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daisy, its me and you pal .. i love you so much x

2/17/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from swansea WALES!!!!
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Now if she moves like this, will you move her like that?(8) shaaake it!
Me, Myself, and I
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M e l v i n ;)


Sophie francis cissay deserves a mention!! ;) only girl ill ever let butter my toast;)
loveyou x


some girls will be your real friends
... most will just act like it

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lock up your grampas its sarah sex bomb O'leary x

When you walked through the door it was clear to me,
You’re the one they adore, who they came to see..
You’re a rockstar Baby
Everybody wants you
Playa’ who can really blame you.....
We’re the ones who made you
- Eminem
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why wont this twatting thing let me remove my quizzes munn :L

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  • new ___mel__ :P

    [x]1. I _____mel.
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    [x]4. I think mel should _____.
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    [x]6. I want to _____ mel.
    [x]7. Someday mel will _____.
    [x]8. mel _____
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    [x]11. mel can be _____.
    [x]12. The worst thing about mel is _____.
    [x]13. The best thing about mel is _____.
    [x]14. I am _____ with mel.
    [x]15. One thing i would like to know about mel is _____.
    [x]16. mel should go and _____.
    [x]17. mel _____ me.
    [x]18. mel will always bee ________.
    [x]19. I am ________ with mel.
    [x]20. ____ mel.

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  • i wanna fill up ma family! :P lol

    *My mummy- emily smith :D
    My daddy-
    My big brother- keelan! :D
    My lil bro- kyle tucker
    My husband-EMILY L lol
    My wife- BIG ELL lol
    My sister- lucy
    My daughter- jess :)
    My son-
    My uncle-
    My auntie- chloe :)
    My cousin- fugey :P
    my cousin-in-law -
    My brother-in-law-
    My sister-in-law- jade :) :D
    My best friend - DAIZIO :D :D
    My best friend no.2 - andra :)
    My boyfrend- dany mo! lol :P
    My bit on the side lmao-
    My gay friend- sam :D
    My neice-
    My nephew-
    My guardian angel-gotta be eyez lmao :P :P
    My stalker- keelan :P

    My secret keeper-
    My personal drinks maker-
    My pet dog- Emz D! :D
    My pimp- steff :)
    My valentine- steff :D
    My hot admirer- dannyyy mo bwooii :D :P
    My messer upper-
    My cleaner - scott lmao

    My class mate -
    My speical one- emily lewis :)
    My kik ass m8!- emz d! :)
    My totally awesome person- cerys :)
    My truly honest person-
    My makes me smile person- keelan :)
    The excentric alcoholic- eyez!!
    The irish leprcorn with a long ginger beard- EYEZ!! :D

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  • 12/16/09 via Mobile
  • Clive
    luv Clive

    my bud for life you are, i dont lie

  • Jade.

    how are you darling :) ? i havent seen u in a while x

  • Lee.T. Boi
    Lee.T. Boi

    you sed wats the news lol wat you meen xx msn: bont-boi-lee@hotmail.com ;) x Xw/b

  • Lee.T. Boi
    Lee.T. Boi

    isi x wa you meen lol xx do you av msn babe xx Xw/b

  • Lee.T. Boi
    Lee.T. Boi

    ino shit init x nuffin just out nd a bout like xx you still meetin johnny babe :D xx Xw/b

  • Lee.T. Boi
    Lee.T. Boi

    orite babe x been up to en x Xw/b

  • Siann.X

    awhhh gooood :D yeah im fab thanks (: been doing much then? xxxxxxxxx

  • Siann.X
    luv Siann.X

    Melll... :D oriteee babes? xxx

  • Eluned Jones
    Eluned Jones

    Don't EVER forget me Mel ;) I hope you read those pages that i wrote for you in your memory book over and over before you go to sleep at night :( I love you xx

  • Sophie
    luv Sophie

    ohh tomorrow is the day my lovee ;) yess i will be pissing my panties :P I CANT WAIT! loveeyouuu melv xxx

  • Siann.X

    Kelly jelly :-D x

    5/3/09 via Mobile
  • Kyle Munroe

    Oi Oi Melvin ;) xx

  • Dais

    some times love comes around and it knocks you down (L) x

  • Emily Jayne
    luv Emily Jayne

    MELVIN:O I have learnt none of my french and i have to be there at 9:O I have 6 hours:L i shud drop her a text n sey i cnt come as i now hate french :/ Bet u someone Wonnt Goo:/ Ly xoxo i hope u havent learnt any of yours tbh:L

  • luv Ash PettAarrss

    ohh is it that sheet we got about our times for the exam? same as that is it... I see o_O I'll see if Emily Smith has mine or summink... I think mine was 13:summin.... LOVE YOUUU xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dais

    if the streets get hungry then the streets gon eat call up the homies its about to go down

  • Siann.X
    luv Siann.X

    you deseve my heart mel >> ilu,, xx

  • Sock Head
    luv Sock Head

    Will u fuk me

    4/6/09 via Mobile