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Sarah Jean

sup yo

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  • Female, 20, Luv 510
  • from Durban
  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: May 17
  • www.bebo.com/BabeeBee_x
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

i have not been on here in AGES!

anything else: message me :)

The Other Half Of Me
Duffer Lorimer

Duffer Lorimer

Has anyone ever told you you look like Enrique?

first & foremost: queen of the south. obsession: liverpool fc. back-up: west ham. foreign: Brondby IF

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  • for ma roomie (;

    1. Full Name: Sarah Jean Baird
    2. Nicknames: saz, arnie, sadact, gingerpubes, saz-african
    3. Birthday: 11/09/1992
    4. Place of Birth: Durban, South Africa
    5. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
    6. Male or Female: Female
    7. Grade: eh? 5th year
    8. School: Dumfries High School
    9. Occupation: TKMaxx
    10. Residence: Dumfries
    11. MSN Screen Name: nobody gets by on their own(L)
    __Your Appearance___

    12. Hair Color: Browny/Reddy
    13. Hair Length: Longish
    14. Eye color: Blue
    15. Weight: 11 stone :O
    16. Height: 5'7
    17. Braces?: nah
    18. Glasses?: nah
    19. Piercings: plenty
    20. Tattoos: nah
    21. Righty or Lefty: Righty

    ___Your 'Firsts'___

    22. First best friend: the huntingdon sq crew
    23. First Award: pass
    24. First Sport You Joined: badminton
    25. First pet: dug & a cat
    26. First Real Vacation: eh, gran canaria
    27. First Band: 5ive
    28. First Love: pass
    ___ Favorites___

    29. Movie: across the universe
    30. TV programme: fringe
    31. Color: purple or red
    32. Rapper: eminem
    33. Bands: lets not
    34. Song Right Now: flo rida - right round
    35. Friends: fi, ed, soph, nik, jo, calum, rob, duffball etc, ma roomie (;
    36. Sweet: thats a tough one
    37. Sport to Play: lets be lazy
    38. Restuarant: kings
    39. Favorite brand: gio goi
    40. Store: anfield store
    41. School Subject: physics
    42. Animal: lions
    43. Book: catcher in the rye LOL
    44. Magazine: pass
    45. Shoes: my £1 primark shoes

    46. Feeling: stuff
    47. Single or Taken?: Single
    48. Have a crush: its been so long who can say
    49. Eating: Cheesey pasta
    50. Drinking: nowt
    51. Typing: eh....
    52. Online?: Aye
    53. Listening To: fringe on th tv
    54. Thinking About: finishing my pasta
    55. Wanting To: finish my pasta
    56. Watching: fringe
    57. Wearing: my lfc shorts n a strappy top

    ___Your Future___

    58. Want Kids?: Aye
    59. Want to be Married?: Aye
    60. Careers in Mind: medical?
    61. Where do you want to live: it's a suprise
    62. Car: PURPLE FIESTA

    __Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___

    63. Hair color: Any
    64. Hair length: shortish
    65. Eye color: any
    66. Measurments: eh what?
    67. Cute or Sexy: sexy
    68. Lips or Eyes: hope they have both
    69. Hugs or Kisses: at the same time
    70. Short or Tall: taller than me please
    71. Easygoing or serious: easygoing
    72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both
    73. Fat or Skinny: Normal
    74. Sensitive or Loud: happy medium
    75. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
    76. Sweet or Caring: Both
    77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: Trouble Maker

    ___Have you ever______

    78. Kissed a Stranger: Aye
    79. Had Alcohol: Yup
    80. Smoked: nope
    81. Ran Away From Home: No
    82. Broken a bone: oui
    83. Got an X-ray: Nah, they won't
    84. Been with someone: Yep
    85. Broken Someones Heart: idk?
    86. Broke Up With Someone: Yup
    87. Cried When Someone Died: aye
    88. Cried At School: aye

    ___Do You Believe In___

    89. God: dunno
    90. Miracles: Aye
    91. Love At First sight: oh aye
    92. ghosts: Yup
    93. Aliens: aye
    94. Soul Mates: Yup
    95. Heaven: dunno
    96. Hell: dunno
    97. Angels: Yeah
    98. Kissing on The First Date: oui
    99. Horoscopes: sometimes

    ___Answer Truthfully___

    100. Is There Someone You Want But You Know You Can't Have? yep, dan agger

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  • shag

    Mp3 player

    1. Put your music player on shuffle.
    2. Press forward for each question.
    3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

    No cheating!

