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  • App created: January 2008
  • www.bebo.com/flickrphotos
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About This App
Show your Flickr photos in a slideshow on your profile page

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  • Is your flickr username not found?

    Abbey posted a comment on this page with a suggestion on how to solve the problem of the app reporting that your username was not found:

    http://www.flickr.com/account/prefs/... <-- Go to this URL and make sure the checkbox labelled 'Hide your photostream from searches on 3rd party sites that use the API' is NOT checked.

    Keep me posted on wether or not people are still having problems or if this fixes it for everyone.

    2 Comments 237 weeks

  • Dropping in to say hi

    Hi everyone,

    Many things going on in real life, I don't get a lot of time to check my app pages.

    Since bebo doesn't seem to give me any method to subscribe to new comments or reviews on my app pages, if you need to talk to me about the app, drop me a mail.

    Some people have been requesting features or complaining of problems, here's my response to some of the common ones.

    "My username is not accepted". Some of the usernames are being rejected, I have no idea why, see the bottom half of this blog post for details of how the app works and why there's nothing I can do about this.

    "Why can't you scroll the pictures","Why can't I attach descriptions","Why can't i get a different picture each time someone visits my page"
    The contents of the box on your page dedicated to the app is 100% static, it can't change unless you access one of the app pages at apps.bebo.com/flickr etc.
    When the app was written (things may have changed slightly since, but I don't have time to check or learn how to use any new api features), all I could do was fill that box on your profile with pictures and links. all but one of these pictures is hidden. When you click the links, it changes whats visible and whats not. It can't do this on its own (hence no auto scrolling, or random pictures).
    You could probably attach descriptions, but the space in that box is limited, and i would have to redesign the app to accomodate this, I don't have the time

    As I said above, if you need to contact me, drop me a mail. English if you please.


    0 Comments 242 weeks

  • Initial App release

    20/2/08 First release of app.

    Basic usage instructions:
    -1. Get a Flickr account at http://www.flickr.com
    0. Upload some photos

    1. Enter your (or one of your friend's) Flickr account name into the 'My Flickr Details' page
    (note - when you press 'Do it!' on this page, your currently selected photos will be reset)
    2. Select which photos you would like to display on your profile page in the 'Select Photos' page. You may select up to 100 photos.
    3. Enjoy

    4. You can go back and change which photos are displayed, or the flickr account at any time

    Known bugs:
    Organise photos page has not been implemented since Bebo has not released its SNJS yet. Until this happens, photos will have to remain in the default ordering, i.e. the order the Flickr api provides the details to the app.

    0 Comments 283 weeks

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  • by Doreen Brooks Like my flickr photos - even neil kinnock gets a look in if you look carefully!
  • º Tara º by º Tara º xx
  • Billy Woods by Billy Woods love it
  • Dr. Shane Taylor by Dr. Shane Taylor go flicker!!
  • by Miss-CoNfidnt- awesome
  • by Simone' I love this pic!!!
  • by Joe Lennon very handy
  • Mic by Mic i like it
  • by Barry Finlay Just a really cool app for linking the 2 worlds of Bebo and FickR
  • KAdarriusroberts by KAdarriusroberts I NEED HELP WITH MINE.
  • by Andrew Collinson Great, thanks
  • by Brittany Wheesk You're welcome.
  • David Wilson by David Wilson Like it a lot. Would be nice if it gave photo titles and also automatically playing all my photos rather than me having to select the ones I want. Good work ;)
  • Eric Barry by Eric Barry It would be ok if a different picture came up each time you went onto theprofile page but the same one keeps coming up.
  • R.T Photography by R.T Photography class love it
  • Hester by Hester It's broken.
  • by Ash Good app but wish it could show up more than one image...
  • by V Rollz V brill will this work with my newly uploaded photos and display them without me doing anything ? plus needs to display more than 1
  • Alan Harrison by Alan Harrison Pretty cool, I use flickr a lot so its nice that ican show my photos on my bebo page.

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  • Ashleigh T
    luv Ashleigh T

    nawwwww u only hve 1 luv now u hve 2

  • Cali Jack C
    Cali Jack C

    its not workin>:( :P ?....

  • º Tara º
    º Tara º

    Added app to a new profile.. , yet it worked a treat on other page .. loved this app .. please fix it ... plzzzzz :(

  • -Lola Lovemangle
    -Lola Lovemangle

    Check out my friend's photostream: www.flickr.com/photos/astichbury

  • Lynda Green
    Lynda Green

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  • º Tara º
    º Tara º

    plz change the settings so app can be added to groups (all profiles) ;) xx

  • Abbey.

    Okay, that makes sense. If it's not working make your Flickr account searchable =P Never realised mine wasn't.

  • Abbey.

    Won't find my username either =/

  • Geena Ní Lochlainn

    y wont it take my user name? it just keeps saying its not found!:(

  • The First Ever Flickr Group
    The First Ever Flickr Group

    Please join if u have a Fickr account! This site is still under construction!

  • RT

    works perfect for me have like 50 pics on my page :D Thanks Check em out :D

  • luv Guildy Guild

    Wow, this was just what I was looking for, too bad it does not work. It says my user name is not found. I have tried my URL name and also my Yahoo! login name. I hope somebody will fix this soon, I was really looking forward to using this app. =D

  • Stewart Atkins

    confirmed - there is something wierd going on with users who have a flickr URL like http://www.flickr.com/photos/mynamehere/ instead of http://www.flickr.com/photos/2324187... Flickr responds by telling me "User not found", I'm looking into this and will roll out a fix as soon as i have one

  • William Henderson
    William Henderson

    What the hell? I've typed in my username (even then, I'm getting confused) and it's telling me it's not found. Tell me, how do I go about finding my username? I've used my Yahoo! one, my Flickr URL, and my "Signed in as ... " one. It's all to confusing.

  • Stewart Atkins

    App has just been tested with brand new account, and is working as intended http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Memb... Martha - your problem is pretty much what your profile module says "This user has not selected any photos to display in this module", which according to the database (which i just checked to confirm) is true. Note: excessive punctuation is one of my pet hates and really does not put me in an "I want to help people" mood

  • Martha Sutherland
    Martha Sutherland

    Does this work yet??????????How do I get it on to my profile pix???I already uploaded my selected pix in flicker but dunno how do I get it on to my bebo????Help???

  • Krispy Krème

    W000T lets hope this works soon :)