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Free Me From Myself

Hey guys! Going to start adding new activities regularly to this page, so keep ur eyes peeled :) xxx

6/23/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

You are not alone in your problems
Me, Myself, and I
This band is for all those who have problems that they are trying to work through and deal with. This band does not condemn anyone's actions and although we do not condone any self-harm, we understand that people need to work through these issues and not be judged.

If you feel strong enough then check out the blog for details on how to support others during their difficult times.

If you are in recovery then let me know and i can include you in our photo album, showing others that our problems can and will not defeat us.

Feel free to add the moderator who is happy to help you at any time.

You can sign up for our newsletter by adding yourself as a friend here: www.bebo.com/FreeMeFromMyself

We have a website: http://www.freewebs.com/free-me-from... It's nowhere near completed yet but there is a chatroom on the page for anyone to discuss their problems and also useful websites are listed. Check it out!

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  • distractions...........

    Ben Pearce by Ben Pearce
    hey every one

    first of all sorry ive been so pants on getting on here college work has just been dumped on top of me and had few problems other wise
    but hopefully im back and will try and get on here more often

    whilst being away ive found that stopping my poetry has really affected how i dealt with things and only recently have i got back into it which has helped a little.

    and this got me thinking that really people should help other people find their "mojo" to coping.

    so i have thought of a little list that if anyone could add anything to that thjey find helpful in distraction terms please add!!

    painting - with painting you can paint your feelings choosing the colours can determine alot then how crazy it is or how smooth it is

    poetry - one of the best ways of explaing how youfeel i think. it allows me to think of different ways of expressing with out actually using the words im trying to descirbe

    soo add any more you have and let people no how they can find other outlets

    0 Replies 242 weeks
  • Virtual Newspaper?

    Cat by Cat
    Hey guys!

    I was trying to think of something new and interesting to do where everyone could get involved and show off their talents. So i thought of a monthly virtual newspaper.
    Anyone who wants to get involved can say which part of the newspaper they would like to do and then each month, post here or email me their contribution. Once each newspaper is completed i'll post it on bebo :D

    So what does everyone think? We could have:
    ~News writer (Biggest/Funniest/Weirdest story of the month)
    ~Jokes Column
    ~Film Reviewer
    ~Book Reviewer
    ~Music Reviewer
    ~Beauty Tips
    ~Fictional Stories
    ~Real-life Stories


    I think this could be great so please post here or comment me if you want to get involved :D
    1 Reply 243 weeks
  • "Emo Cult"

    Cat by Cat
    With the recent (misinformed) stories about emo music being a suicide cult that encourages self-harm, i wanted to know your opinions.
    I personally think that rather than causing the problem, the music is there as a comfort as it makes people who may be feeling down feel that they belong and can relate to something.
    Any opinions are welcome =]
    6 Replies 264 weeks

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Free Me From Myself

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  • Cat
    luv Cat

    Thanks for your comment Lily Jane Rose. I'm glad you're doing so well =] And thanks Niamh :D If you ever need to talk just send me a message =] x X x

  • Niamh Killed Amanda Palmer.

    I love the group! If anybody needs to talk feel free to comment. =]

  • Cat

    Hope everyone is doing well =] Feel free to get in touch if u need any advice! x X x

  • Taylah
    luv Taylah

    i am a gurl how is despratly trying to get throu this but if i have cm this far i caqn keep going babi-grl XoX

  • Cat

    My laptop at uni keeps shutting down =( but feel free to message me or one of the support members and ill get in touch as soon as possible. take care =]

  • Lool

    I don't know what to do anymore i am just not me i think i maybe depressed but i don't know i want to ask someone for there help but i just can't i don't know what to do anymore i just feel so useless and unwanted

    3/5/09 via Mobile
  • Cat
    luv Cat

    Hey Kourtney. I'm sorry to hear about this. Have you tried talking to anyone about what's going on in ur home life, like a teacher or family friend? They may be able to give u good support. As for people making fun of ur acne, ignore them. They'll stop doing it when they see you don't care what they have to say. You're above them and it's who you are on the inside that they should notice, not appearance. If you want to private mail me then feel free. x

  • Cat
    luv Cat

    Thank you =] Hope everyone's doing okay! x

  • Cat
    luv Cat

    Thanks a lot =] You're doing amazingly well...well done! :D x X x

  • Princess
    luv Princess

    Hiya Everyone. Came Across This Group && I Think Its Really Good.. Because Of Groups Like This && Of Course Some Amazing People Around Me I Stopped Self Harm && Havent Done It In A Month Now After Having Self Harmed For Over A Year! So There Is Hope For People That Self Harm. You Can Overcome It. Be Strong && Don't Give Up. Concentrate On Positive Things..It Gets Hard Sometimes But Just Make Sure You Have A Good Support System Around You && That Makes It Easier.. Always Here To Chat If Needed..Keep Up The Good Work Everyone! Much Love xxxx

  • Cat
    luv Cat

    If u want me to add u could u please leave your email address so i can find you? Thanks! x