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Richard FitzGerald

nothing to promote at present.

12/17/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from An Sean Phobail
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Brendan Keary

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  • Sony Bravia 3rd Ad (Play Doh Bunny)

    Play-Doh rabbits go wild in new Sony Bravia ad.

    Sony has unveiled its much-anticipated third Fallon-created Bravia ad, which features 200 Play-Doh bunnies cavorting around the streets of New York.

    The ad follows on from the acclaimed "balls" and "paint" executions, which featured bouncing balls and exploding paint. All the ads were created by Fallon London - same agency that made the recent Cadburys ad.

    Called "Play-Doh", the 60-second spot was shot over three weeks in New York and used 2.5 tonnes of modelling clay to create the effect of rabbits hopping through the city.

    It took a team of 40 animators three weeks to choreograph the models to create the 100,000 still images needed to produce the ad.

    The Rolling Stones track 'She's a Rainbow' plays throughout the ad, which was written and directed by Juan Cabral, Fallon creative director, and shot by Frank Budgen.

    It breaks on Friday night during Channel 4's 'Ugly Betty' but a sneak online preview can be found on the [ http://www.colourlikenoother.com/bra... ]Sony Bravia website.

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  • Ireland's hopes centre on D'Arcy and O'Driscoll

    "Eddie O'Sullivan's squad are the best hope of Northern Hemisphere rugby success in France"


    The official all black view on Irelands Rugby world cup chanches.

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  • LONDON MARATHON 22.04.07

    Last Sunday I ran the Flora London Maraton, crossing the line in 4 hours and 25 mins. Raising €2100 in aid of Croi, West of Ireland Heart Cardiology foundation, thankyou to Charlie, Donal, Reg, Bridsey, Staff, Richie, Spud, Shaun, Casey, and Niamh for their Help. and cheers to Gov for his support on the day, and Mahony for his Physioteraphy and Dietary advice!

    I got a knee injury 6/7 wks before, and couldnt run too long, so I took to the swimming pool. 2 wks b4, the injury was still bad, but 'cuz i was with CROI i decided Id go over for the wk nd anyway. On the day of, I though Id run for a bit to enjoy the atmosphere. I wasnt even hopefull of finishing. But physio told me to take it easy, and stretch everytime I felt a niggle.

    Crossing London Bridge after 12 miles, with the crowds and sun, i realsied i was in the middle of it all. Knee was holding up well and i was going strong up to mile 19.. then i began to feel it. The body forgets to get glucose to the muscels, and it hurts. but stopping wouldnt stop my legs hurting so i kept going. began to take note of the crowds, the kept shouting encouragement and hoding out jellie babies for sugar boost. the last 6 miles were damn long. then near st james park, big ben and westmisnter is a real nice part of london, and it was cool finishing up around there.

    went for a delicious meal with the CRIO team and met up with mahony and gov after. £40m raised for charity in one day, more than live aid etc. Its a very feel good experience that i reccomend EVERYONE to do!!!

    Gonna run the Marathon in Florence on 27th November this year, with Ducksey and Donal(?), join us if yer 'ard enough!

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Powerade 'Never Give Up' TV Ad 1 Extended Version

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  • Max Martello Caschera
    Max Martello Caschera

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    Max Martello Caschera

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  • Driftwood Recordings
    Driftwood Recordings

    Are you looking to record a Demo,E.P or an Album? Driftwood Recordings offers numerous studios around the country at reasonable rates with quality outcomes. Now taking bookings for January and February.

  • I Love Science
    I Love Science

    Hey Richard! Visit our Bebo profile, do the BT Young Scientist quiz & you could win one of 3 Nintendo DS Consoles with Brain Training game. (Winners will be announced on Monday!) Find us at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition in the RDS (we’ve built an Energy House!) sign up for our science.ie newsletter & you could win one of 3 Nintendo DS Consoles as well. We’ll have fab ‘I Love Science’ t-shirts as seen on our Bebo profile for every tenth newsletter sign up! And as if that wasn’t enough, listen in to Spin FM’s Breakfast Show each morning this week to win more goodies for BTYS!

  • I Love Science
    luv I Love Science

    Hey Richard!! Like your page :) We're giving away Nintendo DSs from now until the end of Science Week. Just take our simple quiz and winners will be announced each Monday!! EASY! Oh and we're a featured profile now on the homepage! http://www.bebo.com Come see us at: www.scienceweek.ie

  • Niamh O'keeffe
    Niamh O'keeffe

    blehhh kj ug blugh uugh ehhhh

  • The stig A.k.a. cabaiste
    luv The stig A.k.a. cabaiste

    well maclovin was she a humdinger!!??serious detox gonna be done to over next 3 days to get set up for next wkend.il never be countin on u to come bail me out again!!

  • Stevo

    Lol. Don't believe I've ever heard you tell that joke before

  • The stig A.k.a. cabaiste
    luv The stig A.k.a. cabaiste

    yeh that last one made my ass look big so goin huntin for a more comfortable casual lookin jacket this wkend!!u got any special plans for the munster match??got my exam results toaday from waterford

  • Orlaith Swords
    Orlaith Swords

    hey stranger, how are tricks?? hows work going? i have just over 3 weeks left over here!am pretty much finished all work! just have to hang around for results which is annoying! cant wait to get home for the summer, will be great to be back in good old dublin!

  • The stig A.k.a. cabaiste
    luv The stig A.k.a. cabaiste

    only real men play kk football.infact that man in that pic is so good at football thatthe GPA decided to give him a players grant!!the candyman was up to no good alrite sat nite.next time ur talkin to him ask him how is his "banjo string",he shud kno what im ojn about!!myself and sean takin half days on fri from work and headin up to ucd for end of term session.dunno if shft wil come.u around fri? on about the race festival in pinchestown is it?what day u tinkin of goin?

  • Stevo

    Watchin the snooker?

  • The stig A.k.a. cabaiste
    luv The stig A.k.a. cabaiste

    thats 2wkends in a row now lad u have done a runner on me!

  • Nicky Kenny
    Nicky Kenny

    wow we really have nothing at all.hopefully we can get some investment soon.when i win euromillions ill give a bit haha

  • Nicky Kenny
    Nicky Kenny

    alright dude hows it going?so we dont have ten mill to spend?

  • The stig A.k.a. cabaiste
    luv The stig A.k.a. cabaiste

    well fuzz any stories from yer wkend away?we had a messy one ourselves and and few run in wit bouncers in couple of places but no harm done!!

  • The stig A.k.a. cabaiste
    The stig A.k.a. cabaiste

    correct wit the spellin lad!!twas another successful wkend in the baggott inn alrite,camp is nicely and firmly set up there these days alrite!!i gave away my tics for the match but tink il head up and watch it in d boozer alrite!will u get on to shaft and drag his ass up there cos surely ye are in need of some serious bonding and im at nothin talkin to the lanky piece of shit!!