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Draco and Hermione Forever

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Me, Myself, and I

This is a group dedicated to Draco & Hermione & of course to all you supporters of this ship out there! Feel free to look around, try the quizzes, do the polls & copy images from the albums, but please DO NOT CLAIM THE IMAGES AS YOUR OWN.

All are welcome to join! Just mind the rules!


1. If you hate this ship/pairing/couple then please DO NOT LEAVE ANY RUDE/OFFENSIVE/VULGAR COMMENTS on this page, or any comments whatsoever!

2. All images posted DO NOT BELONG TO US but to their respective owners.

3. Please do not use any form of vulgar language; namely the word 'FUCK' <<< That was just an example!!!

NOTE: This group is in no way linked/related to Emma Watson or Tom Felton. :P

:D Enjoy :D
Sarah & Losalini.

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    Hello everyone!

    Applications to be a moderator have now closed &, at present, we have two new moderators, Jennifer and Katie! :P :D

    The fate of this group now rests in their hands, so if you have any queries please approach them. Losalini and I (Sarah) will still remain as moderators, but we are officially retired. :L

    So, I now announce our retirement with two new photos, one of Emma and another of Tom. :D Both pictures are equally stunning, but let's just say Tom's picture is a little bit of a treat for the fangirls... :P :O So do take a peek... :L



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    Hello everybody!

    The official Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer has been released by Warner Bros. & it can be found in our video box!

    There isn't much on Draco Malfoy in the trailer, as it focuses a lot more on Tom Riddle, but you will definitely see lots of Hermione Granger & the other two parties who make up The Golden Trio. :P :D

    So, all you hardcore Harry Potter can go take a peep! And leave a comment if you like.

    P.S: This is quite possibly my last blog post, as although we have received two requests to become moderators, they have not accepted my friend request. :( That step is crucial as you have to be a moderator's friend before they can appoint you as another moderator. So if you are interested in moderating this group, please read the blog post below this one!!! ;)

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    Hello everyone.

    This little piece of news I have to offer today, has two possible outcomes: If it goes well, everything will go as planned but otherwise, this group will close down.

    Losalini & I, Sarah (your current group moderators) have come to a point where we are too busy to manage this group, due to reasons like school & all that jazz. SO, if you are INTERESTED IN BEING A MODERATOR FOR THIS GROUP, please leave a comment for this blog post.

    *** CONDITIONS***

    However, as moderator(s) you must be willing to carry on what we have been doing:

    1. Searching for updates and posting them here as soon as possible. i.e. New images, news articles, new videos...

    2. The basic rule of NO VULGARITIES or inappropriate images/comments must be made at this group.

    *** *** ***

    Those are the two things that are absolute & if you feel up to the task, then do leave a little comment for this blog post and just state one reason why you want to moderate this group. :D We are not just looking for one person, as long as you leave a comment with your reason, you will most likely be accepted as a moderator. ;)

    NOTE : The closing date for leaving your comment/application is August 6, which is approximately two weeks from now. If we fail to get any applications, this group will either be shut down completely and removed from the face of bebo, or it will be left as it is as an inactive group.

    I know there are lots of you out there who are passionate about this pairing and would hate to see this group being stopped where it is, so PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU'RE INTERESTED. :D

    Much Love,
    Sarah & Los.

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

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  • Draco/Hermione history

    Laura by Laura
    Can anyone help improve http://www.fanhistory.com/wiki/Draco... ? It is a history of the Draco/Hermione fan community. It can really use some help in getting better. It does not talk enough about what happened in 2008 and 2009. It also does not talk about what Draco/Hermione fans on bebo have been doing. Thanks!
    0 Replies 215 weeks
  • Draco + Hermione = Love?

    PaigeColleen by PaigeColleen
    Hello to all of my fellow Dramione Lovers out there, I have a little question to pose to all of you. Now I know any of you who have joined this group love Draco and Hermione together as a couple, in our overly imaginative fan-minds, but do you think there actually is something between them?
    Do you think that Jo Rowling intended for us to see a little 'I hate you' flirting between the Slytherin Sex God and Gryffindor Know-It-All?
    I think there was always chemistry between them, but they never explored it in her books.
    What's your views?
    0 Replies 253 weeks
  • WELCOME!!!

    Sarah T by Sarah T
    Hey people! This is a place where you can discuss anything & everything about Draco and Hermione!!! :D ;) :P

    Now all you have to do is start a topic or take part in an already existing one! :D


    0 Replies 287 weeks

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  • Inactive ºᴙoonilwazlib
    Inactive ºᴙoonilwazlib

    OOC;; It's nice to see a shipper group that isn't completly crap for once. Dramione is growning on me, I've read a couple of fanfictions ~ @Destiiny - It's called non-canon...duh ^^;

  • Hogwarts


  • Risa Kichigai
    Risa Kichigai

    I love this pairing. I wish it really happened.

  • -Hazel Conroy'

    hey.. Try my harry potter quiz.. 1st to get 100% gets love! :D xxxx

    3/21/09 via Mobile
  • Destiiny

    Draco and Hermione dont even go out and they never will so why have you got a group for them no offence to all other roleplayers of dracos and especially my boo draco aswell

  • Ihateyou

    Personally. I Think That Ron and Hermione Were Made For Each Other. BUT I Still Love Dramione FanFiction, Sometimes It Is Really Good! Here's A Link To A Dramione FanFic, I Found It Yesterday... http://www.aleximoon.com/harrypotter...

  • Solly

    Dramione 4 evah!! This is my fav shipp!!!

  • KAii'
    luv KAii'

    Draco And Hermione. Love. Really (: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4212584/... Read it!!

  • luv Taylah Jade

    Heyy i Love Dis Clubb !!! Hermione + Draco = Star Crossed Haterz lol nah they r Meant to be!!!!!! Serioulsy J.K Rowling should of put them 2getha !!!!!! Heyy would it poss if u can find sum more fotos please????????????????????????????  ???????????????im begging uuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coz i love lookin at picz of dem !!!! i no new onez r prob difficult to find COULD U PLZ TRY ??

  • Mrs Edward Tanya Cullen
    luv Mrs Edward Tanya Cullen

    dramione for ever in the land of forbidden love

  • 9/29/08
  • KAii'

    Dramione :D Forever

  • Christie

    you know i like gryffindor!! whats with slytherin!!! i mean come on harry!!!

  • luv Away With The Vampires

    How can they have no lucius?! Thats just... WRONG!

    6/30/08 via Mobile
  • Silver Butterfly Rachel

    " FACT : Did u know that there will be no Lucius Malfoy, Moaning Myrtle or Sybill Trelawney in the HBP film? " OMG NO LUCIUS????????????????????????????  ??? WHY!!???