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Me, Myself, and I
This band is currently unda construction so if u jst giv us some time wel hav it lookin its best 4 u all!=D


Meet The Cast
- Allison "Allie" Stockton
- Chase Cornwell
- Chrissy Schwartz
- Clay Adler
- Grant Newman
- Sasha Dunlap
- Taylor Geiney

Supporting Cast Members
- Courtney Briglio
- Samantha Kuhns

Full episode recaps for season one can be found in the blog!

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  • Ep 12- "All I Want For X-mas"

    During a friendly game of tennis, Sasha discovers that Chrissy hasn't so much as even gotten a text message from Clay. Chrissy admits that she can't handle seeing him with any other girls. This leads her to believe that she's made a big mistake with Clay.

    Grant meets up with Clay at his boat. Clay tells him that he didn't talk to Chrissy at all at the party. But Grant definitely saw her looking over at him through out the night. Grant admits that his feelings for Chrissy aren't 100% gone, but he isn't sure where she stands with Billy. Clay needs some time to think about everything, but he wishes that Chrissy would simply approach him and let him know what her feelings are.

    Allie takes Samantha on a tour of her beautiful new home. They quickly realize that a party needs to be thrown in the new estate. They decide that it will be this upcoming weekend and be themed towards the 1920's.

    Chrissy gives a call to Billy's cell to break the news... she won't be able to visit him in San Jose because she has some "things to take care of." Clearly, Billy is concerned that everything is alright. She assures him that everything is cool.

    Chrissy joins Sasha as she walks her dog. They chat about Allie's party and Chrissy admits that Billy is now officially out of the picture. This will be her big night to talk to Clay.

    That night at Allie's party, Chrissy's friends work up courage for her to confront Clay. The conversation starts off a little on the awkward side, but Chrissy eventually puts her heart on her sleeve and admits feeling jealous when he's with another girl and that Billy was never anything like him. Clay isn't sure what to say back. The ex-couple part from one another in a confused and awkward state.

    The next morning, Chrissy and Sasha meet up for breakfast. Obviously, Chrissy is let down by how things went with Clay. She feels that she needs to prove to him that she really wants him back.

    Over a game of pool, Grant asks Clay how everything went with Chrissy at the party. Grant encourages Clay to have some "Christmas Spirit" and give her another chance since she's reaching out.

    Allie and Samantha are elated with how well the party went off last night. Allie tells Samantha that she has just gotten the job opening she was trying for.

    On the beach, Kylie asks Chase when he's moving up to Santa Barbara. She tells him that they're relationship will definitely be different when he moves there. Kylie just doesn't want them to move into anything serious.

    Chrissy is shown decorating Clay's boat for the holidays. She leaves a note at his door asking him to meet her at his beach house for a surprise.

    Clay does in fact meet Chrissy at his beach house. She tells him that she wants to talk alone with him, instead of the usual party setting. Clay asks about Billy, which she assures is over. Chrissy apologizes for her mistake. She gives him a present... a USC sweatshirt, because she is transferring there next semester so she can be closer to home. Chrissy reveals her next surprise... Clay's boat decorated and adorned with Christmas lights. Chrissy and Clay embrace one another and have a kiss. The couple take the boat out for a cruise like old times and share a kiss under the mistletoe that Chrissy has appropriately placed.

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  • Ep 11- Its O-V- E but not R

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Chrissy is worried about heading home and seeing her newly ex-boyfriend, Clay, out at parties. Although the two both agreed that they're traveling in different worlds now, Chrissy's still anxious about the holidays. But, she does have something to look forward to -- some of her sorority sisters will be joining her at home for the holiday.

    Meanwhile, Clay tells Grant that he's been thinking a lot about their trip to Santa Barbara. He tells his buddy that he's not a fan of Billy, but he hopes that he treats Chrissy right -- the way he would have treated her. Grant says that the boys in Barbara are a different breed, and that Clay's got to get back on the market. In fact, he's cooked up a BBQ plan for the evening.

    Out getting makeup done, Taylor and a friend talk about Clay's single status. He's back to being available, and they both agree the boy is sweet.

    On a double date, Chrissy and Billy share a meal with Chase and Kylie. She fills Chase in on the drama from the week before, and Chase says it's about time for the breakup, especially since college and high school are so different. When Kylie asks Billy and Chrissy what their status is, Chase steps in and says the two should just 'cruise' and that Billy has to take good care of his 'little sister'.

    Back at the BBQ, Grant says he's called in younger 'booty' for the evening. Taylor and her friend walk in and decide that Clay looks cute. Grant tells the girls that Clay and Chrissy are done-zo, and the group decides to hit the pool.

