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Bebo, where you at?!

May 21 | me too! | Reply

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Too have known me would mean there was a knew me.
Me, Myself, and I
Me, And My Life?.. Life's a bit toomuch for me to despite atm aye, I don't even know where to start.. I guess, for me it's pretty much one of those never-ending story ones - blah blah blah..
But umm... Yeah, just get at me if u want, and i'll see if I can get back to you when I can. HOLLA..
The Other Half Of Me
Caughen R

Caughen R

He a Cartoon & im a Transformer :D

Tyrone Proctor
If you don't understand the MUSIC. You wont understand the DANCE

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Which Krump King Fits You?? (part III)


Beasty, grimey and rugged fused into one style!! RIOT stlye. With alot of character work and taunts, you are one to be watched.

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  • PrinceOfCharms
    luv PrinceOfCharms

    happy birthday kate, wishing you all the best :)

    Jun 17
  • PrinceOfCharms
    luv PrinceOfCharms

    malo!!! im sittin wif your keige, malaea misa lolz.. shes kool. :) cheerio

    Jan 30
  • PrinceOfCharms
    luv PrinceOfCharms

    merry xmas

  • PrinceOfCharms 11/12/12
  • PrinceOfCharms 8/15/12
  • PrinceOfCharms
    luv PrinceOfCharms

    oh ayyye??? lol you know jess oi... mAn im so siik of her txn me random shit... shes effing annoying aye, i regret giving her my number... effing loser lolz anyways... kissess... mwuah

  • PrinceOfCharms
    luv PrinceOfCharms

    hay your uncle kimoro kame into work LOL, and stop pranking mah fone, im shua its you ...mmmhmm lol

  • PrinceOfCharms

    haaaaaaay!!! hows you mah dude, im just working and working and sex and more working LOLz ... i went to go see juliet and lisa the other day lol, they are sooo funny. right across the road from mah job

  • PrinceOfCharms

    wuddup homie, i got your txt... im good, just working atm and drinking... same ol shit bruh lol. hows you sole?

  • PrinceOfCharms
    luv PrinceOfCharms

    helo bebo..

    4/19/12 via Mobile
  • PrinceOfCharms
    luv PrinceOfCharms

    bebo rocks aye lol

    12/18/11 via Mobile
  • PrinceOfCharms 8/14/11
  • PrinceOfCharms
    luv PrinceOfCharms

    auuuu! Lol malo kama!

    8/4/11 via Mobile
  • PrinceOfCharms
    luv PrinceOfCharms

    hay ma uce. :D yea im stil dancn.the day i stop then u kn0w sumthn is wrong wth me. Hehe thats gud u stil dancin,while im stil drinkn lol u know me stil gangsta dign them thugz 'wink wink' lol swt huk it up wid ur d'z.

    7/12/11 via Mobile
  • Katé

    Talkin' the JACK DANIELS there mate? LMFAO!

  • PrinceOfCharms
    luv PrinceOfCharms

    love 4 yah. Gues what! ... I saw alec. Lol

    7/10/11 via Mobile
  • PrinceOfCharms
    luv PrinceOfCharms

    Hae wusup ma man! Haha ye m gud h0mie.. Js laxn it 4da wknd. Gna ch0mp on sum c0rnbeef t0astiez :-D yo! U gta cell yet bruh..u dah gangsta man!

    7/9/11 via Mobile
  • Jaedose
    luv Jaedose

    :DD !haaeys heaas suuhm loove foaah uoo dhaha!:))

    6/13/11 via Mobile
  • Mona And Wyeclife
    luv Mona And Wyeclife

    sup eah lol hows it going wit the stuffz??

  • luv Lady Doofy

    lol about time you :P put me back on your friends list cos i have no idea why i made me another page :L should've just left my old page ay? :o lol bebo is soooo tryna copy FB :Z lol LADY-DOOFY