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Simon MacGruer

simonmacgruer.fotopic.net for Sydney photos!

2/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 31, Luv 68
  • from Fort William originally now Glasgow
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 15,609
  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: 10/3/12
  • www.bebo.com/simonmacgruer
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Living it up Sydney style!
The Other Half Of Me
Sarah Bruce

Sarah Bruce

She lives in Sydney you know!

I'm going to list the top tunes listened to on my iPod. That should give a fair idea.
1. Celtic Symphony - The Wolftones
2. The Bucket - Kings of Leon
3. You Shook Me All Night Long - ACDC
4. Going the Distance - Song from Rocky
5. Your Love - Jackie Wilson
6. Kilamangiro - Babyshambles
7. Shot Down - The Sonics
8. I Wanna Hold Your Hand/Wonderland - McFly
9. Let The People Sing - The Wolftones
10. Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream
11. My Sharona - The Knack
12. Tribulations - LCD Soundsystem
13. I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones
14. Bigmouth Strikes Back - The Smiths
15. Twist and Shout - The Beatles
16. Mmmbop - Hanson (honestly)
17. Numb/Encore - Linkin Park & Jay-Z
18. Swastika Eyes - Primal Scream
19. Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
20.... I can't be bothered typing the rest out.
From my DVD's the most common ones found in my DVD player are:
Anchorman, Back to the Future's, Snatch, The Goonies, Naked Gun's, 40 Year Old Virgin, Austin Powers', Layer Cake, Leon, Zoolander. Can't beat a bit of the Lion King, Hook, Big and stuff like that. Your classic Gooodfellas, LA Confidential, Casino, Heat etc are up there too.
Celtic for Football and Fort William for Shinty although I should probably say Glasgow Mid Argyll (team I play for) I'll happily watch pretty much any sport though.
Scared Of
Quiet weekends and/or running out of money although they both happen at the same time.
Happiest When
At TFI, playing guitar, not working, playing shinty, sleeping, checking Bebo when I should be working...
My Website
My MSN address

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  • Australia Photos

    All my holiday photos can be seen on my fotopic website, there was far too many to put them all on bebo.


    0 Comments 298 weeks

  • Very very funny video

    Check out this video


    I probably shouldn't find it so funny but it is hilarious!!

    1 Comment 303 weeks

  • Things You'll Never Hear In Neighbours

    1. "Hello Stuart, remember when you were blind?" or "hey stuart, your wife is mental, hows that going?"

    2. "Hello harold, remember when you died but then Helen Daniels found you in a shop & you were calling yourself 'Ted'?"
    "Hello harold, remember when you had a stroke and went evil for a while and felt up women in the coffee shop? Cos its a bit like the whole 'I want to kill paul robinson' thing just slightly less sinister"

    3. "Lynne, you know how you split up with your husband over the phone? how come he didn't ever come back to the house (which he probably owns) to pick up any of his stuff?"
    "Lynne, how come you lived in Ramsay Street for absolutely ages before even mentioning that you had a son who played for a Premiership football team in England but was somehow still young enough to return home and restart school?"

    4. "Afternoon Lou, did you not used to have a daughter? Are you not bothered that she's just been taken away cos she's not really yours even though you raised her on your own for about 4 years?"

    5. "Susan, remember when you banged your head and thought you were a teenager for a bit? That was a bit mental eh?"

    6. "Excuse me Susan, you had a FUNERAL for your SHEEP. Get a grip"

    7. "Karl, are you superman? You're a GP, a surgeon, a psychiatrist, a mid-wife, musician, neurologist, dermatologist.... Yet you still have time to put your winky up susan"

    8. "Howdi Summer, remember you started piano lessons and about 3 days later you got accepted into Australia's most prestigous music school? You must be a fucking genius"

    9. "Hello Toadie, remember your Irish best friend Connor, who mysteriously disappeared and now you don't know if he's alive or dead? Do you? Do you actually remember him? Your best friend? It might be nice to mention him once in a while. Prick"

    10. "Hi Bree, get the fuck off my television screen you fat mess"

    5 Comments 331 weeks

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  • -Kirsten-Newlands-

    Bebo sucks! I barely use it anymore! you should hit me up on xxxmatch, its the best place for hooking up ever! check it out at http://goo.gl/WnogQ

  • Condii Beach 2/14/10
  • Malcolm Hunter
    Malcolm Hunter

    Simondo! Hope you're good? Our debut single came out on iTunes yesterday and we're giving it a big push this week to see what we can achieve. If you fancied downloading it we would be very greatful! Search for The Ghosties, "Betty Love's Dead" or try: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/M... Thanks again, Malc.x.

