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good god my sexii goddess

6/2/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 33, Luv 71
  • from pa
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,440
  • Member since: January 2008
  • Last active: 10/28/10
  • www.bebo.com/KirkE279
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
i was born, i live, eventually i will die
The Other Half Of Me
Cheryl Hoftyzer

Cheryl Hoftyzer

never meet any one worth giving my all too!!!!!!

too many
soccer, football, basketball
Scared Of
my self
Happiest When
cooking or having sex

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Bizzy Bone -- Thugz Cry

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  • walk of life

    the brush is thick.
    these trees are old.
    this man is young.
    but knowledge in experience.

    new trails are cut.
    some cross with ones of old.
    others bare no light.
    a path is none the less just a path.

    where we stop.
    what we see.
    sometimes just to rest.
    these are up to we.

    there will be forks.
    there will be cross roads.
    always with questions.
    none other then just a refrence point..

    0 Comments 283 weeks

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  • food

    i love food have been cooking for 12years and it will be my pleasure to cook for you

    K.T.E. 1 Reply

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  • Bonesaw

    wats up man?long time no talk bro,so wats up wit u now n days?stay true yo,lata oh n dis brett j.

  • luv Kat Naytowhow

    i haven't been up too much i got married 3 years ago have 3 kids....settled down finally lol live in p.a my sister is moving to saskatoon though maybe run into u sometime nice seeing u heres a heart.........>

  • Kat Naytowhow

    hey kirk didn't know u were on bebo....all outta hearts hit u with one tomorrow.how u been doin?

  • Harley
    luv Harley

    Hahah YEah And IM Comin Into Stoon tommorow ill com visit if mom letz Me Haha i love you big bro HEre YOU GO

  • Harley

    Haha YEah And Ill Sleep Over friday Hmmmmm

  • Harley

    Hey Man Got Dumped By destiny haha :( (

  • Harley
    luv Harley

    Kituguy Shut Up Haha And Ill Come There After The Nb Fair Lmao

  • Harley

    preeeetttttyyyy F*C*E* Good Lmao And YOURSELF

  • Halle Bear
    luv Halle Bear

    hey kirk long no time since i heard from u well heres a heart u on the third year of cooking congrats...

  • Courtney C
    luv Courtney C

    doping back tha love too you.....so wats up??me jus chillen here at work jus got in was a bit late which wont hurt lol:) yeah man im suppose to shave my head 2nite but imma wait until november for that to happen well here u go BOb*04

  • Courtney C
    Courtney C

    well thankx nd i'll give u some love when i get more BOb*04

  • Courtney C
    luv Courtney C

    how u been??me not bad just seeing wats up?? yupp just stoppin bye to give u my last love since i never gave u one BOb*04

  • K.T.E.

    just getting ready to go to school lol dont you have school on thursday lmbfao

  • Harley

    haha otay man ill be here on thursday when mommz goes for her meetin haha YA so what you doin

  • Halle Bear
    luv Halle Bear

    SO congrats lol but we are moving there so you'll stop if u can find us? lol here's this lil red thing lol

  • Halle Bear
    Halle Bear

    hey kirk just stop by to say hi and bye lol oh me and n my babes will moving there this fall... take care

  • KaiCee
    luv KaiCee

    uur bebo is like the bunkest , :L jk :P butt whatt;;sz upp ? .