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Matt O'L


4/8/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 473
  • from Hartstown
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: Jan 31
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About Me

Walk on home, boy
Me, Myself, and I
There's me with some chap who plays the drums

..▲ ▲←

I am a Cowboy from Hell
The Other Half Of Me
Dick Turtle

Dick Turtle

Oh look, my other half is a cat

Pantera, Tool, Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth, Nine Inch Nails, Death in Vegas, Opeth, Black Sabbath, The Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Weather Report, Death Angel, Faith No More, Anthrax, Rammstein, Rage Against the Machine, Primus, Pink Floyd, The Smiths and of course, Megadriver
Please note that the following films/books do not exsist (except for Short Hands, Long Pockets, which I have never read before and I hope not to ever). These film/book names are insider jokes so don't ask any questions

Films: The Adventures of Pat Kenny and Gay Byrne: Attack of The Unfluppable Heckler on the Late Late Show, Pat Rabbite's "Rap it!!": Can You Beat the Funk?, Short Hands, Long Pockets by Eddie Hobbes. Books: George Hook: Hook-el-berry Finn, The Pat Kenny Endah by Enda Kenny, Lettuce Pray: The First Time Someone Called Me a Rabbit (I Decked Them) by Pat Rabbite, Hoo Inna Gerfoy by Seamus MacTedFitzDingleDope and Party in Our Socks by Bertie Ahern
10 Reasons to Mate with a Pianist
1. We're made to sit on a stool for hours and do you know what that means? Well neither do I
2. We can play Moonlight Sonata and Beethoven's 9th Symphony 3rd Movement on demand. Yeah, we know what ya want
3. We have long flexible fingers... so we can go an octave and a half
4. We generally don't have big muscles or anything 'cos we're piano players, not fuckin' weightlifters
5. When whistling your favourite tunes we can correct you, telling you it's not in the right key and whatnot
6. We can play theme songs to accompany your variety of moods
7. Fuck your feelings, I'll be lecturing you on why Bach is better than Chopin in the area of complexity
8. We tend to focus on music other than people... including you
9. We know all the scales, including the Harmonic Minor Scale
10. And last but not least, we can play the piano :D
Food ILY
You mean the most to me than anything in this world ever. I cannot live without you... literally. We have our good times and bad times, but you're always there for me unless I have eaten you of course. You make me sick when I eat too much of you but I need you the most when we're apart for long lengths of time. You're the highlight of my every day and you are the first thing I think of when I awake in the morning time. Food, you're the only thing I eat ILYSFM
The things I love
When I don't leave my homework to the last minute, soft butter, those long summer days, summer in general, underwater physics, the adrenaline of falling or when I'm up really high, trustworthy friends, Zelda, getting Domino's Pizza when I'm REALLY hungry, sleeping, playing piano, the 90's, Zelda and Sega music, going on "adventures", hanging out in BJ's (Ben & Jerry's), Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough and Brownie Mix Half Baked, no homework, Doc Louis, when I have no worries to think about, cats, sunsets, when things go as the way I planned them, finding glitches in games, getting up early and not being tired, surfing the internet and...when I tell a good joke.

Hector's face when he's about to bark
I Hate
Going back to school after you've had a long break, waiting for the Summer, the middle of the deep end of swimming pools, fucking up electronics, the long period between lying and the person finding out that you lied, people who have no reason for being emo, when scangers pre judge me 'cos of my appearance, when I really want to learn a song but I can't do it, when people take pictures with their webcam or take pictures specifically for Bebo, nowadays, making a fool of myself, when people take advantage of my kindness, people who expect full blown conversations on MSN, when I'm stuck in Zelda, people who are full of themselves, people who ssay they're right when they're clearly wrong, hard butter, saying it's a certain time and then realising it's two hours forward, the day when Aldin and Brenda moved, being really bored, when no one comes out, rainy days, people who think they're hardcore fans of something when they're clearly not. CAMWHORES. FUCK YOU, YOU OVERLY CONFIDENT DIPSHITS
The Legend of Zelda (all of them, except for the ones on the Phillips CD-i), Streets of Rage 1, 2 and 3, Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles, Super Hang-On, Super Mario Bros 1 and 3, Street Fighter II (all of the II's), Street Fighter Alpha 1, 2, and 3, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. Melee, TimeSplitters 2, Soul Blade, Soul Calibur I and II, Columns, Tetris, Bomberman, WarioWare (all of them, except for Twisted, haven't played it yet), Tekken 1, 2, 3 and Tag Tournament, Animal Crossing, F-Zero GX, Donkey Kong, Gunstar Heroes and Donkey Kong Country

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What Musical Instrument are you? (best version!)

