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weekends <3

10/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
.This is a good excuse to make a bad influence on you 8)

Kim campbell -19 years young.
Started uni in September and loving the challenge, It is rather hard work but will be worth it in the end, Napa with the ladies && GAY in the summer was just amazing have such a big close group of friends and love every single one of them PAT YOUR WEAVES ;) . Worked in River Island with the guys for over two years now it will be so sad the day i actually have to leave the place <33, In desperate need of a new mobley as i tragically smashed my fone on holiday woopsee Been with Robbie for a year and 10 months has went in so quick had an amazing holiday with him in turkey and hitting centre parcs in Novemberr yaaaah. i love my lifee right now but generally hate it on a sunday morning lol ;)


The Other Half Of Me
April L.

April L.

Anychance of no being a geek ?


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  • ..

    -Name?: Kim Jane Campbell
    -Nickname(s): Kimmy, Kimbo,
    -Where were you born?: Simpsons Hospital
    -What is your birthdate?: 10 September 1990
    -What do you want?: Tobecome a succesful business women
    -Where do you want to live?: in a barn conversion somewhere lol
    -How many kids do you want?: 5
    -What would you want to name a girl?: India
    -What would you want to name a boy?: dont know yet
    -You want to get married?: obv
    -Can you roll your tongue?: Dont think so
    -Can you raise one eyebrow: yahh
    -Can you cross your eyes?: i try
    -Which shoe goes on first?: erm left
    -Favorite ice cream?: strawberry
    -How many kinds cereal are in your cabinet?: special K, Weetos and cornflakes
    -What's your favorite beverage?: Vodka d.coke with a slice of lemon lol
    -Do you cook?: amazing pasta out a packet ha

    ARE YOU...
    -A Cuddler?: yeahhh.
    -A morning person: wat is a morning ?
    -Are you a perfectionist?: deffo
    -An only child?: nope
    -Catholic?: nahhh
    -In your pajamas?: canterburys n a hoodie lol so nearly
    -Currently suffering from a broken heart?: i hope not
    -Shy around the opposite gender?: nahhh
    -Bite your nails?: nope
    -Get paranoid at times?: yeppp
    -Currently regret something that you have said: i will soon find out
    -Curse frequently when you get mad?: sure do
    -Enjoy jazz music?: ehhh nahhh
    -Enjoy smoothies?: omg yes strawberry energy from zumo mmmm
    -Enjoy talking on the phone?: yup
    -Have a lot to learn?: Too much
    -Have a pet?: nope
    -Have a tendency to fall for the "wrong" person?: maybe
    -Have all your grandparents?: minus one
    -Have been told that you are smart?: nope :( lol

    HAVE YOU...
    -Changed a diaper?:yes
    -Changed a lot over the past year?: erm maybe
    -Had friends who have never seen your natural hair: yahh lol
    -Had surgery?: No.. *Knocks on wood*
    -Had your hair cut within the last week?: nope but it needs it

    WHO LAST...
    -Slept in your bed beside you?: The GAY ha
    -Saw you cry?: probs Robbie
    -Went to the movies with you?: Robbie
    -You went to the mall with?: Jill
    -You text messaged: Robbie
    -You talked on the phone?: The GAY
    -Broke your heart?: no.1
    -Made you laugh?: erm Robbie

    ARE YOU...
    -Simple or complicated?: Deffo complicated
    -Gay?: nopee

    -Flowers or sweets?: Flowers
    -Gray or black?: Black
    -Colour or Black and white photos?: Colour :)
    -Lust or love?: Lovee.
    -Sunrise or sunset?: Sunset.. how romantic lol!
    -M&Ms or Skittles?: Skitlles yahhh
    -Staying up late or waking up early?: Staying up late.

    -Do you like anyone?: Yeah.
    -Do they know it?: He sure does .

    -Sun or moon?: Sun!
    -Winter or Summer?: Winter, i love my house in winter and being all cosy
    -10 acquaintances or having two best friends?: well i probs have 10 best friends lol
    -Sun or rain?: Sun.
    -Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?: CHOC all the way !!

    -Bought something you don't need: FUK yes
    -Sang in front of people: christ saturday night
    -Been hugged: Yeah.
    -Missed someone: yup sure have, lynsey n becca dee
    -Cried: dont think sooo :(

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  • Liisa Sked
    Liisa Sked

    How we doin kimbo? x x x

    11/19/09 via Mobile
  • Kerry Scoular
    luv Kerry Scoular

    U a wee brunette;) X

    11/11/09 via Mobile
  • Kerry Scoular
    luv Kerry Scoular

    Hello yeh i know like where have u been!! Hav u got a new no? Ohh what phone u get? Things r oritee:) rather alot to tel ya u? we need a date wht u doin friday?? Xxxxxx

    11/10/09 via Mobile
  • Emma Pryde.
    luv Emma Pryde.

    hi hun!! im good thanks! hows things with you?? nope nothing planned for this weekend as of yet!! you got plans hun? xxxxx

  • luv Tasha

    Tiiiddyyyy...loving the hair mate! You oooot causing it this weekend??xxx

  • Liisa Sked
    luv Liisa Sked

    Hellllllooooo There ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Emma Pryde.
    Emma Pryde.

    HAHAHA so much for me having an early drink free one haha!!! i ended up gettin in at 5 and had toget up at 8 to collect my car! aaaaah - was the worst!!!! aww!! i went to my friends for a bit she was having a halloween party but i never dressed up what a spoilsport but i honestly never had the energy!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Emma Pryde.
    Emma Pryde.

    hahaha, how did you know?? yeah had a good night!! did you get up2 much the rest of the weekend?? xxxx

  • Emma Pryde.
    luv Emma Pryde.

    hi you! hope you had a good night on friday!! xxxxxxx

  • Ashley
    luv Ashley

    mmmmmmmmmm any chance of getting my shoes back haha!?Such a class night.....gutted about the quaver sandwich?haha?! Xx

  • Blondie.
    luv Blondie.

    ROGER YER FUCKING MA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley
    luv Ashley

    mmm...went too ocean terminal then the grassmarket then back too mine with a gadgy haha ;) speak soon tho :D Xx

  • Kerry Scoular
    Kerry Scoular

    yeh need to catch up! heard something happened with leigh as well! will see ya soon though! emm at the gyle at drummond house! xxxxxxxx

  • Kerry Scoular
    Kerry Scoular

    orite sounds nice! :) haha you at mayf on sat? emm at the royal bank heeen!! :D xxxxxxxxxx