    What does next year have in store for me?
    Snuff....better fuckin not :|

    What's my love life like?
    she's lost control...forfucksake

    What do I say when life gets hard?
    less talk more rokk

    What do I think when I get up in the morning?
    only the good die young

    What song will I dance to at my wedding?
    vermilion Pt.2 (bloodstone mix)

    What do you want as a career?
    duct tape...interpret that as you like

    Your favourite saying?
    i want you to want me....desperate much?

    Your pets name?
    let it be....wtf

    Favourite place?

    Describe your sexlife:
    child of burning time....im not thanking slipknot for these ones

    What do you think of your parents?
    who wants to live forever

    What's your Pornstar name?
    heads or tails real or not

    Where would you go on a first date?
    helter skelter....gan start a cult (;

    Drug of choice?

    Describe yourself:
    i vow to thee, my country/world in union.....

    What is the thing i like doing most?
    i get by with a little help from my friends

    What song best describes my school principal?
    plastic stars

    What is my state of mind like at the moment?
    dead memories....oh god

    I love...
    here comes the sun

    I hate...
    love will tear us apart....i love that song

    My ultimate having sex song?
    all you need is love

    How will I die?

    What turns me on?
    wherein lies continue....ok aye

    All time favourite song?
    who wants to live forever

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  • [:

    Name: Sarah
    Nickname: Saz...Saz-African..
    Sex: Female
    Birthday: 11 Sept
    Sign: Virgo
    Siblings : No Blood
    What are you wearing right now? Trackies & A Stripey Top
    Where do you live: Marchmount Technically
    Righty or lefty: Righty
    Relationship?: Nopes
    Breakfast: Ice Cream in A Cup With Sprinkles && that
    Aftershave/Perfume/cologne: Impulse True Love
    Favorite cartoon character: Cheese - Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends

    Have you ever...

    Given anyone a bath: No
    Made yourself throw-up: No
    Gone skinny dipping : No Yet
    Been in the opposite sex's bathroom: Aye
    Eaten a dog biscuit: Half...For £1
    Got your tongue stuck to a pole: No
    Loved someone so much made u cry: Sorta
    played truth or dare: Obv
    Been in a physical fight: No
    Been in a police car: No
    been in a hot tub: No
    Swam in the ocean: Aye
    Fallen asleep in school: Thats What Schools For
    Ran away? Where Fae? Aye
    Broken Anyones Heart? I Dunno
    Cried when someone died: Obv
    Cried in school: Aye
    Fell off your chair: Plenty
    Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: Aye
    Saved MSN / AOL / AIM conversations: Aye
    Saved e-mails: Aye
    Fallen for one of your best friends? Kinda
    Been cheated on: So I've Been Told

    1st thing that comes to mind:

    Red: Blood
    Blue: Jeans
    Autumn: Orange
    Cow: No Even Gonnae Say It (:
    Cat: Jordans Allergic To Them [About here is when you asked what i was dain]
    Greenland: A Who Now?
    Nickel: Back
    Elbow: Ouch...?

    What is Your good luck charm: A Dinnae have one anymore
    Had Chicken pox: Aye
    Had a Sore Throat: Aye...."Cornflakes" [i didnt say out bout cornflakes]
    Believe in love at first sight? Guess so
    Like picnics: Yeppers
    Like school: TBH Aye

    Would you--
    Eat a live hamster: CHRIST! no
    Kill someone I didn't know for 15 billion dollars: who are you?

