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This Bloke.

and ill have you know im scared to death.

3/4/09 | me too! | Reply

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10908 <3 :)
Me, Myself, and I
i love alexandria. she is my world. i dont know what id do without her. ill always love her :)
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Justin McBride

Justin McBride

irelands proudest achievement &lt;3

Detroit Pistons &lt;3.
"Everyone has an opinion, and unfortunately ‘opinions’ don’t win NBA Championships."
all of your fears, wash them away. put your lips against mine, close your eyes and just lay.

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  • 2008 Love/Hate Awards

    6th Man of the year- Danny Mikael

    Karizma Love of the Year- Jerry

    karizma Hate of the Year- Phil

    Sneaky of the Year- Chris/Al they often call it..."the crest sneaky"

    Rookie hate of the Year- J HOOPER!

    Rooke Love of the Year- Father Poland

    English teacher Hate- Ms Le

    Dirty of the year- Hekky

    Most improved Hate- Noyes

    Most imrpoved Love- Jono

    B ball Hate- S Dawgz

    B ball Love- Karizma/old testament alusions

    HATE OF THE YEAR- Wonder White Kovict Music

    LOVE OF THE YEAR- World Youth Day 08


    Ncik Rigas
    Dulwich Hill
    andrew's Celica
    Zouzou' Fun Facts

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  • 10 random facts about justin :)

    1) despite being an extreme horndog..justin did not begin masterbating untill the age of 16. He is now a frequent, some would say the better word is chronic, masterbator.
    2) Justin once used skin moisteriser as shampoo for an extended period of time, completely unaware. And he wondered why he was getting dandruff?
    3) Justin once turned a girl lesbian. He went out with her (for like 3 days or something), worked his magic, and then after they broke up she switched sides. Only Justin could do something like that while still maintaing a 'playa' status.
    4) Justin has a noseless cat. Enough said.
    5) While at my house eating steak justin dropped his fork. Half man half amazing then picked up the empty kebab skewer thingy that was on his plate and tried to eat his steak with the kebab skewer. Nice justin, nice.
    6) Pen. If you dont know what i mean by that, please dont ask....for your own sake.
    7) He has many lepricaums in his house and he frequently 'plays' with them.
    8) He has orange hair
    9) He has been caught masterbating many times
    10) Justin has an extreme stockings fetish. Extreme is an understatement...this shit is severe man.
    11) justin would eat a human. just to see what it taastes like. almost as strange as.....pen.
    12) justin buys guitars off ebay...and has no clue how to play them.
    13) justin once got sunburnt all over his body..while wearing jeans and a jumper.
    14) justin didnt learn how to spell his name untill he was in 3rd grade...thats what he claims..im still not sure if he knows.

    2 Comments 251 weeks

  • Dalger's apology to Dellosa (Sorta like Kevin Rudd's)

    *Apologise - Timberland ft One Republic playing in background*

    For the pain, suffering and hurt of you Dellosa in Maths and other subjects, I say sorry.*

    To you, your mother, father and your sister for the breaking up of you family, by me burning down your house, I say sorry.*

    For the times I have put shit on you about your house burning down, I say sorry.*

    For the times I've held you back from doing your work in class and stopping you from not understanding it, I say sorry.*

    For the times you have studied your balls off while I still at home and do nothing, and I still beat you in tests, I say sorry.*

    For having a mullet, I say sorry.*

    For pounding your mum many times a night, I say sorry.*

    For copping headjob off your mum, I say sorry.*

    Above all, Dellosa, for being a lebbo, I say sorry.*

    For leaving LaSalle, and letting you learn and get confused, I say sorry.*

    For the porno's we've made, I say sorry.*

    For loving Kalim, I say sorry.*

    For the time i taped your leg to the bed and left you in the cabin, I say sorry.*

    For the time we clippered your legs, I say sorry.*

    For all the times I've your stolen food, I say sorry*

    For the times I have raped you, I say sorry.*

    For the times I told Br John on MS O'Brien, I say sorry.*

    For the times I put shit on all our teachers, I say sorry.*

    For the times I never went on your OzTag team, I say sorry*

    For the times we tackled and belted Sheppherd, I say sorry.*

    *Apology does not apply to these lines.

    In all, I miss you Dellosa and I'm a fool for leaving, but one day I will come past to school and say hello because I love you all

    2 Comments 278 weeks

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  • Stooj.
    luv Stooj.

    your 'me, myself and I' section is amazing! I LOVE YOU <3

  • Priivzz

    who uses bebo honestly

  • Ye Dis Dat
    Ye Dis Dat

    PLOOOP lol shu chris hahah bro my 18th is coming up u goann come or what u fucking lowie cnt slut zubra manning lover:)

  • XNigasx

    Chriiiss r u stil alive? ehe havetn tlked to u in ages howw u been tc

  • Chad

    Brooo where am i in ur top !! ;)

  • Priivzz
    luv Priivzz

    farrr bebo going off these days!

  • XNigasx
    luv XNigasx

    ehe yea but hav bye dis week wbu? i wish i saw ur gf last season lol

  • XNigasx
    luv XNigasx

    Chriiiss howws it goiin oi i forgot i can jst watch nba games on digital:P anywyaz cyyaa soon tc:)