    At school, Billy asks Chrissy her plans for Thanksgiving. Chrissy's excited for dinner, and even more excited when Billy tells her to come visit in San Jose if she has some down time during break. Giving him a kiss, she says she'll give him a call. At dinner, Dad says that everyone has a lot to be thankful for. The group goes around the table sharing their blessings. Chrissy's dad asks Billy and Kylie if they're an item, but the two won't confirm -- they're in the in-between time.

    Speaking of limbo, Chrissy's nervous about seeing Clay at the party. Chase says that it's up to her to keep it from being awkward, but when Chrissy's dad asks if she still has feelings for the boy, she can't deny some lingering emotions for her ex.

    Out by the beach with his friend, Chase says that he's off to meet Kylie's parents. His buddy asks where his friend is -- meeting the parents is a huge deal and not really in character with Chase. Chase argues that he's never met a girl like Kylie before.

    Kylie's not as jazzed about Chase meeting his parents. She says it's kind of random -- even more so when Chrissy tells him that he hasn't even met Taylor's dad before.

    Later that night, the boys are ready to get their game faces on for the party. When everyone arrives at the house, Clay is excited to mingle with all of the girls. Chrissy strolls in with Sasha, but decides to avoid Clay. The two share looks across the room at each other, but make a point not to speak together. Sasha and Chrissy head outside for some fresh air, where Chrissy starts getting angry over Clay's flirting. Sasha reminds her friend that SHE was the one who broke up with Clay, but Chrissy says she's regretting the decision.

    At Kylie's, Chase shows up with flowers for her mom. Over dinner, Chase tells her family that he's moving to Santa Barbara for school, and that Kylie may have influenced the decision. Mom asks if this is a serious thing, but Kylie says she'll have to see. Kylie tells her mom in the kitchen that she's not ready to get serious, and would rather keep it simple. Outside that night, Kylie tells Chase that the next time he's asked why he's moving to Santa Barbara, the answer should be "skimming", not her.

    The next morning, Chrissy talks to her dad about the party. She said it was nice to see everyone, but it was really awkward with Clay. She confesses that she's not completely over him.

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  • Ep 10 - "Caught in the act"

    Clay and Grant pack up for their covert trip to Santa Barbara to "settle some business". Clay points out that even if things don't work out with Chrissy, there's a ton of girls up there to distract them.

    Meanwhile in Santa Barbara, Chrissy and Kylie talk about the male drama in their lives. Kylie admits she had fun with Chase in Newport, but she's not sure she wants a relationship. Chrissy was happily surprised by Billy at her party, but what about her status is with Clay? Sounds like a new love triangle is forming between Newport Harbor and Santa Barbara!

    Chase drops a bombshell on Samantha, telling her that he's definitely going to from Newport Harbor to Santa Barbara. And yes, it has to do with Kylie. They may not be officially together, but Chase is very happy with her. When Samantha brings up Taylor, Chase tells her that he's made his choice and it's Kylie.

    At school, Chrissy is in the process of calling Clay when Billy stops by to chat. His friend's throwing a party that weekend and he wants her to swing by. Might put a damper on that surprise visit Clay was planning.

    Chase calls Kylie and invites himself up for a visit. Despite his enthusiasm, Kylie tells him she's got too much studying to do and he should wait and come up the next night. But wait...as Chrissy and Allie get ready to go out, they comment that Kylie's going to meet them at the party after her study session. Maybe she's not so busy after all...

    The subject quickly turns to the Chrissy-Clay-Billy situation. Chrissy admits she feels bad about it, but not too bad; she and Billy aren't anything and really, neither or she and Clay. They're just seeing if they can make the long-distance thing work.

    Little does she know that Clay and Grant have just arrived in Santa Barbara. But when they knock on Chrissy's door, Kylie informs them that Chrissy's already at the party. She's flustered, wondering if Chrissy knew Clay was coming, but agrees to take them with her.

    The party's bumping when the girls arrive, but Billy drops everything else to take Chrissy around and introduce her to his friends. When Allie quizzes Chrissy on her status with Billy as opposed to Clay, Chrissy comments that she likes Billy because he's become her "Clay away from home".

    Too bad her actual Clay has arrived at the party just in time to catch her making out with Billy. Before Chrissy can respond, Clay and Grant bolt. When Grant asks Clay what he's going to do, Clay shrugs and says he's over it.

    The next morning, Kylie fills Chrissy in on Clay and Grant's arrival. Chrissy is clearly distressed, wondering where the boys even slept that night. Cut to Clay and Grant passed out in Clay's car. They talk about it and agree they probably should have thought out their road trip a little more.

