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Julian G

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  • Male, Luv 12
  • from United States
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  • Last active: Feb 13
  • www.bebo.com/PrettyBoy_Of_BK
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Wats Poppin to the goonz yo I dont really mess with all this bebo stuff like that anymore but if yall request me ill get back to yall A.S.A.P. Iight yo later
Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, 50 Cent, Diplomats, Lil Wayne, Cassidy, Ludacris, Papoos
 e, Busta Rhymes, Lloyd Banks, Keisha Cole, Mobb Deep, D.F.B, Kanye West, Jadakiss, Lil Scrappy, Lil Jon, Yung Joc
Scarface, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Friday, B
 oyz N Da Hood, Menace 2 Society, Money Talks, Get Rich or Die Trying, Juice, Players Club, Rush Hour 1 and 2, Set It Off, Childs Play 1-3 all gangsta and mob movies.
basketball Miami Heat
Scared Of
rats, ugly people
Happiest When
ugly people don't bother me
Hates when
niggas say and do everything that I do
Shouts Out To
Irving, Dondre, Roberto, Britnne
 e, Monica, Miesha, Jennifer, Sher
 ree, Benioko, Alrick, Darryl, Shi
 anne, Nia, Jerusha, Kadesha, Tony
 a, A-Ice, Tracy, Veronica.

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Birdman - Pop Bottles (feat. Lil' Wyane) (Official Video)

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  • Yall know Im Pimpin

    I don't, love, hoes - I'm sharin them
    I ain't lovin them, or handcuffin them - cause baby I'm pimpin
    You, love, hoes - you chasin them
    You be lacin them, while I'm replacin them - cause baby I'm pimpin

    [Tony Yayo]
    I lay my pimp game down when it comes to these bitches
    They do what I say and obey all my wishes
    Wash all my clothes and clean dirty dishes
    I turn a sweet bitch to a switchblade sister
    While you shop on Melrose, buyin hoes shoes
    I'm in Mickey D's buyin #2's
    Now get yo' ass on the track and get the dough for me
    I'm the #1 pimp, so she chosen me
    And my hoes where the ballers and bros be
    They collect them G's and they give 'em to me
    I'm pimpin, no perm, just gators
    Pimpin, show you how to stunt on them haters
    Pimpin, flossin in that new Cadillac
    Pimpin, chinchil' with the fur hat
    Pimpin, I show you how to school a hoe
    And when you chasin them bitches I'm chasin the dough (YEAH!)

    I don't, love, hoes - I'm sharin them
    I ain't lovin them, or handcuffin them - cause baby I'm pimpin
    You, love, hoes - you chasin them
    You be lacin them, while I'm replacin them - cause baby I'm pimpin

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  • Wheezy F Baby

    "Hustler Musik"

    Missed and hit a nigga in his head with dis one
    Ima paint da city red wit dis one
    Ima head wit dis one
    See u fuckin wit da boys who tote toyz way b4 Christmas.
    No assisstance (jis) That persistence me. That commitment if- I don't get it somebody gone die tonite-
    I kno my vibe is tight- And I deserve da throne - if da kid ain't right- den let me die in his souls.
    I'll be ridin (jis)
    Ridin alone
    Wit my daddy on my mind like u gotta be kiddin
    How da hell u ain't here 2 see ya prince do his thing
    Sometimes I wanna drop a tear but no emotions from a king
    Shall be
    So I be who I be
    Dats me, dats Weezy F. Baby and
    Please say da motherfucking
    So I be who I be
    Dats me, dats Weezy F. Baby and
    Please say da motyherfuckin

    Baby u gotta kno dat im just out here doin what I gotta do 4 me and u and we eatin
    So bitch
    y da fuck iz u trippin.
    I'm takin dese chances
    My head 2 da sky
    My feet on da ground
    My fingas 2 da judge if da money don't move
    And I won't budge
    Won't budge
    No I won't budge no

