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11/22/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

lovess kyle millionss x
Me, Myself, and I

Onee life
One lovee
One dreamm ..

( 8 ) x

iloveyou KB forever baby x
and my friendss too,
theirr amazinn x
 | :)











The Other Half Of Me
Lauren C

Lauren C






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  • LifeNw; : )

    Nicole Hirst | Year10 | THCS


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    AnnieHall- GaveMeAGlueyArse
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    iLU All Soo Much x

    Kyle Boyd;
    I Love you More Than Anything,
    Your My Perfect Mr Sexy ; )
    I Hope We Last Forever !,
    I Dont Know What I Would Do Without You
    Your My All And My Everything,
    You Keep Me Smiling
    And Im Glad To Know Your Always There x
    I Love You Withh All My Heart
    And That Is Something..
    That Will Never Change (L)
    KyleILoveYouForever [4.5.08]

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  • ElliBert
    luv ElliBert

    Hi Babess :D Soz I havent Put Them On Yet Me Tinternet is Down AtHome And In Spain At THe Mo So A Bit Hard LOL Love Youu

  • ElliBert
    luv ElliBert

    Hey Cole Ahhhhhh Less Then 1 Week Till I Come Over. Mum Said I Can Get Contacts Ahhhh Gasp I'm Well Excited Love You

  • Digidydimmick.
    luv Digidydimmick.

    returneddd for my sexy little missus. iloveyou quite alot tbf .. x x x

  • luv Fatass.

    halowww DAWWLIN! lukin wow in your profile pik babe loved you love you loving you & heres the lovee gorgeous ! x

  • luv Fatass.

    15th of may EXCITED much, omgg coz i am its only.. me, you, dems, nats, charlotte goin & i cant be arsed to beg peoplee but tbh, i think its better this way less people.. more chance ! ..of gettin in.. OMG! AHHHHH ! birthday tomorrow... niceee ! lifeisgreat hahaa ! & guess hu im goinn to see play footy on thursday go on .. guess! hes second name is a body part! haha, gd thing he hasnt got bebo.. loves you !

  • luv Fatass.

    YOUAREWELCOMEEE =) Chek out my newest skinss.. & btw have you finished watchin ADULThood ? its the most amazing film going tbh i lovee it... gangstah gangstah im a puree loverr...(8) iloveyou, more then chilli lickin crisps ! & thats sayin sumikk :o x

  • luv Lauraa.

    Lovee Forr Nicoleee :D ! x x x

  • Digidydimmick.
    luv Digidydimmick.

    you're on :D second one returnedd x333 x x x

  • luv Fatass.

    Heyy Gorgeouss... Well erm... i sortov Badly LOVEYOU; :$ Tehe, heres the loOvagee sex ! flexy & HOtzii,

  • Digidydimmick.
    luv Digidydimmick.

    oh i am terribly sorry my sexyness, i will put you on ASAP.. lalalalooove x333 iloveyouu x x x

  • A M Y
    luv A M Y

    Dear Colee .. Pleasee accept my lastt lovee of the dayy :) iLu LOTSHH BABESS ! XX

  • Aprildyer.
    luv Aprildyer.

    random love for cole, coz i love yee canny bit like TBH! x3

  • Aprildyer.
    luv Aprildyer.

    i <3 nicolee.

  • luv Fatass.

    Nicoleeeee, its seriousss ! JUICEYYYYG what i done yesterday night, oh em gee ! =/ Enyhoo, hows youu haha =P hopeee yi on bebo soonish likes , ill tel yi on msn wen yi get on ! i wundaa if people are still outties today, i am likess RITES =/ hahaaa i loveee youu alott ! loOvageeee (L) x

  • Digidydimmick.
    luv Digidydimmick.

    haha creasedd :L u rhyme & everythannn :o:O iloveyoumillionssss xxx

  • luv Fatass.

    "right back or SUFFER", pleasee.. tell me, who do you think you are Ms coleemysterr! you neeed a good kickin up the old boot wagen :/ ..dont askk.. sounded kl ! (H) JUICEYYG 'someone' isnt c ing 'someone' elss ! ..tehe , ! if yi dont understand, ill explain on msn!! if your not freeekin away, nerd ! iloveeyouu ALOT! - stay beautiful

  • Aprildyer.
    luv Aprildyer.

    B'coz nicole is daft and thinks we can jump over a 12ft wall from the coppas :L i love you really <3

  • Juicy

    hey waddup:P :P hws u??:) :) , 21:46:42