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Adam Geoffrey Lendermon

without insane there can not be sane thus respect what i do for my fellow kind

7/7/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 25
  • from United States
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  • Last active: 12/9/09
  • www.bebo.com/PyroPezz
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About Me

Fuck your couch ni@#er Fuck your couch
Me, Myself, and I
Sup, ppl.
Hey im Pezz so they say i live here in the the blck hole fallscity and lifes go to say at 20 with a job and a girl and are year old son life just goes so i just go im workin ,workin out hell of a change there im nice to a point fuck with me and die i have friends though limited its hard to find people that u can put up with lol im bipolar god if u are there cuse the gap u have set in the underspaces of my mind and thats me work,my family, and gameing wait i like to think about everything and just to know shit its cool so at last FUCKKKKKK YUOOOO!!!!!!!!!! from..... (The Degenerates of America)Copyright(
ICP, mychemical romance, afi, devil and god rage inside me, six feet under, stained ...
BigMoney Hustlers, BabyBoy, and Anything with Jay and SilentBob, fight club
Sports are over rated i stay on ass and like it PPL.
Scared Of
Nuttin Bitches lol
Happiest When
I'm High, Drunk, or fucking or all three yeah probley all three
I Love
My BabyGurl Andrea love u
My Homies
Lets see Moose, AJ, Boogey, Cherry, Q-Ball, Double-D, Lil Pimp(My Bro), Red Boy, Ace, puket, stoner josh, chris

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  • hmmmmmm

    So lets talk why must we slave everyday to never get anywhere i work and wok and work for what i mean i know a better life for me and my lady and kids but it whers the body down so much why

    1 Comment 330 weeks

  • hahahahahahahahhha

    Sup ppl. wow i'm a blog virgin that means bebo my frist i swear i was rapped lol anywhy sup iam just cheak'in because ppl. are boring thats why my friend are all with me at all time the VOICES naw j/k anywhy it likle 8 someing and iam bored and i nuttin to do and this sucks and oo well bye
    Peace Out Juggalos,
    Master Pezz

    0 Comments 380 weeks

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  • Wicked Joker
    Wicked Joker

    Hey lol nice ight kool well the internet will be shut off till saturday cause bill is beaing an ass so mom and wade are gettn it turned on in wades name idk i'm ok wit w/e dey do as long as i av da damn internet. Lol so how you been bro.

  • Adam Geoffrey Lendermon 2/5/09
  • Wicked Joker
    Wicked Joker

    hey wata u been up ta

  • Saundra Crumbley

    yo :S how are you pimp out your profile with this site its sooocoool :P www.go-on-and-click.com bye bye

    7/23/08 via Mobile
  • Ad Rage
    Ad Rage

    wut up adam i'm daltons frend:O :o

  • Hestheonewhotakesallthepainaway

    notta lot just chillen wif my sis n sherri..

  • D K
    D K

    Cool page man just thought i'd drop by and say sup Seeya round \m/ Dustin

  • Sherri Carr
    Sherri Carr

    hay whats up nuthin here dont listin to that lil bitch dude she is out her fuckin mind i know who the father is and i neva once said it was her bros baby i wasn't even around him when i got pg but all her fuckin family are out there mind and they think it was johns but yea it was between dustin and robin but thank fuckin god it was dustins baby but hay im goin to go halla back at me iight see u around or talk to u soon what eva comes faster

  • Hestheonewhotakesallthepainaway

    Yep like I said she whore's around...But okay

  • Hestheonewhotakesallthepainaway

    Well sherri is so fuckin confussed for real she thought it was Robins, and then she thought it was my brothers and now she thinks that it is some dustin dudes...So yea but I am out Candice

  • Hestheonewhotakesallthepainaway

    Well who do u say the baby's father is? She says it's dustins but I highly doubt that but who cares not me.. But I am out so holla Candice

  • Jerm

    lol nadda damn thing man, i didnt no that u had a bebo or i would of added u a long time ago. wat the hell u been up to man. i dont remember where i got my background but yea dude it is bad ass..lol. u can copy it if u wanna ight well w/b ight man peace im outtie

  • Hestheonewhotakesallthepainaway

    Also how do u know sherri? J/W CMB Candice

  • Hestheonewhotakesallthepainaway

    Hey well sherri is doing fine...And yea the baby has came he was born on November 13,2006...He is so Adorable...lol...But I don't mean to get into urs and her buisness but I am her Boyfriends sista and I seen that u have commented her and I know some about of the stuff u asked so I figured I would comment u and let u know...Well I am gonna go ttul Candice CMB

  • Damon Gates
    Damon Gates

    hey waz up nm yea it sounds good to me look me up satruday ill be at noahs moms and were u workin at now ??? were u live lol i guess ttyl bye

  • Kassie M
    Kassie M

    hey loser freak! lol! juz thought i'd drop by n say hey! so yeah uhm... HEY! lol! congrats tho babe! imma be the godmother! damn right bitch! lol! well comment back sometime! ttyl...K Y