    [Verse 2:]
    Money iz da motivation
    Facin da avenue
    Back touchin' da wall
    Got da weed
    Got da gun
    Gotta run wen I hear dat bird call (birrr) Dang
    Hop in dat thang and merk off
    swerve off
    U kno me, dey call me Birdman Jr.
    Ne body murderer
    Birdman sponsor it
    Phantom of da operah
    All black- clock tent- locked in
    I can let dem shots out
    U can't get no shots in
    Bullet proof
    Leave a nigga wit a bullet proof
    Shoot ya in ya mouth and call it bullet tooth
    I'm like what dey do
    What 2 do
    Theres a full court
    Pressure I'm just going 4 da 2
    If I'm movin for da three
    Ima take it in a second
    Even if theres one second and
    ima make it. It's nothin
    I don't take it for granted
    I don't take it for nothin.
    I take it for what it is worth to da durf motherfucker

    [Chorus: Repeat 1x]

    [Verse 3:]
    I ain't neva killed nobody I promise
    I promise if u try me
    U gone have to rewind dis track and make me go back, dat nigga go dat
    Dat boy will lay flat so flat
    Dat act is wat I perform amongst u hatas
    Got Nina in my palm and I'm masturbating (black)
    Peter pan flies till I die what u sayin
    Baden ape, Yves Saint, Evisu iz wat I stand
    Got me feelin' like scarface, like da Koheba
    Streets reply I look right in da 4 seater
    You know I be out here ridin da 4 seater
    Top floor of the 4 Seasons four of them whores
    And they all know how to cook it up
    And look I got some
    And only one know how to bag, bitch bundle up
    See its a cold world so homey bundle up
    We ain't on dis grind for nothin
    Now get ya hustle up

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  • Wheezy F Baby

    "Money On My Mind"


    [Chorus 2X with variations]
    Money on my mind
    Money on my mind
    Money on my mind
    Money money on my mind
    Money on my mind
    Money on my mind
    Money money on my mind
    So money is all I think of

    Steppin out the motherfuckin car they in awe
    I'm lookin like a star bitch when you see me make a wish
    Holla at ya motherfuckin boy J.R.
    Birdman my pa bitch ball bred born rich
    Dear Mr. Toilet I'm the shit
    Got these other haters pissed cause my toilet paper thick
    I know but trip and that forty make a chip
    Out a potato head wimp and like ranch I dip
    And the hustle was all muscle just strength
    When it comes to that weight I don't struggle I just lift
    I got my hand on the game yeah I make a grip
    Hundred grand in my fist same on my wrist
    Get key money from a quarter blame it on my wrist
    I whip coke like hoes nigga I'm a pimp
    Lil nigga bout to rape the market
    If we talkin bout money baby now we talkin


    [Hook: during chorus]
    Fuck bitches [3X]
    Get money [3X]
    Get money fuck bitches
    Fuck bitches get money
    Fuck bitches get money

    Nigga get it in a slump if you know how
    In the heart of the summer we need a snow plow
    What you know bout that baby its yo time
    Coke transactions on the phone we call it blowjob
    Too fast for the feds too cocky for the cops
    Had to ditch my old bitch gettin sloppy wit the pots
    Hoppin off the boat meetin papi at the docks
    He tell me I'm gainin weight I tell him I'm gettin paid
    Money over bitches I'm yellin it to the grave
    Developed at a young age go after what pays
    These Gabana sunshades block the sunrays
    I drop a car note in the mall on the first day
    I gotta get it even if its in the worst way
    That cake like it's it's my birthday
    New Orleans my birthplace ya heard me
    Where moneys more important than the person

    [Chorus + Hook during chorus]

    Twistin up a blunt thinkin bout my next dollar
    I'm diggin in the game tryna get some money out her
    I'm so vain its a problem
    It ain't a stain on these Pradas I'm just bein modest
    Got me a goddess sure how to divide it
    She still down and she don't get none of the profit
    We around the city let the tints hide me
    Thats a cold muhfucker whoever inside it
    Forever symbolizing the grind it don't walk to you
    I make it run like horses do
    Giddy up baby if you got it then hit 'em up baby
    I know its crazy but I can't get enough baby
    I love it I fuckin love it
    I'm a self made millionaire fuck the public
    Ridin to myself cause I don't fuck with nothin
    Pistol on my lap on the way to the money

    [Chorus + Hook during chorus]

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