    You messaged: MSN? Jordan TEXT? Edwardo
    last person you yelled at: Dad
    Who broke your heart: Nobody, I Dont Think
    Who is your loudest friend: Me (: Eddi By Far Mate

    Do you/Are You--

    Do you wear contacts or glasses: No
    Do you get along with your family: Sometimes
    Have a piercing below the waist? No..t Yet
    Depressed?: No The Now

    Final questions--

    wat r u listening to right now: We Cry-The Script
    Can you do a front or back flip?: No
    What did you do yesterday? Had A Bit O a Sleepover
    What is your favorite tune: Everything- Buckcherry
    Hated someone in your family: Nah, no for real
    Got any awards: Some
    Want to get married: Nopes, coz that might mean divorce, ill do a Gene Simmons && no get married (:
    What is your favorite video game? Halo? BEJEWELLED!
    Good Singer: Hell No
    Have a lava lamp: Somewhere
    What do you dream about: Sex? LOL IDK
    Last time you showered: The day, between sleeping &&....sleeping
    Scary or happy movies: Scary
    Root beer or Dr. Pepper: Dr.P
    Mud or Jelly wrestling: Watchin? or Doin?
    Silver or gold: Silver
    Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset
    Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: All 4

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  • Sam

    how come you didnt add me on twitter? http://goo.gl/ojpL2 I thought we were gonna hook up?

  • Oasis Youth Centre
    Oasis Youth Centre

    Youth Work Nithsdale have managed to get a boat in the Dragon Boat Race on Sunday 30th May 2010. We are looking for young people aged 12-25 from Nithsdale who want to be in the boat! Interested?? Contact Debbie @ Oasis Youth Centre or reply back to this message or find us on facebook under Youthwork Nithsdale. This is a great opportunity - don’t miss out!!!!!!

  • luv Heartbreak Kid.

    Yh, it has been ages. :) Glad 2 hear ur well. I'm doin good aswel, thnx :D I thought u would of left sumtime ago, but u've found sumway to stick it out. U jus learnin atm? or u near to sittin ur theory & test soon? :) Jus finishin up my plastering course at college atm, seein how the summer hols are slowly approachin. xxx

  • luv Heartbreak Kid.

    Yh, it has been ages. :) Glad 2 hear ur well. I'm doin good aswel, thnx :D I thought u would of left sumtime ago, but u've found sumway to stick it out. U jus learnin atm? or u near to sittin ur theory & test soon? :) Jus finishin up my plastering course at college atm, seein how the summer hols are slowly approachin. xxx

  • Heartbreak Kid.

    Hey Sarah. Long time no speak. How u been?? Up 2 much these days?? xx

  • Ali Murdoch

    cool:P thats goood:DD you will be skiving about in your wee car now:P :L xxxx

  • Ali Murdoch

    aww thats a shame:( do you have another date booked?:P xxxx

  • luv Ali Murdoch

    hii:DD how did the test go?:) xxxx

  • Swanny

    Hey hows you x x

    3/23/10 via Mobile
  • Dolly Daydream
    Dolly Daydream

    Awww thanks - she is THE most cute baby ever even if I do say so myself! :D x

  • luv Jordance

    You too! Haha, did you see that comment that fucking cunt left me?! xxx

  • Venomous Bite
    luv Venomous Bite

    Happy valentines day love (:

  • Jade
    luv Jade

    :DD X

  • Zoey

    not at all, got a lesson tomorow, but its meant to snow again tonight, hate that! might have to cancel if it snows like, ive obviously got the feeearr! are you feart? bet you are xxxxxxxx

  • luv Zoey

    rofl at some spelling from people, have you been driving much? i hate the icy, snowy roads! xxxxx

  • Jade

    Cheers 4 th add but dae a ken u? X

    12/28/09 via Mobile
  • Oasis Youth Centre
    Oasis Youth Centre

    *Reaction DJ night* CLD youth work team are holding a dance music event featuring ULTRABEAT, Rebecca Rudd and a host of local DJ's/MC's. Tickets available from Oasis Youth Centre, Newall Terrace, Dumfries. Only £1!!! get your tickets early, not to be missed! Sunday 20th December The Venue, Dumfries 7:00PM Till 10:30PM

  • Youth Work
    Youth Work

    Reaction DJ night CLD youth work team are holding a dance music event featuring ULTRABEAT, Rebecca Rudd and a host of local DJ's/MC's. Tickets available from Oasis Youth Centre, Newall Terrace, Dumfries. Don't miss it!

  • Karma

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  • Karma

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