  • The Sunday Club
    The Sunday Club

    Sunday nights at Victoria's Re-Launching this weekend. 6th Sept with.. DJ Vance back in legendary Sunday night residency. Drinks from 1.50 FREE CD for everyone guestlist at VICTORIAS.TV It's gonna be huge! x AppLink:10193193349

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  • LIsa Lashes
    LIsa Lashes

    LISA LASHES IN FALKIRKAppLink:10193193349

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  • O'Couture

    ocglasgow.com for electronic guest list every night. Also half price food this week when you say 'oc food rocks' get involved AppLink:10193193349

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  • O'Couture


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  • The Sunday Club
    The Sunday Club

    The Sunday Club Sunday nights at Victoria's DJ Vance back in legendary Sunday night residency. 6th sept onwards It's gonna be huge! x AppLink:10193193349

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  • The Sunday Club
    The Sunday Club


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  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay

    I so need to email you. Man hope you're doing good. Far from home but never far from my thoughts. Have some man love xx

  • Natalie Ward

    Hey. I'm good thanks! u? That 3 months already!!! god. keep getting stories off gary, sounds brill. he may be joining u soon eh! I'm just plodding along, enjoying the very empty office and the pay cut! haha. No scandal as its so empty now! all very boring eh! Glad ur having a ball and speak soon! ps.. u preparing for gary "crazy" lyle? lol

  • Graham Kerr
    Graham Kerr

    alright mate, how is sydney going? hope you have settled in with the new job now :) here you might be movin in with gary when he gets over :) office is gonna be so quiet soon, i am still working away on the civil stuff so kept busy, been down to leeds a fair bit. your missin the great weather back here, believe it or not by car thermometer was reading 30 degrees. ok so it lasted 5 mins till it kicked in properly, went down to 26 which aint too bad for scotchland. any new gossip?

  • Gail Condie
    Gail Condie

    heey,how u ? i got my results on fri.. i got a 2.1. really pleased!! exams were really hard to im happy!! need to job hunt now.. there not a lot though ! might apply to do a phd, but firt things first is rock ness this weekend haha! glad your keeping up with the drinking routine ;) xx

  • Shagtag Tuesdays
    Shagtag Tuesdays

    COME IN YOUR PANTS !! YOU ARE INVITED TO THE PANTS PARTY !! *** Tuesday 2nd June - Play Nightclub *** ,=============, .\.---,.......|.|......,---./ ...\.....\..././.\.\../...../ .....\.....|.|.....|.|...../ .......'-------------' Yes! theres a party in SHAGTAG's pants & you're all invited. Y-fronts, knickers, speedos, boxers, or granny pants.. anything goes! Girls & boys. Prizes for the best on show. Please RSVP to your invitation with some love (or disgust) xxx Shagtag Tuesdays at Play Nightclub 7 Renfield St - Drinks at 1 quid !! bebocomments at live.co.uk X64786926

  • Gail Condie
    luv Gail Condie

    Heeey you! hows things goin? net been on bebo for ages.. just finished my exams last week.. so im an official bum now .. very boring. fell me in on the aussie chat!! x x x

  • Lindsay Mackenzie 5/25/09
  • Natalie Ward

    hello there. doin a very late, very rare visit to the world where nights can be wasted achieving nothing! lol. I have just been made very jealous of ur beach flat and the fact its roasting!!! How long is that you been out now? Still all good? Tho i can't think of why i wouldn't be! I'm sure ul have few photos to check out? x

  • Malcolm Hunter
    Malcolm Hunter

    Hi Simon, How on earth are you getting? Sorry for being so elusive recently - been moving house and, consequently, internet is hard to come by. Anything exciting happening at your end?