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Lucie Smith

give us some luvv,leave us a comment,add me a brick,do me quiz,add me to ur friends nd write on me white board laaa lol :D cheers ears

2/6/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 38
  • from lush liverpool babii =]
  • I am Engaged
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  • Last active: 8/18/08
  • www.bebo.com/LucieS48
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About Me

lucie smith is having a baby girl :D
Me, Myself, and I
♥«´•°*.. lucie ..*°•´»♥
.¸.•*(¸.•*´♥*•.¸) *•.¸.

[♥]she's called[♥]
x..lucie-lou smith..x
[♥]she has blown out[♥]
x..blue eyes..x
[♥]sprays on [♥]
x..katie price stunning ..x
[♥]..in a relationship..?[♥]
[♥]she curls[♥]
x.. blonde hair ..x
[♥]she works at [♥]
x..hair + beauty salon ..x
[♥] she dresses up in [♥]
x.. size 8...x
[♥]she talks to the hotties on♥]
The Other Half Of Me


luvv ya dollo babes =] hes the bomb =]

tunes =]
Loveage! =]
mike, dollo, family, my girlies, parties, funny drunkn times, out, lads, sunbeds, purfum
 e, make up, clothes, shoes, sex, my phone, straightners, long fone calls, random txts, weekends
hates! =[
victoria beckham, jodie marsh, false girls that are like so not, having no munny, shit weekends
msnage! =]
thanx :D
Best Girlies x
jessica jackson , joanne blackburn , roxanne edwards, haylee-lou jones, bexxi-leigh ryan, sasha garland, melissa price
Best Boi's x
micheal joseph garland , dollo callum baker , dean jackson, clint mccall, jay macca

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  • Lee Roy

    Congrats on the baby (Y)

  • Joanne Blackburn
    luv Joanne Blackburn

    hiiiii babes :D aww gdgd :D glad everythin is okk hun aww ino yee missed ya :( haha ino ye same ere really aint been out in ages tho been really ill :( goin to a christenin on sunday like :P aww gdgd aww how cute :D :D wat ya gonna call her ?? gdgd tell all the girlls i sed hiii :D x mwaaahhh x workin in kfc its alrite like just get paid to have a laff lol :P aw ino we will have to arrange sumit :D ay has mike got a new car ?? luked like him the other day lol aw mikes got 2 girls so suppose he cant think of any lol that means u can pick lol :D deans snd :D just the same old deano yano lol awww not long hunnie u will have to send me a pic when she is born n ill try n get over to see ya its just a pain with work n all that shit i hardly see dean most weeks now coz i have work most nites he as work all day then he goes to footy lol :( aw gdgd they still lil sods ?? oh ok j.w hun ye was amazin there fuckin fab :D anyway wb hunnie luv yaaa jo xxx luvage :D

  • Sybil Friedman

    sup babe pimp out your profile! Copy this link to check it out sick-offer.com laters

    8/9/08 via Mobile
  • Sydnie Kyra

    Re: hang Ronnie Bebo is being stupid! I cant upload my pics for some reason. Hit me up on msn messenger jane21pink@live.com talk to you later

    8/8/08 via Mobile
  • Sybil Farley

    Re: hi Sol This hot chick with huge tits is showing on cam! Hit up jane84hottie@live.com on msn messenger before she gets off. Shes crazy!

    7/24/08 via Mobile
  • Joanne Blackburn
    luv Joanne Blackburn

    hiaaaa babe :D u ok ?? aint spoke to ya in ages :( wat ya been up to ?? hows u and the baby and all that hope everyfin is ok :D hows all the girls an that ?? aint spoke to anyone is ages its just been work work work lol ill have to come over an see yas all one weekend we will have to go out sometime aint been out for abit :( :( how far gone r ya now ?? do you know what ya havin yet ?? any names hun ?? deans sister has just had a baby and my boss's son lol hows nat n hatty anyway ?? did mike remember about charlies birthday ?? aww guess waa hun ?? goin to see westlife on sunday :D :D cant wait :P lol anyway wb wen ya next online luv ya jo xxxxx xxxx xxx xx x

  • Joanne Blackburn
    luv Joanne Blackburn

    wats up pussy cat woo woo woo woo sorry i cant stop singin it for sum mad mad reason lmao !! nah didnt get anyfin in the end didnt have the money lol :( aw snd snd lol aww well i missed you too babes :P gddd yee im snd taa fink im gonna get the chicken pox tho :( :( r stacey txt las nyt sayin the kids woke up with them so ill prob bloody get them grr >:( hate them lol anyway aint done much 2day like erm friday went the pics with jodie didnt i then sat babysat r staceys kids then sundee went to a christinin n yesterdee went to the mother in-laws lol u been doin much at the weekend then ?? aw snd snd mikes dad go to his caravan ?? es not to bad bu es abit of a wanka ded cocky lmao hes not bad lookin tho lol but i wudnt go there lmao ! haha ill try i neva see him lmao ! ino yee lol yee he was so i deleted the pic of deans fone i fort lucie will go mad lol so ur save now lmao ! ye dean had a pic of you on his fone and he seen it and asked about ya n tha lol bowlin ally wb xx

