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This Is a Group in Memory of Heath Ledger
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04-04-79 - 22-01-08


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Hollywood mourns death of Heath Ledger

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  • Heath Ledger Scholarship Announced!

    The Jaff. by The Jaff.
    It's been five months since Heath Ledger's shocking death at age 28. But the young actor was still very much on the minds of his colleagues at Thursday night's Australians in Film 2008 Breakthrough Awards in Beverly Hills.

    The emotional highlight of the evening came when Gregor Jordan – who became good friends with Ledger after directing him in 1999's Two Hands – announced the formation of a Heath Ledger scholarship fund to help struggling Australian actors.

    Long before the success of Brokeback Mountain, the director recalled, Ledger was just "your old, broke Aussie actor." Once, things got so bad, in fact, Jordan said he had to loan his friend a few hundred bucks.

    "The first thing he does with the money is go into a bar and buy everyone ... a round of drinks," remembered Jordan, who also worked with Ledger on Ned Kelly. "It is that generosity that somehow sums Heath up. When he had nothing, he still found a way to give to others."
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  • 10 Things I Hate About Your Death

    X.Bubbles.X by X.Bubbles.X
    I Hate 22 January 2008
    I Hate that i gave up on my faith
    I Hate that i will never see your smiling face
    I Hate that you are the idol i can't replace
    I Hate that my tears are streaming down my cheek
    I Hate that you were so uniqe
    I Hate that one last deadly pill
    I Hate feeling the way i feel
    I Hate that i can't catch my breath
    But most of all i hate that you died HEATH.........
    1 Reply 285 weeks
  • to a talented person who will be sadly missed

    Danielle Delaune by Danielle Delaune
    A star arrived the day you were born.
    Destined to make others happy, with that dashing smile, and dasling eyes.
    You worked so hard to get where you were, and your fans thank you so much.
    But on that day in Jaunuary, God took you away.
    He felt you'd finished your book in life, and choose you to be one of his angels.
    He did'nt realise what pain would be caused, to your family, friends and fans.
    But now you've become this angel you have a more important role to play.
    As he's given you the role of looking down on us all, especially the ones you loved most of all your daughter.
    Whom even though her daddy's gone, you'll be there every day looking out for her.
    We love you Heath and thank you for giving us the joy of having such a kind and talented man and actor to love.
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  • Update ... R.i.p x

    the biggest news story on the planet — rightly or wrongly — was the death of 28-year-old actor Heath Ledger, naked and alone and surrounded by prescription pills in his New York apartment.

    in his home town of Perth, his family returned to lay him to rest, probably this weekend at Karakatta cemetery in the family plot. It is believed his body arrived in secret several days ago.

    These things are unknowns. The family has attended two movie industry memorials in America, where his extraordinary, Oscar-nominated work in the film Brokeback Mountain was acknowledged. Yet they have not disclosed what will become of their dead son in Australia.

    What is known is there was a media frenzy in New York when he died. And so it was yesterday in the more mundane surroundings of Perth airport's domestic terminal.

    There were about 50 photographers and camera crews there, some paparazzi. When the plane approached — many crews had waited two weeks for this moment — a succession of rumours and Chinese whispers swept through the pack, rumours and Chinese whispers being the touchstone of tabloid celebrity coverage.

    Some vanished outside after hearing of white limousines on the tarmac. Others concealed digital cameras and went through security to the arrival lounges with a view of runways.

    "They're getting close," one paparazzo from Sydney said to me. "They're getting so close I can smell 'em."

    A contingent waited downstairs in the public area, assuming the grieving Ledger party of 15 — parents Kim and Sally and sister Kate, step-parents (his father and mother have divorced), uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews — would walk through like normal travellers to wait at the baggage carousel.

    Except these were not normal travellers. The whole nature of how the handsome, talented actor's death turned into an unprecedented media event came to an uneasy climax.

    The Ledger family got off the flight from Los Angeles. They were escorted through the arrival lounge by airport security and federal Protective Services officers into a lift and down into a car park where vehicles took them away.

    The security guards and police had tried to eject media, many of whom were incognito. Three print journalists were escorted away. Only the Seven Network got footage of the family in the airport, shot by a besuited reporter with a digital camera. Ledger's sister Kate, a publicist, shielded her face as he approached. He was called a "vulture" by police as they blocked his path.

    Last night, the same reporters, camera crews and photographers were staking out Sally Ledger's house in suburban Perth where the family had gathered. Police and private security guards had blocked off the road and told media not to approach

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  • update.....

    The remains of Heath Ledger were removed from the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home in New York City Friday afternoon, and are en route to an unspecified airport, police confirm to PEOPLE.

    A little before 4 p.m., the body – carried inside a light-wood box – was loaded into a Cadillac hearse to be transported to a local-area airport.

    Police had set up barricades outside the funeral home earlier in the day.

    Ledger's grieving father Kim, mother Sally and sister Kate placed messages of remembrance in Friday's West Australian newspaper.

