , and it was Mr Jamie Doyle

    Did you have a good day yesterday?
    oh aye (Y)

    Do you plan on getting drunk in the near future?

    Do you drive?

    What was the last thing you drank?

    Is there anybody who truly disgusts you?
    Yes , those bitches make me Hurl!

    When was the last time you threw up?
    years ago!

    Would you consider your parents to be strict?
    Very , i get crap curfews!

    Do you sleep with the door open or closed?

    When angry, do you get loud or quiet?

    You have taken 15 shots of straight vodka in a row what happens?
    im blootered

    Next time you will kiss someone?

    Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about your feelings?
    Dara + Emzaaiii

    What are your plans for tonight?
    Hair dressers , Tech , home , relax , Laptop , Sleep

    What do you currently hear right now?

    This time last year can you remember who you liked?
    Oh jesus yes!

    What are you looking forward to right now?
    Weekend bant and seeing Nadean on Tues! i miss her <3

    How old do you look?
    hmm my age , 17

    Anything risky happen last night?
    no no!

    Are you happy right now?
    I'm always happy

    What were you doing at midnight last night?

    You kissed someone last night didn't you?
    no you wee creep

    Have you held hands with anyone in the past 2 days?
    nehh thats effort

    How do you feel about your hair right now?
    getting styled soon :D

    Would you change for a person you care about?

    Who were you dating this time last year?
    OMG... it was that Wilson one!

    Do you remember the name of your first school you ever went to?
    Lead Hill Primary school

    Were you single on your last birthday?

    Who was the first person you talked to this morning?
    my Mother

    Did you sleep alone last night?
    yes =D

    Is tomorrow gonna be a good day?
    suree (Y)

    What did you last buy?
    a wee bottle of water

    0 Comments 160 weeks

  • hmm?

    "First things First,are you single?

    When was the last time someone of the oppisite sex told you they loved you?
    ages agoos.

    What did you say,and why?
    :) Loves youu

    Was it awkward?

    What are you doing tomorrow?
    Going to tech and come home and chill

    Has anyone ever called you "rotten" before?

    Ever been in a fight?
    a dopey one

    Who do you love most in the world?
    Friends , family , music , life

    Have you ever given up on someone, then went back to them?

    Whats on your mind right now?
    i need sleep!

    Hello? to you too?

    i know im tired,are you?

    What will you be doing in 30mins?
    sleeping probally

    What annoys you most about oppisite sex?
    they can be confusing anf you dont know which kind of guy plays you or wants you for you.
    Sounds stupid but its true.

    Have you ever dated one of your siblings Ex's?

    Text or calls?

    Where are you right now?

    Are you avioding liking somebody right now?if so,why?

    Last thing a boy gave you?
    A hug and a smack on the bum.

    What did you dislike about your day?
    walking quite a bit

    Does anyone know your password besdies you?

    Last time you were called sexy/gorgeous?
    By emma today

    By who?
    look above

    Dont you just love board games?
    i love the odd game of Monopoly

    Is anyone afraid of you?
    the cushion

    What kind of mood are you in?

    Are you easily amused?

    Has anyone ever told you that you were the most beautiful person they knew?
    Emma probally :L

    Last fall out?
    months ago

    Any plans for the weekend?
    Dublin to shop

    Surveys are a waste of time?
    of course

    What comes around goes around: true or false?

    Last thing you ate?
    i had a penguin bar

    Last 3 texts are from?
    mum, dad and Emma

    What do you think of when i say thunder?
    you are the thunder and i am the lightninggg! , some Selma Gomez song :L

    Do you think cheryl cole is hot?
    Over rated and cant sing!

    Are you in any pain at the minute?
    back and knee

    Last concert?

    Ever been called "stuck up"?
    yea a stuck up bitchs

    Do you wear make-up everyday?
    depends if im going out

    Your obsessed with something,right?
    not really

    Is there a difference in loving someone,and being in love?
    its the same basically

    What are you wearing right now?

    Say something?
    night night!

    M&M's or skiltles?

    Ever been iceskating?

    Do you have a bestfriend?

    Has anyone of ther oppisite sex ever wrote a poem for you?

    Did you enjoy this survey?
    pure crap

    0 Comments 166 weeks

  • =o

    How do you feel about the last person you hugged?

    Do you ever say 'OMG' in person?
    Yush (H)

    Who was the last person you really felt like punching?

    Are you taller for your age, shorter, or average?
    Im pretty tall

    Did you tell your last girlfriend/boyfriend that you love them?
    Oh yes ;D

    How do you know the last person you hung out with?
    TECH (Y)

    If you went to the beach right now, what would you bring?
    A tent.. Emma marashmallows a candel and a rose

    Where did you get the clothes you wore today?
    Topshop babes!

    What's better: a surprise or knowing you're going to get it?
    Surprises , but it depends!

    Does your weight have three numbers in it?
    YEA! O.O!

    Can you taste the difference between store brand food and brand name food?

    Do you know anyone whose last name starts with P?
    polly Pocket

    Do you have the last person you touched on MSN?

    When's the last time you were on neopets?

    Someone wakes you up at 3am, what's your first thought?

    What's the last time you got in a vending machine?
    Crisps and a drink

    What was the last thing your parents got mad at you for?
    buying a I HEART BELFAST tee

    Have you ever had a bathing suit fall off of you while swimming?

    Where do you go when you skip school?
    Waterfrount or pound shap

    Do your pets have favorites?

    Do find flirting over IM easier then in person?

    What were you thinking about five minutes ago?

    Have you ever heard the last person you laughed with swear?

    If the last person you called were in the hospital, would you visit them?

    Are there any dirty dishes in the room you're in?

    How many people could sleep comfortably in the room you're in?
    1 =D

    Would you like to have a treadmill in your house?
    nahh i dont make flourr

    What's the longest you've ever liked someone without telling them?

    Do/did you prefer your english or math teacher?

    Would you rather live with your parents or your grandparents?
    parents Eyoo

    Where were you 3 hours ago?
    doing maths (N)

    Did you prank anyone on April fool's day?
    my self

    Can/Did you get away with skipping class?

    When is the last time you were on a swingset?
    Last yearr

    At sleepovers, do you usually sleep on a bed, couch or floor?
    Floorr yeo

    When's the last time you wished you could just disappear? Why?

    What's the sweetest thing a gf/bf can do to get you to forgive them?

    Do you dislike when surveys ask to describe your underwear?

    What was your last sent text about?

    What would you do if the last person you hugged proposed to you?
    YES BBZ!

    Who do you talk to the most in science?
    I talk to test tubes and beakers!

    Did you check to see how much fat/calories was in the last thing you ate?

    If the last person you kissed gave you roses, what would you do?

    Do you need to wash your hair?
    KINDA =O

    0 Comments 169 weeks

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E21E  
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E222  
E223  
E224  
E225  
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