  • Joanne Blackburn
    luv Joanne Blackburn

    hiyaa sexy bum ;) were have u been hidin ay ?? aint been online for ages :( missed ya lol anyway u ok ?? wuu2 ?? wat ya doin over the weekend ?? u doin anyfin for easter ?? ayy got sum gossip for wen ya online lmao :D :D ay deans mate fancys ya :O hes rank tho :( seen him today in his car wif his bird and his lil baby shouted ay u pervin at me mates he just laffed so prob have his bird after us lmaooo :L :L stupid lil slutt lmao e was propa pervin at yas all yano he likes hayley aswell lol just fort id tell ya its rather funny anyway u out this weekend ?? im ment to b in work bu fucked it off lmao and gotta babysit r leah n layla 2nyt lol and 2mora gota christin lol anyway went to see step up 2 with jodie yesterday lol :D :D wb luv yaaa jo xxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Jodiiee

    hiyahh babe aww cool did u ave a gd tym ? yepp im gurd thanks yooh ! ! nuffin much reali ! ! been workin at workin at da weekend reali ! ! yooh !! w.b love yooh ave lovage 4 2 day lol ! ! love Jodie XxXxMwAhXxXx

  • Deano Luvin Jojo
    luv Deano Luvin Jojo

    hiiiiiiiii lucie babe haha 4rt ya wud do lol haha same as jo wud do wiv me lol only im not minted lol snd snd lol kk snd erm duno yet anyway wb babe xxx thanks 4 da luv n ill giv ya da luv back too xxx

  • Hayley

    No pbs!:D :D Yer of course u r!! :D :D yer was gd weekend! d parti on sat was gd! :) Was town gd yer? Wa u doin dis weekend? Its me bros bday so were goin d royal court 2 watch a play an den 4 a meal an a few drinks so should b a gd day! :D :D :D loves xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Joanne Blackburn
    luv Joanne Blackburn

    hiyaaaa lucie love :D i feel better 2day think it was just the wind gave me ear ache and that yesterday lmao :( haha ino yee weekends r like the best lol :P ino ye its shit init >:( oh swnd tell him i sed happy birthday for when ever it is lmao :P erm mite be goin out 2mora nite but aint sure about saturdee yet lmao lol i got a few 2day lol erm nout much went to the shops with me dad lol just got some make up and a some bangles and a top and this gawjish clip for the weekend lol :D got a few easter prescents for people aswell lol :D u done much 2day ?? ino ye i so wanna wear it aswell lmao :( ino im ded blonde now lol :P ye shes snd shes had a chest infection but shes ok now lol :D :D lol erm not to sure yet prob just gonna stay in lol im gettin a new tattoo or piercin at the weekend i want me tongue dont but me mum dont like the idea of tha coz of the all the nerves it rather bad lol or me eyebrow bu im scared lol so mite get a tattoo lol anyway wb luv ya jo xxxxxxxx

  • Deano Luvin Jojo
    Deano Luvin Jojo

    hiiiii babe kk snd snd lol ya avnt a look around for another pink one and then making mike pay for it lol ohits ok babe im snd thanks how r u now nm just wrk really lol y wot u been upto lol anyway wb babe xxx

  • Joanne Blackburn
    luv Joanne Blackburn

    heyy lucie sexy bum ;) lmao gddd :D i dont feel to good 2day :( think im gettin a cold :( hope im better for the weekend lmao :P ino the weathers shit te wind has gave me ear ache >:( ye was gdd had a laff theres some pics on me profile :D was just messin about havin a laff and gettin pissed lmao u doin much this weekend ? i aint got much money this weekend so duno wat were doin yet and aint spoke to any1 since sat lmao have to give them a ring lol gotta get some easter prescents at the weekend aswell lol >:( hate easter lol u out this weekend then ? erm just went to the shops got a new jacket and some make up and tha :D lol got a curly hair piece witch is gawjish and its too dark for my hair now av gone blonder lol :( didnt realise how blonde i was lmao :P and went to me nans was her 88th birthday :D lol but aint done much 2day avnt felt too good :( lol so think im gonna stay in 2nite lmao !! u doin anyfin good 2nite ?? anyway im goin now heres my love wb jo xxxxx