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Mrs Humes.

Bebo Is Gettin Crap... Facebook Is The Way Forward,

9/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Forks, Washington <3
  • I am Engaged
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About Me

Dazzeled Frequently ;;*
Me, Myself, and I
DeVoN Cullen
Spunk Ransom

Team Edward
Coz Jacob Doesn't Sparkle

Im So Messed Up Inside,
Im Beyond Help
.......Ive Been Broken Beyond Repair....

15 Years.......Year11....
 ........Nethie Babe
Taken........Single Babes
The Other Half Of Me


None Her Since Fo&#39;ever. ii Love Yew &lt;/3

The Fuckits &lt;/3
...... NP, DR, SL, SE,
 LS, AC, EF, CK, AN, LH,
W, BP, DM, SH'B,
 AF </3 </3 </3

 ......iiLu' Yew Mean The World </3
&lt;/3 &lt;/3
&& She's Soo Scared Too Get Close To
Because Everyone Who Said 'I'll Be There'
Demi Lovato - Catch Me ♫
Before ii Fall Too Fast, Kiss Me Quick But Make It Last, So ii Can See How Badly This Will Hurt Me Wen Yew Say Goodbye♥♫

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THe sorta guy THaT EVERYBODii wants ..</3
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  • Twilight <3

    ♥Edward Cullen: Sexier Than You since 1901

    ♥Bella Swan: Clumsier Than you since 1989

    ♥ Alice Cullen: Quirkier Than You since 1901

    ♥Jasper Hale: More CharmingThan You since 1843

    ♥Carlisle Cullen: Smarter Than you since 1640

    ♥Esme Cullen: Sweeter Than you since 1908

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    ♥Rosalie Hale: Prettier Than You Since 1916

    Twilight Poem

    " I'll Stay Up 'Till Twilight ,
    To See The New Moon .
    && If I'm Lucky ...
    I'll See The Eclipse
    At Breaking Dawn
    && The Whole Time
    Im Sitting With You,
    Under The Midnight Sun

    .....Sometimes when love finds us, when our hope is fading and the TWILIGHT is setting in, it leads us safely through the darkest nights, The nights when the NEW MOON fills the cloudy sky. As it blossoms and its sparkling light is enough to ECLIPSE the brightness of a BREAKING DAWN.....

    T W I L I G H T ♥ J U N K I E E
    the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest
    Twilight Is a Drug& Im Proud 2 Be Addicted <3

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  • 'TSh. Xo
    luv 'TSh. Xo

    New Moon Soon :) x

  • luv Sereenaa

    hey:) I no im really excited whoo go new moon!!:) Here is some love for my bezzie:)

  • Aston Replica
    luv Aston Replica

    cuz im nice x

  • Samantha
    luv Samantha

    Heyy uu what you get in yss results?

  • rObsessed
    luv rObsessed


  • rObsessed

    for gettin 100% in quiz ♥

  • Aston Replica
    luv Aston Replica

    love cuz im nice aswell :D

  • 'TSh. Xo
    luv 'TSh. Xo

    :) god the year gone fast ye feels like yesterday that twilight had just come out. loveeee xo

  • Samantha
    luv Samantha

    Love youu Known you since nursery u bin there always :) Lovee back x

  • Samantha

    Love you too :) Returned tomorra PROMIE :)

  • luv C'

    get your ass on msn motherfucker. ;) loveyoubaby. xx.

  • luv Ri

    I miss you. :o HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT!?

  • Aston Replica
    luv Aston Replica

    safe wubu2 x

  • luv C'

    baby baby baby. i miss ya loadsssssss ): we gotta keep goin out n shit in these holidays mann, cant wai't for brum next weeek ;) :L see you there gorgeous, iloveyou. xx♥

  • Aston Replica
    luv Aston Replica

    safe wubu2 x

  • Aston Replica
    luv Aston Replica

    same same chillin lmaoooo x

  • Aston Replica
    luv Aston Replica

    i always givin my luv to u cuz im nice lool

  • Aston Replica
    luv Aston Replica

    devoonnnn wubu2

  • Aston Replica
    luv Aston Replica

    safe wubu2 x

  • Aston Replica
    luv Aston Replica

    heres sum love cuz ive got 1 more spair lol :D x