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jayy sean <3z me secretly shhh dont be jelous lol

12/14/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from inHydinG'
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
LovE U Nina i now i havent been great
that was my own stupidity ul always be myyBesty 2 k0z we been fwends since intermediate and no one will ever take u away ever again lol mwah x0

LoVe y0u Andre y0uve been hea for me since primary and ur still wit me mwah i love you sooo much ur gonna be myyDaddy of all mah kidz lol thank y0u

Neyney and gege LOVE Y0UZ aLways
and LOVE SUZYBRO, TOI, LIZZIE and all mah m8z tht hav been ther for me mwah x0

LOVE YOU Lil miss kyia and mr Tyrell x0
Hyla and Flynnxoxoxo  

LOve MyyFamily
LOve MyyFriendz
alwayz and 4eva
MWAH x0x0x0x0

/█\./█\ .. `Mee'
.| |. .| |.
The cLique
xx, CruMpet
Im FeeLin Lyk a STAR
YOU kant stop mah SHINE
Itx Like im on cLoud Nine
"Im solo IM ridn soLo"
Mat thank y0u 4 everything you done 4 meh
withowt u id be nufn LOVE YOU
Scared Of
HyLa Timu
Neva thought this beautiful gurl could change meh LYF
Dahts why i LOVE HURR SO MUJ
sHez the reas0n why i love lyf
Flynn MyyRebel ov a nephew always av myy hart
thee cuteSt thing in MyyWorLd x0
MyyFamilie r the wunz hu stick by you no Matter wat
hu LOVE you unconditionally
hu always GiVE and never take
MyyFamily are wun ov a kind k0z they LOVE meh al the time
xx..MISS YOU..xx

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Jay Sean Ft. Sean Paul and Lil' Jon - Do You Remember [Excellent Quality Full Version]

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  • Andre Macfarlane
    luv Andre Macfarlane

    Have some bebo love

  • -Get A Perrm

    heyy myy darliing tiies :* how arr yyu?? miisiin yyu much.

  • D-T-R
    luv D-T-R

    heyy mah teddy. How yu??

    6/20/10 via Mobile
  • Chyyna Doll
    luv Chyyna Doll

    Hey you! Strangerr lol wat you been up 2??

  • Andre Macfarlane
    Andre Macfarlane

    awww i miss you :(

  • M U S I C
    M U S I C

    omg goh i was wondering who giggles was.. how have you been so need to catch up ae mean mean got my 18plus

  • Chyyna Doll
    luv Chyyna Doll

    Well well well lookiee hoo we hve heaa Nahh Joxce LOL mehh guhdd bit undahh thaa weathaa bahh othawise guhdd ah'ss hw bwt yoo??

  • Sunny Lee
    Sunny Lee

    lol. thats becuuz you like picking on people! but;; lol i miss you picking on me & my awesome brainpower =P whats your number ?

  • Sunny Lee
    Sunny Lee

    nawwhs; loveyou kaihoe; x

  • Chyyna Doll
    luv Chyyna Doll

    Hae Gurrrl how yoo???

  • Huara Kaukau
    luv Huara Kaukau

    hae hae hae wassup...lol havnt heard frm u in agez. P.E.A.C.E x0x

  • Sunny Lee
    Sunny Lee

    kaihoeeeeeee! happybirthday :D where are you these days ? what you been uptoo ? not missing me too much i hope :P xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Huara Kaukau
    luv Huara Kaukau

    happy bdae kaiz

    3/6/10 via Mobile
  • -Get A Perrm

    MY DARLING TIES! How r yah i hvnt hrd frm u n ages. wts da go5s dez days? hahaha

    2/18/10 via Mobile
  • Our Love Interrtwines
    Our Love Interrtwines

    Hey Kais Havent Been Up Too Much Ayy Lol ! Still Tha Same Lol Where Are You Now Lol ?? And My Numberr Is O278241142 So Text Me Kayy Haha Lol Chow Eor Now Lol xx

  • Andre Macfarlane
    luv Andre Macfarlane

    Come visit me I miss you

    1/11/10 via Mobile
  • Our Love Interrtwines
    luv Our Love Interrtwines

    Hay Kais How You Been What You Doing For Xmas And New Years Lol Hea Some Love Holla Back Kay Lol

  • Piki Tane

    aw that will explain y i havent seen hur 4 ages gud on hur tho hows it goin 4 next years regionals?

  • ILovee
    luv ILovee

    Lol ae!!!!! I never hear from the bitch anymore I think he wrote to me once on facebook Yeah shes alrite Hopefully this is her last surgery she has to go to It was the surgeons that stuffed up in her last operation and caused the skin tissue to scar and caused the hernia I go back to mums on tuesdays I think its just koz now im getting older, i dont wanna be still living with mum But its cool here. Only pay $40 a week, get fed, internet, plus get taken to work and picked up (well most of the time). but yeah. Things are working out here. Thinking of working full time nxt year. But wanna find another job. Hate it where im at right now. Watta u planing on doing nxt year?

  • luv Churr

    :L oh sweet:DD im goin to aus in lyk a week so shud meet b4 i go an have a quickie?? :L :L 0h aye haha im goiin to gold coast its mean their:D yeah best txt me :DD and u bk:P wtf up wit this jay sean shit ae!! >:( >:( :L


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