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Hit-The-Fast-Lane ... has the tomb been uncovered?

The Last PIllar in The HTFL Camp.... we reached Number 4 In the NI Download Charts :)

1/4/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • NICHART.com Number 4 :P

    NICHART.com - The Charts

    NOTE - multiple downloads of an individual song by a single user will only count as one towards the chart...we don't use the figures that you see, towards the chart.


    1. PAUL SHEVLIN - You Won't Last the Night

    2. DUKE SPECIAL - You Can't Catch Me

    3. BULBOUS HEAD -Kellys (explicit)

    4. HIT THE FAST LANE - Without a Fight

    5. AXIS OF - Brobdingnagian

    6. PANAMA KINGS – Judas

    7. WE WERE LIKE MEN WHO DREAMED - You Made a Promise

    8. TEAM FRESH - Last Orders

    9. THIS TIME TONIGHT - Stop! Stop!

    10. CUTAWAYS - I Spilled Your Drink So You Broke My Heart

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  • Farewell Blog!! From Jordan :)

    Guys im pretty sure its safe to say that HTFL is dead!
    It is with deep sadness that it has occured!

    Its change and change happens theres no preventing it.
    and so i see it only fitting to let everyone know about it.

    In HTFL i had some of the best times of my life down in Ireland, Minibus trips, practise, gallion and general Band stuff :)
    Never gonna forget this band and the guys in it as well as everyone who has every supported us, even the haters for making us carry on :)

    And for those wondering everyones still cool with each other :)

    but be on the look out for ther other projects from everyone from then band :)

    Much love to all the fans Nd the fans we consider family :)

    also a big thanks to STRUCK, Dropcheck, Headlines Make heroes, Romanticide, Urban crime spree, Whiplash and bucky riddum

    much Love

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  • To the Fans

    For those of yooh out there who genuinely LOVE our little band, thank yooh oh so very much. Without youre support and good feedback this band could not have sustained itself as long as it has. From the day this band was born none of us had any expectations to still be going strong today. With our upcoming slot at Allen Park, one of the most important gigs thus far, we've been working our asses off writing new material and learning new songs to play to you guys and it's all because of your commitment to our band that we still have this undying passion for performing. You guys make our live shows as special as they are. Not one band we've played with thus far has had as much support from their fans as we've had in our oppinion. From the guys who help us shift our shit to and from venues to the girls who drive us all the way down south to play to 11 people without complaining, THANK YOU! We love yooh guys and we promise, someday it will all have been worth it.

    BTW: Look out for our CD this Autumn.. We need yooh guys to buy this shit and spread the word.

    Hit The Fast Lane are back in action and this time we mean it:

    "We're Taking Over The Fucking World"


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  • Dylan C
    Dylan C

    Hey guys! weve finally got recordings!:D .. just got home from studio last night and were throwin the tracks up tmz!:) New tracks "All I Wanted" and " Owe You One" will be streaming online @ www.purevolume.com/_struck from 7PM TMORROW NIGHT!!:) -Dylan STRUCK

  • luv Sean

    Hey dudes trying to get a few shows together for the start of the new year, you guys wanna come down here and we could do something up there? hope things are well! Good to see you lads back!:)

  • Ger Duffy
    Ger Duffy

    its good 2 hear from ye aswel:D haha summer tour...the funds r a bit low for dat:L but ya guys we r defo giggin with ye nxt year:) haha cheers man...we got a pretty cool gig been announced later this week!:) so whats the story with HTFL now...ye lookin for a new guitarist ya? -Ger, Struck

  • luv HollyAmyskelton

    Josh left?? Why!! He was the only cute one! messing, your all sexy ;) Haha Lv Holly xxxx <3 xxxx

    luv STRUCK

    Well lads....nice 2 see your gettin back on track! hopefully we can gig with ye next year:DD good luck with everything! -Ger, Struck

  • Mikiie Rutledge
    Mikiie Rutledge

    any chance anyone could come up with a new skin for us till we can get a new layout sorted??? x

  • Mikiie Rutledge
    Mikiie Rutledge


  • Mikiie Rutledge
    Mikiie Rutledge

    this bands fuckin gayyyy FAIL

  • Jack Taggart
    Jack Taggart

    you guys are pretty good

  • luv HollyAmyskelton

    I Love yous :D

  • luv Sean

    Ah thats cool i guess a break is a good thing in a way because you come back refreshed and ready to go and from the sounds of it you are! Things are good down here, playing a few shows recording soon after bassist being unwell and we have a new guitarist so things are great!how did the allen park show turn out? P.s. I made a random logo so il send it to yee when im on a comp!-sean x

    10/9/09 via Mobile
  • Jonathan B
    luv Jonathan B

    i know you get lots of abuse lol like emo fags and shit like dat i hate it :P i mentioned ye on our page lol :P hopefully thatll get ye known better too :D

  • luv Sean

    Hows things guys? Must have a show together soon!:)

    10/8/09 via Mobile
  • Jonathan B
    luv Jonathan B

    wats up lads :DD loving the tunes you guys are rather like my band theres not many of our kind in dis country :DD Keep it real

  • Shelleybaby

    wahey!!! now im a fan lol!! keep it up guys. gotta get over next time ur giggin!! that an juior needs to get a shifty on finishin my sleeve lol!!

  • luv HollyAmyskelton

    Have love :) I was planning on writing yous a super long comment, but you know what?, im actually sooo tired right now, so im just gunna leave the love and run :P ily Lv Holly xxxx <3 xxxx

  • Jackanory
    luv Jackanory

    omg this dand ROCK i love screemo

  • Slicethepie

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