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Jack K

:D got a problem?

3/18/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 19, Luv 31
  • from Dublin
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 1,181
  • Last active: Feb 19
  • www.bebo.com/JacKK0835
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angel take a breath now :P
Me, Myself, and I
me names is jack
i go ta st.kevins

thats pritty much it
hot fuzz i like comedy/horror
Scared Of
terrified of spiders
Happiest When
sleeping and out with my m8ts

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you are-------->Tom Barry

To some people you seem stuborn and arrogant. But that is only some people to your friends you are brave cunning and caring you dont make friends easily but when you do they will always be your friends

On his return to Cork from WW1 he was involved with ex-servicemen's organisations. In 1920, Barry joined the 3rd (West) Cork Brigade of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) which was then engaged in the Irish War of Independence , The West Cork Brigade became famous for its discipline, efficiency and bravery, and Barry garnered a reputation as the most brilliant field commander of the war. On 28 November 1920, Barry's unit ambushed and killed almost a whole platoon of British Auxiliaries at Kilmichael, County Cork. In March 1921 at Crossbarry in the same county, Barry and 104 men, divided into seven sections, broke out of an encirclement of 1,200 strong British force from the Essex Regiment. In total, the British Army stationed over 12,500 troops in County Cork during the conflict, while Barry's men numbered no more than 100. Eventually, Barry's tactics made West Cork ungovernable

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how will you die

My result is: strangelled and burned. 25th december

you have just come out of a christmas party and a block comes over and chats you up. you go to his place. not even knowing his name. you think he is a nice guy and he looks it two. he is really nice when you get to his place at first. but the house is in a dodgy area and theres nothing in the house. but still you carry on. but then his hands go around your neck. he is strangelling you. you get knocked out but see his face in your head. he pours petrel all over you and gets a match stick. he sets a light to you. you are left there to die.
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Are You an Angel or a Devil?

My result is: Greater devil >:)

Oh no! You have completely turned to the side of evil! Even the angels can't stop you from destroying everything in your path. When you see a cat, you kick it and step on its tail +poor kitty...+, you don't do your homework often and you see the principal at least once a week. I'm not sure if you are still able to change to the greater side of good, but if it is still possible, seek the help of your family and friends, behave yourself, and you may just become an angel! =D If you can't... wait, I'm sure if there's a will, there's a way. Good luck! ^-^
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Which Movie Killer Are You?

The Predator

You are The Predator from Predator! You rely on tools to kill your victims with. As an honorable hunter, you won't kill anyone who is unarmed. You rip skulls from your victims and collect them as trophies.

close What video game character are you?

What video game character are you?

My result is: Kratos

You are kratos the almighty and ruthless god of war, you show no mercy to those weaker than you and those who pose a threat to you need to be taken out.

This game character is found in the GOD OF WAR series for the ps2 this game won best PS2 game of the year 2007.
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Who's Your Perfect Celeb Mate?
Whats yuurh real name?
what will your baby girl look like
how interesting are you?
What colour best suits your personality?
What Rocky Horror And The Picture Show Character Are You?
Are you an Angel or Devil?
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  • ITz Gar

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on ManaHabeebofwsc@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • ITz Gar

    I just pulled $832 in five days at home in my spare time! Made it from - http://bit.ly/99dPKb Your going to be so happy!

  • Kinger

    What makes you say that?

  • 'Robyn'

    Bored:Z Hows Youu,,? :DD x

  • 'Robyn'

    Whats up,,?:DD x

  • Robbie-Says-Rawr

    hey not much wbu ???

  • Declan

    yeah i know its cool:L :L oh i was in town cos one of my friends was in this acting thing and i got a ticket 2 go what time ar we meeting up at on saturday?

  • Daniel Prizeman
    luv Daniel Prizeman

    sup jack

  • Declan

    hey whats the happs?

  • 'Robyn'

    im okk,, any newss,,? x

  • 'Robyn'

    cool:DD howss youu,,? x

  • 'Robyn'

    i know,, just boardd:Z wbu,,? x

  • Gordo

    howeya:D i know,its been ages, nothing much man,you? do you have MSN?if ya do leave it in mail n i ll add you yeah:)

  • 'Robyn'

    whats up jack.?:DD

  • Mr.Hollywoodwhore

    wot u mean happy now?

  • Declan

    potty hand haha remember jack???

  • Jesse

    You spelled PRETTY wrong. JEEZ NJ.

  • Mr.Hollywoodwhore

    oh sry i didnt reply ye u yer right tanks so hows u? wots new wiv ya?