My result is: Piano

You are very bubbly and bright. You like to be the center of attention and love when people notice you. You thrive on people liking and accepting you. This is wonderful, but let it go to your head. You must realize not everybody wants to be your friend. You are trusting and hardworking, and tend to learn quickly. you don't like to be active much unless it is in your studies/music. You love going to parties and being with friends, but often you tend to shut your family out of your life. The piano is very tempremental and with that comes a sea of emotions. You are trusting and loving to people very easily but if they hurt you, you can hold a grudge for years.
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What type of music are you?

My result is: Metal

You don't give a fuck about anything! You are a rebel to the rules of society and you do things your way, even if it involves you thrashing your own house. You are generally angry at what's going on in your life. You can sometimes be quiet but a lot of the time you are outspoken. You let your voice be heard among your kind of people.

Be proud and loud, you represent Metal music!

You probably (or should) listen to the likes of Metallica, Pantera, Judas Priest, Tool or Opeth
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  • Emi
    luv Emi

    orite lol jus noticd ur bitchin skin xoxoxox

  • Emi
    luv Emi


  • Emi

    OMG L4L

  • Stephen


  • SarahDelaney'

    Your Absolutly Amazing Love You:* x

  • luv SarahDelaney'

    Matty Gnaa Misss Ya Loads :* Love Youu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Fogo

    u callin me fat bitch!

  • Fogo

    haha tank u its a 2 year olds jacket:L :L

  • luv SarahDelaney'

    Ha very rock nd roll ha ere im off wrecked nitey nite Xxxxxxxx

    5/22/10 via Mobile
  • SarahDelaney'

    Ha i no the little chair yolk ha i went ta blanch youth yolk ta pay ta wax aarons leg for charity ha bout yay high wer there ha they wer awesome ha had a good day sorry couldn go on thursday ma wouldn let me go Xx

    5/22/10 via Mobile
  • luv SarahDelaney'

    Notin much in bed Wbu ? X

    5/22/10 via Mobile
  • SarahDelaney'

    y Tank Youu , Matthew is Nice 2 :D Nothin Much studid a Bit Wbuu ? , xxxxxxxx

  • SarahDelaney'

    Matty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :*

  • Coley Loves Nerds

    hello darlin :DD i gots your text :)) no worrys i had to go to bed thought you had moved on to greener pastures such as . . . . well bed i suppose :L :L looooooooooooove you :B

  • Forever Now

    ugh god.....2 years ago?? yeh thats why i only kinda waved goodbye to u when i was leaving,ill give u a virtual hug to make up for it XD yeh she is....seriosulsy yeh,she's like that,she wants everyone to love her *shivers*

  • Forever Now

    ye he's my french teacher....actually isnt that bad....most of the time :S ye u guys were really good yeim trying to get to more,but i never know when they are on! sucks! ye u were with my ex boyfriend at that night-darragh! :O ye i know,proper affection right there! :L

  • Sophia

    How about Pork and beans (with bisto coffie gravy)?

  • Forever Now

    ye,and i will tell mr.bean were u live(first i have to find out) and ill make him throw books at you like the plan? i do xD yeh,at least i saw the battle at the bands one.that was awsome! yeh!,basicaly i was doin my mocks and she came around i told her i didnt wanna hang around with her,she showed me her wrists(they were all cut) i was like eh goodbye now! :O

  • Forever Now

    yeh by the way u rock at it (: yeh i know,still have study awh it sucks! i was gonna go,but i found out like a day before hand(stupid eoin) sorry i missed it! :S yeh..uh ex friend xxx

  • Sophia

    "Bisto coffie conor ;) " the new-er ep by Porno kitchen