    One signed by the entire family read: "You dreamed your dreams and lived them with passion and intelligent commitment. We have been privileged to accompany you on a ride through life that has simply been amazing and through it all, we have loved each other beyond imagination."

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  • Mini biography...R.I.P Heath xXx

    Date of Birth
    4 April 1979, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

    Date of Death
    22 January 2008, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

    Birth Name
    Heathcliff Andrew Ledger


    6' 1" (1.85 m)

    Mini Biography
    When a young, hunky 20 year old heart-throb Heath Ledger first came to the attention of the public in 1999, it was all too easy to tag him as a "pretty boy" and an actor of not much depth. He has spent the past five years trying desperately to sway this image away, but this has indeed been a double-edged sword. But that comes much later in his story. Heath Ledger was born on the fourth of April 1979, in Perth, Western Australia. As the story goes, in junior high it was compulsory to do one of two electives, either cooking or drama, and as Heath could honestly not see himself in a cooking class, he tried his hand at drama. Heath was talented, there was no denying that. However, the rest of the class did not acknowledge his talent, possibly out of jealousy. When he was 17, he and a friend, decided to pack up, leave school, take a car and rough it to Sydney. Heath believed Sydney to be the place where dreams are made, or at least, where actors can possibly get their big break. However, upon arriving in Sydney with a purported 69 cents to his name, Heath tried everything to get a break. His first real acting job came in a low budget movie called Blackrock (1997), a largely unimpressive cliché; a teen angst film about one boy's struggle when he learns his best mate raped a girl. He did not have a large part in this movie. In fact, it was a very small one. The only thing of notice in his role is you get to see him get his lights punched out. After that small role, Heath auditioned for a role in a TV show called "Sweat" (1996) about a group of young Olympic hopefuls. He got offered one of two roles, one as a swimmer, another as a gay cyclist. Heath accepted the latter because he felt to really stand out as an actor one had to accept unique roles that stood out from the bunch. It got him small notice, but unfortunately the show was quickly axed, which led him to look for other roles. He was in "Home and Away" (1988) for a very short period, in which he played a surfer who falls in love with one of the girls of Summer Bay. Then came his very brief role in Paws (1997). Paws was a film which existed solely to cash in on guitar prodigy Nathan Cavaleri's brief moment of fame, where he was the hottest thing in Australia. Heath played a student in the film, involved in a stage production of a Shakespeare play, in which he played "Oberon". A very brief role, this did nothing other than give him a small paycheck, but nothing to advance his career. Then came Two Hands (1999). He went to America trying to audition for film roles, showcasing his brief role in "Roar" (1997) opposite then unknown Vera Farmiga. He could not find any American roles but then Australian director Gregor Jordan auditioned him for the lead in Two Hands (1999), which he got. An in your face Aussie crime thriller, Two Hands (1999) was outstanding and helped him secure a role in 10 Things I Hate About You (1999). After that, it seemed Heath was being typecast as a teen hunk, which he did not like, so he accepted a role in a very serious war drama The Patriot (2000).

    What followed was a stark inconsistency of roles, Heath accepting virtually every single character role, anything to avoid being typecast. Some met with praise, like his short role in Monster's Ball (2001), but his version of Ned Kelly (2003) was an absolute flop, which led distributors hesitant to even release it outside Australia. Heath finally had deserved success with his role in Brokeback Mountain (2005), for which he was nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA

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    Please Join :) The Beautiful Heath Ledger is on here plus skins!! Come and vote for your sexiest guy of 2009!! Sorry to advertise x Rest In Peace Darling :( x

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    R.I.P Babe. Love u 4 eva heath!x the best joker there was and ever will be xxx

    12/26/09 via Mobile
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    kickass actor R I ,P dude

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    Not Afraid.

    he was a pure legend as the joker and SOOOO ADORABLE in imaginarium of dr parnassus :) RIP

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  • Heath Ledger R.I.P 10/18/09
  • 10/11/09 via Mobile
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    Daniel Hudson

    RIP heath ledger

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    Sexy Males

    Please Join :) There is loads of Heath on here and skins!! xx

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    Marty Lagan

    he shouldnt have done that film brokeback mountain

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    OMG CANT WAIT till the 29TH OF OCTOBER!!!!! WHOOOOO Lov3 you Heathxxxx

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    :'( My favortie actor. I loved him so much. Rest in great peace. I love you Heath Ledger. xxxx

  • Heath Ledger awesomeness
    Heath Ledger awesomeness

    This is also a group that appreciates that brilliance of heath ledger We're only just starting up so anyone is free to join us! Heath Ledger is AWESOME!! Thanks

  • Lisa Marie- Asil EiramYevnoc
    luv Lisa Marie- Asil EiramYevnoc

    heath ledger was a genuine guy and great actor who, as described, was utterly selfless...i wish everyone could be like that. rest in peace heath ledger.