    Both the guys and the girls talk about what the night's events mean for Chrissy and Clay's relationship. Chrissy admits she needs to end things with someone...and that someone is probably Clay. Grant points out the "I told you so" on how much relationships suck and Clay agrees -- at least when it comes to long distance relationships. Chrissy calls Clay and they arrange to meet up and figure out once and for all where they stand.

    In Santa Monica, Samantha tells Allie about Chase's decision to move to Santa Barbara. Samantha fears she may have irked Chase for warning him against moving for Kylie, but Allie agrees that it's a bad idea. Especially since Chrissy told Allie that Kylie was the "girl version" of Chase and might not want a relationship. Allie might be right because when Chase talks to Kylie chat about his upcoming move, he seems a lot more into than she does.

    It's time for the big Chrissy-Clay talk. Chrissy apologizes for Clay having to sleep in his car, but Clay hints that he didn't want to crash at her place if Billy was there. Getting to the heart of the issue, Chrissy tells him that she and Billy aren't in a relationship yet, but

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  • Biographies of the cast members in ABC order-

    Amy Johnston by Amy Johnston
    Allison “Allie” Stockton
    Born: Feb. 15, 1990
    Sign: Aquarius

    Allie is the envy of the girls, and the gal all the guys want to get to know better. She’s a senior, yet a year younger than most of her classmates. She was voted “biggest flirt” in the senior class at Newport Harbor High. “I don’t mean to flirt all the time,” she said. “I’m just very polite and kind. I like talking to people, conversing about every little thing. But at the same time, it gets on girls’ nerves. They think I’m always wanting all the attention.” Allie was born in Scottsdale, Ariz., and moved to Laguna Beach when she was eight. Her family relocated to Newport Beach in 2001. She spent her freshman year at a private Christian school, then transferred to Newport Harbor High. “I was dying to go there. All my friends from middle school were going there.” Allie has an older brother and an older sister, and her father owns a popular restaurant in Newport Beach. She’s able to host parties there and invite dozens of her friends. In the trailer for the series, Allie is shown having a conversation with her dad. She says, “I’m going to Europe. Seriously, like, I will disown you as my parents if I don’t go to Europe.” “I was just being a brat,” she admitted. “I didn’t have any sleep the night before. When I first saw it, I was really embarrassed. It sounds so stupid. My parents forgave me for being such a brat.” Allie is another cast member who hopes to parlay her screen time into success in show business. She has already landed jobs modeling and in commercials. Ultimately, though, she sees “The Real Orange County” as a lark. “It’s going to be really funny,” she said. “I’m going to sit there and laugh at my friends. It’s going to be entertaining.” Although, she’s ready to leave the party-going lifestyle and strike out on her own, even if it means rekindling a romance with her 7th grade boyfriend, Chase. We’ll see what happens.

    Chase Cornwell, 19
    Born: July 25, 1988
    Sign: Leo

    Chase is your typical, kick-back Southern California dude. He was born in Huntington Beach, but has spent all his life in Newport. He’s a skateboard ride away from Main Street Surf Shop, where he works.

    Chase is a senior, and in the show he’s dating Taylor, a sophomore. They have an on-again, off-again relationship, especially since the alluring Allie always seems to be in the picture.

    “I don’t think I’m necessarily a player, but I am a flirt – with everyone,” he said. “That’s just how I am. Kind of like Allie; Allie’s a flirt, too.”

    Chase has two brothers, one older and one younger. His parents went through an emotional divorce four or five years ago, and it was hard on his younger brother. As a result, he has gotten much closer to his brother and his mother.

    “Going through a divorce was crazy for them,” he said.

    Chase enjoys skim boarding, working out, and hanging out with his friends. “I don’t really see myself getting into trouble or getting big-headed because of a reality show.”

    The blond-haired beach denizen has seen his share of Orange County-based TV, such as “Laguna Beach” and “The O.C.” He says his group of friends is different than what’s been portrayed onscreen.

    “There’s a lot of cool people our age, and they’re not snobby and stuck up,” he said. “A lot of my friends are really down to earth.”

    *****Chrissy Schwartz, 18
    Born: July 25, 1989
    Sign: Leo

    Chrissy is the new narrator for “Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County.” Born and raised in Newport Beach, she is an only child and grew up in a loving, if somewhat sheltered, environment. A good student, she has three colleges to pick from in her senior year.

    “I try to find a balance with my friends and social life and studying,” she said.

    In “Newport Harbor,” she breaks out of her shell a bit and attracts the attention of Clay, who also happens to be a
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