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Just jumpd on here 2 get the old skewl pics lol.

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About Me

Rest.In.Peace Grandpa
Me, Myself, and I
Liife is go0d!!

=>:* 'ALahNz0' :* <=
=>:* 'CrEuZ' :* <=

=>You know a bit of everything really from hip-hop and r'n'b all dah way to techno and some rock jamzz...
=>Horror flikz and Comedies
=>Not really a sports person to f#@%ing lazy..hahahaha :L :L :L
Scared Of
=>Dayum im shit scared of growing old and wrinkly..hahahaha :L :L
Happiest When
=>Happiest when I'm with my son's enjoying and living life to dah fullest...
=>Happiest when I got my lips on a can or bottle containing alcohol hahaha...:D :D
=>Happiest when I'm craking it with coin.Shopping spree calling hahaha...:O :O :O

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  • >CRAK'D_TYM3'z<

    ->Went to dish chikz 21st and house warming in rewa, got wasted wiff angels cors gurlz..and den suddenly angels getting told..'Your not our cushinn' hahaha...

    ->Den dis chik Mary was all happy dancing and drinking and got maybe a bit to hoochie with dah moves and next minute her brudahz draggin her owt by her earz sayin 'Datz enuff fo you hahahaha..dang we made sure to let her no in dah mornin we rememberd..

    ->Went to dah social afterparty with dah SO'A GURLZ...
    We all drinkin and shit and den Nina does diss wakd azz stripper kinda dance and has dah biggest and cheesiest smile on her face like she won dah lotto or sumfing..couldnt stop laufin bowt daht..hahahaha

    ->Haha dayum had a drink ubb at my pad dah usual, everywun got drunk dah munkii, a scrap went down so summ of dah homies gapd it and drunk at anudah pad..Me not knowing anyfing got more wasted went home and my mums cursing saying 'WHICH WUN OF YURR FRENDZ TOOK DAH MINCE??'..
    In my head im lyke waht dah f#%@!! Den I go down to dah homies padd to find it still in deah freezer hahahahaha...

    Dah least dae couldve done was eat dah shit and hide dah evidence!!!

    (Don't worry wont mention any names)hahahaha

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Cheesy! Uploaded 1/25/11 via Mobile

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  • .NOmeh.
    luv .NOmeh.

    hae bum bum how are you?x waht happnd too oa party ae hahaha:) miss you heaps mst probly wont hea frm mee in a bit cuz bebo sucks ae bt yeah tata.x

  • luv Kikii

    Heey cuz im good thanks yep still in otara :L aw js tryna finish my last year at school :Z hows you&bubr? wt you been uptoo? :*

  • D I S W ON
    D I S W ON

    Nah g im wrkn nw daez haha gta mke dat mney wbu wat u behn ub 2

    5/28/11 via Mobile
  • D I S W ON
    D I S W ON

    Hay suhp hu may ths b u added me

    5/22/11 via Mobile
  • luv Kikii

    Heartyou cuz&bubr alahnzo :* KIKII

  • O W N E D
    O W N E D

    oh wea bouts ? If icrac some loot then definately(: x

    3/23/11 via Mobile
  • O W N E D
    O W N E D

    im stil in thhood , in otara(: haha . x

    3/23/11 via Mobile
  • O W N E D
    luv O W N E D

    ibeen good(: hbyou ? Yeah hard its been ages x

    3/23/11 via Mobile
  • C H A R
    C H A R

    Haha was joax . Maybe we can start at nanas then head there straight after . At the venue kuz .

    3/9/11 via Mobile
  • C H A R
    C H A R

    Horcey buzz haha ?

    3/9/11 via Mobile
  • C H A R
    luv C H A R

    Lauras cdae next week cuz . Is that us ? LOL

    3/9/11 via Mobile
  • luv Cslps Wiifeyy

    Aww yup swt presh il txt yu fne as sn as itop up k . yu gna bring yur two boys ? yu betr ihavnt seen thm :( . lol .

    3/6/11 via Mobile
  • luv Cslps Wiifeyy

    Hey Presh , sori meh got no txts . umm yup il most proberbly go polly . is it this weknd or nxt weeknd ? l txt yu wen itop up so we can meet up k . ly x

  • Dlmrdosit .

    watsup ? fuck iv been meaning to drop around ma cuz !

  • A N A

    oh wel pretty solid ae, like wen yu move owta the hood people ask wea u from & im like otara & their like:O ayyee:L aha, herd mangrys pretty pumpin:) LOW

  • luv A N A

    aw meann 3year, dats pretty legit & nah its algood bout me juan, life goes on lols ! ummm nah Juans in pap & Im in rewa:D wea u staying now ? LOW

  • A N A

    naah we broke up:( but fuuck im missing him, I aint jahhk wid out'm !:L hows you and pat.b ? solid:D me and Juan started going out wen I was going fergy then we caked & made it happen again on new years eve then fucked it up 3 weeks 2 days later:L lols sweet.d, get back wenevs;) LOW

  • luv R Y D E R

    Heres a hart 4 using ur fone 2 go on da net babe. Haha :D

    1/30/11 via Mobile
  • Hata Proof

    Tell pat haha oh duz he gta phone yet?

  • Hata Proof

    presh tell dat if hez keen tah gt horcy n j.tees cdae alguds