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  • Male, Luv 94
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: January 2008
  • Last active: 7/27/10
  • www.bebo.com/NathanP713
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lads club colts
Me, Myself, and I
nathan potts

thats all u need to know
if u wana talk further go on msn ;)

S .............../´¯/)
H ............,/¯../ /
R .........../..../ /
E ...../´¯/'...'/´¯¯.`·¸
W ../'/.../..../.....:^.¨¯\
S ('(...´...´.... ¯_/'...'/
B .\.................'...../
R .'\'...\.......... _.·´
Y ....\..............(
a little bit of owen to make us win
a little bit of valencia on the wing
a little bit of rio at the back
a little bit of scholesy who will give it a crack
a little bit of evra for the speed
a little bit of vidic is wat you need
a little bit of rooney who scores for fun
a little bit of anderson who makes a run
a little bit of late goals from o'shea
thats wen liverpool say hes gay
u got brown carrick and fletcher too
and giggsy always knows just wat to do
nani, and berba and more its all good
because all you need is united!
the crew
we have always got eachothers backs and we all know how to have a laff :D
the bma'z
simmo, mike, ed, tom, barry, baker, ben, josh
Happiest When
with me mates, and with courtney, and playin football
lads club colts
GREEN ARMY!!!!!!!!!
The Other Half Of Me
Pottsy Tots

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Dizzee Rascal & Lilly Allen - Wanna Be

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Chips: $218,206
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Chips: $66,395
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30 - 55 - 21
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Type Racing Car: Volkswagen Beetle (yellow)
Pottsy's typing speed is 27 wpm!
he is faster than 36.4% of Bebo.
Total Winnings: $14,831

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What military position are you?

My result is: Rifleman

The rifleman makes up the bulk of the infantry squad. To make the rifleman more versatile in all types of combat environments, they are equipped with a variety of rifles and grenades. The purpose of the rifleman is to complete his mission, give covering fire and act as a maneuver element (when organized into fire teams) to execute the squad leader's plan.
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Sunday, May 24, 2009
Sunderland 2
3 Chelsea
Blackburn 0
0 West Brom
West Ham 2
1 M'brough
Hull 0
1 Man Utd
Villa 1
0 Newcastle
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Chips: 2443
Rank: 27846
Latest Bet:
I just bet 500 on Reading to beat Nottm Forest
Monday Jul 14 2008
Sb_chips_stacked_plus 15:07 Pottsy won 300 chips by betting on a 2 match accumulator at 2 - 1.
Sb_chips_stacked_plus 15:07 Pottsy won 520 chips by betting on Man City to beat EB-Streymur at 1 - 25.
Sb_chips_stacked_plus 15:07 Pottsy won 722 chips by betting on Dinamo Zagreb to beat Linfield at 4 - 9.
Sunday Jul 06 2008
Sb_chips_stacked 20:08 Pottsy lost 9 chips by betting on Sport Ancash to beat Jose Galvez at 7 - 2.
Sb_chips_stacked 20:07 Pottsy lost 20 chips by betting on a 2 match accumulator at 4 - 1.

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  • MaRCuS PoTTz
    MaRCuS PoTTz

    told anyone else aboutt your gay sex life with lee yet :/ ;]

  • SingleBitch
    luv SingleBitch

    heeyyy Nathan.. ii need to talk to youu";) after everything thats happened your the only boy ii can talk to. and ii trust youu. ii wil probally text youu on friday okay xx btw youu can have some love:) xx

  • luv Daniee

    my gawguss babeey :P well maybee babeey :) loveeeyuuu;

  • SingleBitch

    yeah.. ii may be with Scott now but im still sorry for what ii did. but yeah we're all happy so yeah everyine leave it now! have a happy life nathan.. ii hope we can still be mates(: (yn)x

  • ºforever England
    ºforever England

    yeah i do to babe :D like you said, Nathan knows how sorry you are/were but you're both happy with you're other halfs now so we can just leave it at that eh? :DD

  • SingleBitch

    thankyouu.. at least someone does:D

  • Daniee

    i agree :)

  • SingleBitch

    well then:D .. Tom: Nathan knows im sorry for what ii did.. and ii said sorry to him what more can ii do'? Daniee is happy with Nathan & im happy with Scott so ya'no!! if everyone is happy no need for arguments is there x

  • luv Daniee

    yhh just everyone leave it noow im happy with him soo :) :) xx i loveyuuu nathan

  • SingleBitch

    Dom just leave it love..yeah he might have found someone decent (as youu say) but so have ii.. were obv both happy in our own relationships so everyone just back off and leave it now!! Nathan knows im sorry for what ii did.. what more can ii fucking do'?!! >:( x

  • Just Keep Going
    Just Keep Going

    Decent enough too cheat on him (Y) nice one tbf (Y)

  • luv Daniee

    heyyah nathan :) my gawgus babeey tbf im so happy im with yuu and me and yu workk well together :) never wanna loose yu and cheers tom im a decent bird xxxxxxx loveey ubabeee

  • Kyles Princess.
    Kyles Princess.

    yeaa coourt was fucking decent uu stupid diick'eadd:L

    12/2/09 via Mobile
  • Just Keep Going
    Just Keep Going

    Back off pottsy \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ He's found someone decent..

  • Laur

    courtney is in love with you just give her a second chance you dont no how much she misses you, she has been down ever since uu an her split up, yeah everyone knows what she did was wrong but if she could start that day again trust me she wouldnt even of looked at scott if she knew this was gunaa happen, she didnt have to tell you, but she was being a good gf and told you the truth and she thought you would understand and get back with her , just get back with her x

  • SingleBitch
    luv SingleBitch

    okay.. wel it's up to uu init x and why not.. shes a great girl tbhh!x and she likes uu.. when uu going on msn'?x

  • SingleBitch
    luv SingleBitch

    okay just erase me, delete all the pics of us of your bebo "/ ii thought id keep mine incase we got back together. but ill delete them but there still on my laptop. ii mean uu may aswell just go out with her "/ cause she likes uu and uu probs like her.. she will be a better gf than me anyway :( :( :( :'( :'( :'( xx

  • SingleBitch
    luv SingleBitch

    right im sorry for everything ive done:( almost 7 months for nothing; and it's all my fault 1 stupid mistake that ii made cost me our relationship, if we cant get back together then can we at least be mates'? btw im sorry for not coming up today; it's cause ii have got swine flu. anyway as ii was saying; ii do still love uu. and im fed up with people asking me why ii did what ii did and uu know why ii did it:( ill come up when im better. cause we need to talk about this. we have spoke on msn and ii sent uu mail but im sending uu this comment so everyone can see how sorry ii am. well when ii come up to yours we can talk about everything face to face. xx

  • Kyles Princess.
    Kyles Princess.

    Nathaan stop bein aa knob and sort thiings ouut wiith court she looves uu ta biits:DD thaaat thing wiith scott ment fuuck all ta herr alreet!;x

    11/7/09 via Mobile
  • Pottsy Tots
    luv Pottsy Tots

    hey cuz hate to take a wizz on your bonfire, but the Man U song up tops a bit O.O.D. Tevez and Ronaldo sin sence n left ;) oj cuz see you sunday. Just cause you owe me a pie! :P