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The Rabble

The fucking Rabble mate!

2/3/08 | me too! | Reply

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11 luv

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Filthy Lucre Records Indie Label
Hibiscus Coast, Auckland New Zealand
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About Me

No Clue, No Future
Me, Myself, and I
This Is Just a Fan Page.

The Rabble Are a New Zealand Punk& Alternative Band From Hibiscus Coast, Auckland.

JOIN, The Rabble Own.

-Chazz Rabble - Vocals / Guitar / Kit
-Jamie Rabble- Bass / Vocals
-Rupe Rabble - Vocals / Kit


-The Battle's Almost Over
-This Is Our Lives
-No Clue, No Future

Website // Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/therabble

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  • That Battle's Almost Over Track List.

    3.Sick & Tired
    4.Blood & Whiskey
    6.Tommy Was
    7.The New Generation
    8.This World Is Dead Feat. Mark Unseen
    9.Devil's Highway
    10.The Battle
    11Step Back
    12.Wasted Days
    14.Dead End
    15.Start Again
    16.City Of Sin

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  • The Rabble, Carry On. LYRICS

    You'll never know what you've done for me
    Through the days and nights together care free.
    I long for the day that I make you my own
    And I cherish the times that we spent in our home.
    I love you my girl, yer heart and yer soul,
    So thankful you've dragged me right out of this hole.
    Punk rock princess forever I'll spend,
    Each penny on you my true friend, yeah.

    And I know - And I know
    Life gets harder as you will discover but,
    Carry on - Carry On

    For you I would look the devil in the face
    And I'd search ten times over for amazing grace.
    I don't have much money, but I do have the time,
    To spend with you baby, till the day that I die.

    Well most days are good yeah, but some might be bad.
    And together they both will conquer this land.
    I've said and thought it and know that it's true,
    That girl was made just for you!


    Carry on, carry on, carry on


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  • Johnno T
    Johnno T

    how on earth do i add u guys? how many albums is that now 3?

    10/17/10 via Mobile
  • Stef.

    "Astaroth", I'm sorry but you simply can't compare punk with metal or in Slipknot's case, "nu metal" COMPLETELY different kettle of fish.

  • Josh.

    BMTH are not better! So get fucked. The rabble are way better and + they are waaaaaaaay different Emo- BMTH and Punk- The rabble. way different.

  • Slabz

    BMTH are pussies slipknot are only popular cos of there masks and neither of those 2 bands are even close 2 the genre that the rabble play so overall your comparison is fuckin pish thats like me sayin mcfly are better than bezerker. they are nothn alike its personal taste your a faggot for life!

  • Bloodsplattered Satisfaction
    Bloodsplattered Satisfaction

    bring me the horizon and slipknot r better . maggot 4 life!

  • Rude Mike
    Rude Mike

    hahahahaha shutup adam. for all you retards, this is adam my mate. all the people mentioned in that paragraph hate the rabble also. *except for the explicit.. (they are also shit coasties who play shitty generic street punk rubbish. they are now known as "kaos & riot";)

  • Allyce

    lol owned.

  • Your Stupid
    Your Stupid

    yeah. me and my friend Warena went and saw them, he listened to their music and he said they were awesome. auckland and punk would be nothing without the rabble. they are my idols, they are better that Cocksparrer, if you have heard of this hardout punk band called The Nail Heads-some guys from the coast who were like taken under the wing of the rabble and produced awesome catchy punk music. But they were bitter rivals with some dirty central aucklanders called Tentecles of Destruction and this younger band who they played gigs with called the explicit. they are shit though because those people are mean and the tentacles of destruction broke up and some members started a Rabble covers band but they get more gigs now then they did before cause the rabble are awesome like Warena said after he heard them.

  • Rude Mike
    Rude Mike

    no. they really aren't.. i don't suppose you've ever heard their album kaos and riot. those were the good old days when they weren't complete shit. and when my mate myles was in it, and my other mate ben was aswell. also i had a mate called gavin who used to be in the rabble aswell. now they are complete rubbish.

  • Fresh Till Death

    dum cunt at the bottem best band ever

  • Rude Mike
    Rude Mike

    yuk kuntz hahahaha why hasn't the rest of the world figured out they're sell out losers who's mums put up their mohawks for them

  • Mix L
    Mix L

    extreamly Guys

  • The Belfast Misfit
    The Belfast Misfit

    The Rabble..good4 a wee dram..love em! Saw them at Rebellion+Glasgow

    1/10/09 via Mobile