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Lisa Manton

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  • Female, 23, Luv 183
  • from Cashel
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 2,978
  • Member since: April 2006
  • Last active: Apr 15
  • www.bebo.com/Ticklesmanton
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
<<<<<"hmmm double vodka or....double vodka i cant decide"

"ya you can be a member of I.B.T.C" if ur man enough
Caroline: awe mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Alice: Die internally

Roisin and the gang: MESSIN

Niamh: brazilian sure we all have them! is robbie in rehab

Me in the swift: look at this luh

Alice: no ...wait wat does the b stand for

Eddy: why is ur bcg on ur right arm

Me: oh my god it is why oh my god oh m! oh its on the other arm phew !!

Anthony: Sweet


Angela(after a few drinks):oh my god luh luh he s gonna get the kick shittd outta him

John and angela:Welllcome!

Ian:Happy christmas

Me again: ah i so thought the devil was behind me eeeeeeeeeeek!!
The Other Half Of Me
Niamh Bowes

Niamh Bowes

what can i say she s a maniac maniac on the floor!

i freak the girlys out with the music i know !!!love any thing that sounds good and it has to make you wanna dance thats my theory!
dirty dancing best film ever its an oldie but a goodie, lovwe any thing that will make me laugh!greece who cud forget greece...and that thing you do , ifyou havent seen it u have ta now!!happy raymond i put it on my list:0, oh i love all the oceans films and pirates of the carabian who could diss it johnny depp is a fucking ledgend!
THE SWIFT(aka sheila swift):
Awe wat a machine ha ha good times hillarious times as a matter of fact in that car sigh !!
nothing....NOT i hate things where i m pron to falling on!and feet ewe and cats they are rottten yolks!
when im around the gals the gud aul reliable Cashel girls !! Driving around in Sheila swift with miss o connell "con gratulations"!!! generally im always happy so i cant put a time on it "happiness is timeless" ha ha thats so corny! smile and the world smiles with u cry and u cry alone !!....so they say :L
EVERYBODY!ah sure ill throw out a few names :the cashel gang still the same friends since junior infants alice niamh amy ais ang !!Awe! mz g to the c o connell ! all my elys girls, tereasa ian and the gang their all
hillarious ! and of course the boherlahan gals u know who ye are!the college buds emily anth roisin car and co!

what can i say the womans a ledgend !!! thats all there is to say :P
The most annoying thing u need to know bout me :
I have to have to throw harmony into every song Angela and co are witness to that sorry bout that lads has to be done tho !!

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  • Funny

    Man goes into the doctor bent over,
    Doctor:"whats wrong man"
    Man:"i ve got this steering wheel stuck down my pants"
    Doctor:"how did it get there?"
    Man:"i dunno but its drivin me nuts !":) :) :) :)

    0 Comments 274 weeks

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  • Sauce
    luv Sauce

    Wel cuz....just passing true....here catch...ha ha

    11/18/09 via Mobile
  • luv Caroline H

    hay sweetie....hw u?? i aint seen u in soooooooooooooooooooo long!!:( :( hws limerick treatin ya darlin??? xxxxxxx gud times.....:DD :DD

  • Melissa Ryan
    Melissa Ryan

    hi house mate :L :L :L :L

  • luv Adam Callinan

    Haven't seen you yet this summer and me no likey that :( How you getting on???? :D

  • Clodagh Reidy

    well hello hello!!! howr u! wil ya send on ur number tru mail x whens is the big gathering for the boys launch??

  • Miss Grace O' Connell
    luv Miss Grace O' Connell

    coz we're the two of a kind ceile band :L ceile ceile ceile band :L <3 grace....................xxx

  • Muireann McGowan
    luv Muireann McGowan

    hey huni..xx Id say its crazy bin home now afta all dis time!!ah ive bin grand just helpin out at home n just bin wokrin 3hrs evrymornin servin tea haha...jus got paid 2day 4 last 2 weeks got 390euro sweet ohh its feels gud 2 actually make money altho only 2 wks left in dat job!!:( u getin enuf rain since u got back?!.. i honestly tink its realy warm out jus abit rainy at times!!n my tans fadin rapid!!i jus luk like ive moisturisin tan on now!!:( ...tell him i say hey back!! did u n alice not do d skydive no?!..wat else ye do der??..ahh bbqs yum...d 1 we had d day b4 i left was class!! necraic??... it feels weird wen im not chatin ye all d time :( ...oh by the way between urself n alice do ye remebr d words to "Ram On"...need dem...wil ye try n bebo dem back2 me if ye can rember ne of the words plez n spanks!!:D ...x.x.x.x.

  • luv Caroline H

    manton im holdin tat ta ya BIG TIME!!!!!!!:( :( :( gotta car too.....:D :D beep beep..cumn through!!!:P :P xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Miss Grace O' Connell
    luv Miss Grace O' Connell

    keep me keen Roy Keane :D jeez i cant wait for you to come home :D when are you hoe then you crazy ass motha x

  • Angela Lambe
    luv Angela Lambe

    well manton i`m so jealous ur guna be home before i miss everyone soooo much i duno how u did it for two montha i can barely do it for 2 weeks!!!! tep all the lambes are asking for ya dey miss they`re sister!!! wont be home til de 31st but wen i get home major session kk?? my regards to the D man!!!!!xxx

  • Teresa Coleman
    luv Teresa Coleman

    lis, i'm so excited, it feels like i havent seen you in years! oh there'll be plenty of messin to be done when you return. what date are you back? the 21st isn't it? we should go out:D aw, would you look at us, like the old times here we go weee

  • Miss Grace O' Connell
    luv Miss Grace O' Connell

    lisssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cant frickin wait like, i miss ya sooooooooooooo much..... we have to have a serious rehersal ok.... i no we still be unreal like... grantee we'll be on the main stage at Oxegen next year, some caic... cant wait for you to come home aggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L <3 grace.............................  xxxx

  • Angela Lambe
    luv Angela Lambe

    in japan, tis crazy mann!!! miss u more sister x x

  • Muireann McGowan
    luv Muireann McGowan

    hey stranger..x Hows all goin 4 ye fuckers in 915 Kaili Place?.. Cant believe its nearly 2 weeks since i was der!..u, alice n d boys enjoyin demselves sure yev only bout a week left ya?!...wat ave ye done??..fill me in so i can be jealous!!haha..more jealous wud be more spot on!! same old same old here in Ireland- pissin rain n imposible to get jobs!!:( ..x.x.x

  • Andrea O'Keeffe
    luv Andrea O'Keeffe

    Hey how is ur vag-jj keepin???xx:P