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Jason Moore

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  • Male, 25, Luv 62
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

J.J.J.J....J Moore
Me, Myself, and I
I know me and hopefully you do to. But a brief summary, born 8th May, lived in Scotland for 14 years, went to Biggar High, and started uni at Heriot Watt. I never turn down a chance 2 go clubbin nd drinkin provided the cash is there. I have fallen for an amazing woman who makes me feel special. I think shes the most amazin person and i love her 2 bits. She is gorgeous. Love u Catriona xxxx

MY MSN IS: diablomoore@hotmail.co.uk
The Other Half Of Me
Catriona Robertson

Catriona Robertson

Over 2 Years

Anything. Classical is Pish
Anything as long as its not a chick flick im not bothered
Football, Tennis, Squash, Rugby to watch.
Scared Of
Losing the ppl i love most.
Happiest When
Being with my mates and partying

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  • cool msn names

    Could you drive any better if I shoved that cell phone up your ass?
    One who laughs last, thinks the slowest
    People said I was dumb, but I proved them
    Kids in back seats cause accidents, accidents in back seats cause kids
    First law of science: don't spit into the wind
    Passwords are like underwear: change them often
    The height of laziness is a man is shitting on the beach and waiting for the tide
    Girls want a lot of things from one guy. Conversely, guys want one thing from a lot of girls
    Everyone likes a little ass, but no one likes a smart ass
    All men are idiots, and I married their King.
    Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film.
    Hard work has a future payoff. Laziness pays off now.
    I need someone really bad. Are you really bad?
    I tried sniffing Coke once, but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose.
    I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing!
    Learn from your parents' mistakes: use birth control.
    Smile, it's the second best thing you can do with your lips.
    Some people are only alive because it is illegal to shoot them.

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  • Every1

    Cat- Obviously not just my special woman, but a gr8 frend who is fun but who is also as mad as a hatter. She is sooooooooo sexy nd i love her soooooooo much.
    Keith- The 1 i hang around most cus we r coffee freaks. Funny in his own sadistic way. But will never b better than me at squash.
    Ferg- Sex obsessed. Thinks hes better at everything but he knows i always win (kinda). i fear for my life with sum of the crazy stuff he does, but its all kl cus i am just as crazy.
    Dave aka anal- Known him longest. Jeese how do i put up with him! Always manages 2 pull which still remains a mystery. Dave is the man.
    Rob- Well homeless ppl love him. I wish i had his beard tho. Can always make me laugh but maths was never the time nd place. Can out drink me but hes at glasgow so im not surprised.
    Mike- Probably the matureist out the lot of us. Strong yet timid. Fantastic at rugby or so i hear from him. Soon 2 b flat m8s nd hope he doesnt have any bad habits.
    George- The youngest but a sound guy. Wish i had been him tho cus he had the year with the hottest girls lucky bugger. His knowledge surpasses mine wen it comes 2 music football nd biology.
    Ross- A big teddy bear. Was always a laugh durin physics nd is very amuzin wen pissed. Dude always gets better at football which is beginning 2 worry me cus im just gettin worse.
    Hooch- Still dont understand his nickname. He is way 2 talented with music nd always has a band nd music for me 2 listen 2. Always rippin the piss outta me but im used 2 it by now. Better come in2 Edinburgh sumtime tho cus is missin out on all the drunkeness and clubs.
    Maggi- Quiet 2 most but i know her true side. Is way 2 smart well smarter than me. isnt that a gr8 achievment. Mad about horses nd is very frendly but h8s my stares for sum strange reason.
    Amy- A gd yet mad frend. Have huge chats with her. Yet the conversations are very random most of the time. Understands my randomness or is it the otherway round?
    Hannah- Love her personality nd is also smarter than me. Shld not b left alone wen very drunk tho cus is very mad nd will do things i wldnt do in my dreams. Very brave woman!
    Iain- Known him since i was a wayne. Has exactly the same sense of humor as me which makes him a gr8 m8. Always puts me in my place nd is 1 of the few quothquan inhabitants. Need 2 go out clubbin in glasgow cus he knows his stuff.
    Ross Millar- Was so quiet durin high, but is now a partay animal so i hear. Is a gd listener nd i always talk 2 him wen i need a chat. Sound guy who needs 2 show me Dundeee.

    This list is way 2 short. If u want me 2 say how i know u nd how i feel about u, just give me a bell!

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  • Rock On


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    Hey, thanks for the add! How're you? x

  • Ross Millar
    Ross Millar

    Alright Jason! Hows things with you? Been up to anything exciting over the hols. when u go bk to uni?

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    oh yea i got your 5000th view!!! i feel special

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    naff hair what you want is some of this new fangled FACIAL hair

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    I Own Yer Ass

    awrite bawjaws, lol. av been good,got a car on the road finally so been shootin about in that,wot you been up to lately?

  • Mrs Faulds
    Mrs Faulds

    natz1874@hotmail.co.uk xx

  • Mrs Faulds
    Mrs Faulds

    Hey Yeh am gd not ben in uni 4 the past 2 wks lol its gtin kinda brn lol aww thts a shame bt its typical parents eh? lol yeh a am in a relatinship hv ben 4 2 nd a half months! uni is ok... wel it was wen a wiz last in lol got essays n exams cumin up so its nt tht mch fun lol xx

  • Mrs Faulds
    luv Mrs Faulds

    hey jason hws u? hope ur doin ok speak sn xx